The Most Inspiring Story Ever Told – Nick Vujicic and Miriam Story Inspire Others

The Most Inspiring, Unique and Motivational Story Ever Told

The Most Inspiring, Unique and Motivational Story Ever Told

There is something unique, inspiring and amazing about people who inspire others where there is nothing worthy inspiring others about. There is something remarkable and wonderful about people who remain persistent until they overcome their struggles and obstacles.

You know what else?

There is something special and priceless worth learning from people who “know how to inspire others” where others see no future or anything significant and worthy fighting for.

Inspiring YouTube Video Ever By Nick Vujicic

Talk of perseverance and motivation and that reminds me about someone very dear and special worth rewriting about. It’s an inspiring story that goes way back, to the days I was in school.

There is this one particular girl in school that I will never forget. You see, she was one of the most popular girls at school and most definitely the most prettiest of them all. With her shoulder length black hair and deep brown eyes, who wouldn’t notice!

Her name was Miriam. Miriam was something special. She know how to effortlessly inspire others.

With the neatest of clothes and a splash of red that gave her cheeks a soft and yet radiant glow, Miriam was like a little doll. When I first met her she was so sincere and thoughtful. My first day, not only in a new school but also with no familiar faces around to offer some form of comfort as my family had only recently moved to the area. I was a nervous wreck. I had been raised in a small village where everything seemed small.

Now, in this new big city with new surroundings, with all the tall buildings and the hustle and bustle on the high street as local people raced backwards and forwards was terrifying me.

Fortunately, Miriam took me under her wing and guided me along each day until I began to get used to my new environment. The more time that I spent with Miriam the more I aspired to be like her. I had never met anyone so inspiring like her. Okay we all want to be popular; that is especially true when you are just starting school. Do you ever wonder why we actually decided to do those crazy things in the first place?

What is even more intriguing is that even though now. . . we look back and think how dumb that was, back then. I still see high school and college going students actually doing the same crazy stuff we did sometimes back.

So we try our hardest to fit in with our peers. Following their fashion trends, how they wear their hair, being fans to the bands that they like. All in the hope of being accepted by the “cool” kids. Basically not being our true selves. Not embracing our own desires and beliefs.

Miriam was different. Miriam was quietly spoken and had impeccable manners. In her view, if you weren’t being your natural self you were cheating no-one but yourself. In order to inspire others, Miriam policy simple, she believed that if people didn’t like you for whom you are, then they aren’t worthy your time trying to please them to like you for whom you are. Sounds old fashioned I know, especially in these days, but I can now safely say that her advice was true.

Nothing seemed to faze Miriam; she was prepared to give anything a go while the rest of us squealed like the teenage that we were. But not Miriam, she was always at the head of the line to try any new experience. She thought of it as an exciting thrill that could be locked away and treasured forever.

Everyone in the school loved her, teachers and students alike. It didn’t matter from what crowd Miriam’s friends came from. To her we all have a special quality that makes us all unique.

The most inspiring virtue about Miriam was her intelligence and selfless-willingness to help and inspire others. One moment she could be discussing oils with the Goths before moving along to give her opinion on the squad’s latest cheer-leading moves. Sometimes you could be struggling with something and there she would be.

You could spend hours trying to work out how she always seemed to be on hand whenever you needed her. Immensely kind and helpful to anyone around her, even those who bullied her. Yes, you heard me right. Miriam was bullied in school and whenever I heard about it, my heart would always feel chipped away that little bit more and I couldn’t even imagine how she must have felt.

Very Touching and Inspiring Story About Miriam

Inspiring Story About MiriamYou see Miriam was born with a hole in her heart.

And in later years she was diagnosed with further complications which meant that she had to endure a lot of operations and pain in her everyday life. Just a 4ft 2” girl who’s body contained a 9ft heart. And I was so proud to call her my friend.

It wasn’t long before she was nicknamed “Titch” So while the rest of us grew we began to dwarf our friend. Yet she never complained, she never looked sad and was always the soul of the party. Yet still there were those who looked at Miriam as if she should have been part of some freak show.

It often brought tears to her eyes when she could hear us defending her because of someone’s cruel comments. Even after so many years of heartache and physical harm being caused on a global scale, people still find it acceptable to look down on someone who doesn’t conform to the norm.

Why bullying, stereotyping and general cruelness is still tolerated? It doesn’t matter what a person looks like, it matters how we behave. How we treat one another. Not just toward friends and family but strangers as well. Not just those who have been involved in some horrific incident that has left them disabled in some way but also those born with some kind of deformity or affliction, whether physical or mental.

Inspirational Story Ever Told

I don’t know about you but for me I have read some of the inspirational stories told by people. One of the ever inspiring story I have read is that of Nick Vujicic, told in his book ‘Life Without Limits: Inspiration for a Ridiculously Good Life.’

He is serving as a role model for those who are seeking to find true happiness in their lives. Having been born without legs and arms, he overcome his disabilities and found a sense of purpose in his life.

Nick Vujicic who is a motivation speaker, has also authored another inspirational book ‘Unstoppable: The Incredible Power of Faith in Action’.

He is such a great source of inspiration to many people around the world. Listen to his inspirational speech in this video above.

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