12 Little-Known WhatsApp Tactics To Drive Traffic To A Blog [Mobile Traffic]

WhatsApp Mobile Traffic

Accept it now.

And don’t be ashamed of it.

You want to drive more targeted traffic to your blog.

In fact, you want to convert that targeted traffic into sales.

You always wish to receive more than 500 customers per day.

But then, one thing is really galling you.

You have bought almost every product that promises to increase traffic to your blog. You were excited by their promises.

You thought that you had eventually found the easiest way to drive a lot of targeted traffic to your blog. As such, you’ll never do the boring work of getting targeted traffic for your blog.

Sadly, you’re broke!

You see, the traffic products you bought never worked for you.

Traffic is hardly snowballing and your blog is seriously suffering from lack of sales.

Now you’re frustrated because you are still struggling to get more targeted traffic to your blog but. . .

The good thing about you is that you haven’t lost your optimism.

Since you are optimistic about your blog having a huge audience, I’m going to reveal to you one smarter mobile traffic source that you’ve never probably thought about using.

Has it ever occurred to you that you can use WhatsApp to drive targeted traffic to your blog, acquire more customers and have a lasting relationship with them?

Here Is Why You Can’t Ignore Using WhatsApp

Over one billion people around the world are currently using WhatsApp.

They’re using WhatsApp to:

    • Keep in touch with their family.


    • Keep in touch with their friends.


  • Keep in touch with their existing customers and also to acquire new customers.

For sure, WhatsApp has become the fastest, cheapest, simple and reliable way to keep in touch with people.

12 Ways To Use WhatsApp To Drive Traffic And Win More Clients

You’re going to learn 12 ways of using WhatsApp to drive more targeted traffic to your blog and also win more clients for your business.

Here are the tactics for you to use:

#1: Join WhatsApp Groups To Grow Your Audience

WhatsApp having over one billion users, your potential customers are also there.

They’re using smartphones to access WhatsApp.

Follow your potential customers on WhatsApp to win them to become your long lasting customers.

I have come to notice that many groups have been created on WhatsApp by individuals and also organizations.

Have you also noticed that organizations and individuals are using WhatsApp to bring people together to volunteer for charity and also send information to volunteer group members?

“We also heard from a British woman who runs a charity in Uganda. She told us that her team on the ground uses WhatsApp to send daily reports, photos, and videos of the children they’re helping, which she shares to build support for her organization all over the world.” ~ Reported on WhatsApp blog.

One study revealed that WhatsApp topped the list of messaging applications that meet customer expectations.

Many business owners especially in India are using WhatsApp to keep in touch with their customers and to acquire new customers. A good example is a restaurant that takes orders over WhatsApp.

Deepak Mehta

You can also use WhatsApp to promote your blog and acquire new customers for your business.

One of the best ways you can use this awesome instant messaging application is by joining groups on WhatsApp where your potential customers are.

It doesn’t matter if a group has less than 20 people. You’ll be surprised to find out that the content you share on WhatsApp group is getting shared beyond that group.

Include A Call To Action

Without including a call to action whenever you share content on WhatsApp groups, there is no way you’re going to drive traffic to your blog.

Your call to action should be short and it should create an interest in people to visit your blog.

How To Find WhatsApp Groups To Join

Although you can’t currently use WhatsApp search tool to find groups that you can join to promote your blog, this doesn’t mean than you can’t find groups on WhatsApp.

Here is how you can find groups that are relevant to the topic of your blog.

Go to Whatsappgroup.com. Once this web page opens; you’ll find a list of groups.

Choose the most appropriate groups to join.

For instance, you can join Cool WhatsApp Videos group to interact with its members. In the process of interacting with the members, you’re promoting your blog and winning them to be your customers.

You should never forget to ask them to add you in their WhatsApp contact list. You should also add them to your WhatsApp contact list.

#2: Create A Group On WhatsApp For Your Blog

Create a WhatsApp group for your blog. You’re creating a WhatsApp group so that you can easily distribute content to only those people who are in need of it.

Invite people from your WhatsApp contact list to join your group.

Bear in mind that you have their consent to send them content on WhatsApp once they accept to join your group.

By creating a group for your blog on WhatsApp, you bring together people who share the same interest. This way, they will have an opportunity to discuss, share informational ideas and discuss topics regarding their common interest.

Since WhatsApp allows its users to add a maximum of 100 people per group, you can split your group into categories.

By splitting it into categories, you’re able to target people with the right content according to their interests. For instance, you can split your group into category groups that target your friends, your existing customers, potential customers, influential people in your niche etc.

WhatsApp Group Cover Photo

You want people to know the existence of your blog. One way to create public awareness of your blog is by branding it.

Of course, the brand of your blog is the logo of your blog.

WhatsApp enables you to increase brand awareness of your blog by uploading the logo of your blog to be the cover photo for your group.

The cover photo of your WhatsApp group should be the logo of your blog.

#3: Build A Texting List

As a blogger, you’re always advised to build an email list.

It is permission marketing that has a high conversion rate compared to other online marketing methods.

Do you know that you can build a texting list to increase your conversion rate?

Yes, you can easily do this using WhatsApp.

How To Build A Texting List

There are three ways you can build a texting list:

    • Add the WhatsApp phone numbers of the group members you have joined to your texting list.


    • Add the WhatsApp phone numbers of the people who have joined your group to your texting list.


  • Requesting face-to-face your existing customers and potential clients within your local area to add them to your WhatsApp texting list.

The texting list you build is going to help you to inform your existing customers and potential customers about your upcoming events, your new product, your new offers etc.
WhatsApp is the most effective way to send your newsletter because people are unlikely to ignore your text messages.

It is also easy to know that your messages have been read. Once your message is read by the receiver, two small check marks appear in blue color. Below is the interpretation of different check marks.

Different Check Marks on WhatsApp

Another good thing that makes WhatsApp to be an effective way of sending text messages is that it allows you to upload large files.

So, you can easily upload your newsletter and send it to people on your WhatsApp texting list.

#4: Add WhatsApp Share Button On Your Blog Posts

You want to drive mobile traffic to your blog. You know that the more targeted traffic you drive to your blog, the more you’re likely to win customers.

By making it possible for your readers to share your blog posts on WhatsApp from your blog, you’re increasing the chance of your blog getting more traffic and new customers.

Ensure that you install WhatsApp plugin to encourage your readers to share your blog posts on WhatsApp.

5#: Showcase Your Work Using Images On WhatsApp

The best part about using WhatsApp compared to email marketing is that it allows you to send videos.

This is the reason you should take advantage of it to showcase your work.

When you use photos and short video clips to showcase your work to people, you are actually promoting your blog.

It’s one way you can use to influence people to buy your products and also visit your blog.

If you are a professional designer, you can take pictures and video clips to showcase your designs.

Share photo and video clips with your audience of your design work being done.

Ask them for suggestions regarding your designs.

You’ll be surprised by the suggestions you get since you would’ve engaged your audience on WhatsApp.

6#: Share Quotes On WhatsApp

The effective way you can inspire people and also boost your engagement on WhatsApp is by sharing inspirational quotes and amusing anecdotes.

It’s no secret that quotes get re-shared on social networking sites like crazy.

There is no way quotes will ever get old.

Many WhatsApp users do share quotes as a way of keeping in touch with their loved ones.

As an example, my buddy sent me this picture with quotes on WhatsApp which I couldn’t resist sharing on WhatsApp.

Sharing Quotes On WhatsApp

At the bottom of these quotes, notice the source (9GAG.COM/GAG/4141899).

This is how some bloggers are using quotes to promote their blogs on WhatsApp.

You can also promote your blog posts by using quotes that are relevant or closely related to the content of your blog posts.

Ensure that images for your quotes are appealing enough to influence people to share them on WhatsApp and also to click-through to your blog.

7#: Share Anecdotes On WhatsApp

From the content of your blog posts, you can create anecdotes that you’ll share on WhatsApp. The anecdotes you share should tap into people’s interests.

The anecdotes you create should create curiosity in people to visit your blog to know more information that they feel they don’t know yet.

Remember that your creativity matters a lot in creating the kind of anecdotes that get shared many times by people on WhatsApp.

8#: Update Your WhatsApp Profile Status

Definitely, you read WhatsApp status updated by your friends, family members and colleagues.

Their WhatsApp status updates has become your source of information to hint you what your loved ones are upto.

WhatsApp profile status is an important feature you should use to promote your blog.

How do you promote your blog using WhatsApp status?

It’s not a difficult thing to do.

You write eye-catching short sentences that people can’t resist to click-through from your WhatsApp status to find out more information by reading your blog posts.

Note that WhatsApp allows you to use a maximum of 139 characters to write your status.

Don’t forget to include a back link to your blog post that you’re promoting on WhatsApp.

Since some of your blog posts URLs (links) are too long and they look uglier this way, you should shorten them using Bitly.

By shortening your blog post link, you’re left with more characters to use in writing eye-catching short sentence to promote your blog post on WhatsApp.

9#: Share An Enhanced Podcast On WhatsApp

From your blog posts, you can create enhanced podcasts to share on WhatsApp.

Enhanced podcasts enables you to engage your audience on WhatsApp.

With podcasting, you’ll experience better connection with your audience.

Your audience on WhatsApp becomes a vibrant community.

According to Edison Research, an estimated 46 million people in the US alone listen to at least one podcast a month.

Edison Research Graph

This shows you that you can reach many people using a podcast. It’s a way you shouldn’t ignore to use to drive more mobile traffic to your blog.

Influential bloggers are using podcasts to promote their blogs.

When you create your own podcasts and share them on WhatsApp, you’ll reach many people beyond the ones you have added on WhatsApp contact list.

Your podcast might even go viral.

The more people share your podcast, the more mobile traffic you’re likely to drive to your blog.

Create podcasts that arouse people’s attention while still maintaining the useful information you want your audience on WhatsApp to know.

You should craft attention-grabbing title for your podcast that people won’t resist to listen to your podcast when you share it on WhatsApp.

You can use other apps to create your enhanced podcast. Pick appealing images that change with interesting transitions as your audio plays.

It’s a good idea that you include the logo of your blog in your podcast as a way of increasing brand awareness of your blog.

10#: Invite People To Participate As Respondents In Your Survey

Once you have your WhatsApp texting list ready, you can carry out a survey.

Send a text message to your audience on WhatsApp to inform them to participate as respondents in your survey which you have posted on your blog.

Request them to also invite their friends, colleagues and people they know to participate in the survey.

You’ll not only drive mobile traffic to your blog but you’ll also gain insightful information from people that will benefit you.

11#: Call Potential Customers

With majority of businesses happening over phones, you should call your potential customers to increase your conversion rate.

WhatsApp enables you to call people you have added on your WhatsApp contact list.

The good news about using WhatsApp is that it’s for free.

People having given you their consent to add them to your whatsApp group, you can call them without them feeling that you’re a stranger who is interrupting them.

WhatsApp eliminates cold calling since your potential customers have prior contact with you.

They willingly added you to their whatsApp contact list.

Use WhatsApp to call your potential customers so that you convince them to purchase the product or service you are selling on your blog.

12#: Have A Sales Funnel In Place

For you to leverage WhatsApp, you have to build a sales funnel for your blog. By having a sales funnel, you convert leads into buyers and buyers into repeat customers.

You retain your customers.

Below is an example on how you can create sales funnel for your blog.

You expect your leads to come from WhatsApp. You should ensure that you respond to all text messages and calls. When you respond to text messages and calls, you’re making people to trust you enough on WhatsApp to do business with you.

You can use myoperator.co to manage your calls. This software will help you to track the customers who tried to call you when your WhatsApp number was still busy.

Direct the leads coming from WhatsApp to a page in your blog where they opt-in their email addresses to download a free product.

Once you have their email addresses, you should keep in touch with them by sending them your premium content and promotional content with the intention of converting them to be your buyers and customers.

It Is Realistic To Use WhatsApp To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

Compared to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and other popular social networking sites, you might feel a little skeptical about using WhatsApp as a way to drive more traffic to your blog.

One thing is for sure, WhatsApp platform has a ton of targeted traffic.

It is one of the sources of mobile traffic.

And a good percentage of that targeted traffic would totally love to become your loyal readers and long lasting customers. . . if only they knew about your blog.

With the above 12 little-known WhatsApp tactics, you only need to tap into people’s interests so that you easily influence them to visit your blog and become your long lasting customers.

Commit yourself being creative testing these 12 tactics, you might even discover more WhatsApp tactics that work so effective in driving more mobile traffic to your blog that I did not cover in this post.

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