How To Start A Successful Blog – 17 Facts You Should Know About Blogging

How To Start A Successful BlogYou’ve seen them right? All the ads.

They profess to teach you how to start a successful blog for free!

They say…

It takes only less than 20 minutes to start your own blog today.

It is easy. Nothing is complicated.

But, is this the whole truth, and only the truth!

Can you start a successful blog in less than 20 minutes?

The kind of blog that will make it possible for you to make a living blogging?

Sure, starting a blog is easy. In most places, it’s free.

But, do these kind of blogs that get started in 20 minutes…

Become successful, attract followers, capture leads and boost sales?


I know you want to start a blog because you’ve been inspired by the top money making blogs.

You’ve read their blogs. You’ve seen their pictures. You’ve watched their videos.

You know them. They inspire you. They are your favorite bloggers. They own the top money making blogs in your niche and they make not less than $10,000 per month.

Did they start their blog in 20 minutes? Anyhow…

You feel that you too deserve to make such amount of money blogging online.

So when is it going to be your turn?

You are about to discover how to start a successful blog the right way.

Check out these 17 Facts You Should Know About Blogging before you start a blog.

These 17 facts will help you understand how to start a successful blog in any niche.

The truth is, it’s easy to start a blog but it is difficult for you to keep people on your blog. Why is it difficult?

Simply because there is a lot of fascinating stories and videos they can read and watch online.

Let me ask you this question: Will you read a blog whose content is boring enough to make you yawn and eventually fall asleep?

Absolutely I never read boring blog posts!

So if you won’t read boring content, then you should also know that no one is actually going to read your blog if it’s content is too boring.

Get this right from the beginning. . .

There are two things successful bloggers do very well:

1.) They tell interesting, compelling and persuasive stories that will get shared many times.

2.) They spend time promoting their blogs.

You should not struggle too hard to make money online blogging. Instead you should always tell interesting, compelling and persuasive stories that will do the selling for you.

Frankly speaking, you can’t lack interesting stories to tell your readers.

Read here more information how The Selling Power of Stories actually works.

Towards the end of this blog post, you’re going to discover why so many blogs fail and what you should do to build a better blog for you to succeed blogging.

17 Facts You Should Know About Blogging

Writing Great Content

But before we even go there, let’s first discuss 17 basic things (facts) you need to understand about blogging. And of course, your dream is starting a blog to make money online.

1.) Many Options For Starting A Blog To Make Money Online

While, and other free blogging platforms are the known options for building a blog, they aren’t the right options for starting a blog to make money online.

It’s important to research the blogging platform options that are the right choice for you to create a blog for your online business.

The kind of blogging platform (content management system) you choose must be easy to use while you manage your blog.

What is the best blogging platform you should use?

The best blogging platform for you is the one that you’ll pay for the domain name and hosting service so that you completely own the blog.

When you fully own a blog, you’ll be in control on how to monetize it.

The Most Popular Content Management Systems Used Today For Blogging

I.) Tumblr

Tumblr is one of the most popular blogging platforms. Although it’s currently owned by Yahoo! Inc, it was founded by David Karp.

As of December 3, 2015, Tumblr is reported to have hosted more than 266.5 million blogs.

The advantages of using Tumblr is that you can use a customize domain name and also control the appearance of your blog.

Use this blogging platform to your advantage to make money online blogging.

How To Add Self-hosted Domain Name To Tumblr

Adding Customized Domain Name toTumblr

II.) WordPress

You have two options of WordPress content management system.


This version of WordPress is absolutely for free. You have to register for you to start using it.

As of October 13, 2012, more than 56 million blogs were hosted by

Being a free blogging platform, it doesn’t mean that you can’t use it to make money online blogging.

Use to your advantage in promoting your money making blog.

B.) WordPress.Org

More than 40% of bloggers are using

Top money making blogs are using

It’s completely customizable.

It’s the most powerful and simplest to use. It is the best blogging platform for starting a blog to make money online.

Advantages Of Using

I.) You use your own domain name (custom domain name).

II.) Enables you to create a beautiful blog. You can use themes to transform your blog into almost anything you can imagine.

III.) It allows you to install plugins to extend the functionality of your blog.

IV.) allows you to monetize your blog the way you prefer.

V.) It’s easy to use compared to other blogging platforms.

III.) Typepad

This blogging service was launched in October 2003. It’s fully customizable.

The good thing about Typepad is that it offers you 14 day free trial before you actually decide whether you should pay to use it.

It puts you in control of your blog and it’s available in several languages.

Typepad enables you to monetize your blog the way you prefer.

There are many large organizations such as The British Broadcasting Corporation that are currently using Typepad.

2.) Short And Sweet Doesn’t Cut It

You can’t write enough about a topic in 100 words. There isn’t enough depth.

If you’re frequently writing short blurbs, people will notice.

At a minimum, you should write at least 300 words on a given topic. When possible, 500 to 1,000 word count blog post are enough to cover the subject.

  • The content should be long enough to cover the subject and short enough to create interest.

The longer range gives you the ability to cover a great deal of information in an article. Your readers in turn will appreciate the extra depth.

3.) Don’t Bore The Reader

For sure, if you bore your readers they’re going to click over to funniest websites like to have a good laugh.

If you hate the niche you’re blogging about, people will sense it. They’ll notice that you’re not passionate about it when they read your blog posts.

You have no excuse to write content that is not dull and stiff.

Every post you create should have some personality (your own voice) with a boundless zest.

Always give your readers something that makes them look forward to reading your new blog posts.

Before long, you should start to see people engaging more based on your posts and even sharing them on social networking sites.

4.) Visual Content Is Necessary

Visual content will not only capture the attention of your readers but it will greatly boost engagement.

Blogs that are using visual content effectively are actually the ones whose content readers share on the social media sites.

Readers find it easy to absorb information when you use visual content on your blog posts. It is for this reason that you should use pictures, videos and infographics.

Using visual content will help to boost the number of your blog post views by 94%.

Always make your content to be more visual appealing to readers.

5.) Research Your Topics Before You Write

Most people who start a blog don’t pay attention in providing content that readers need to solve their problem. You and I know that we always use the internet to search for useful information.

We are searching for information so that we make an informed decision regarding a product that will solve our problem. So, we quickly click away from blogs that are not giving us the kind of information we really need.

A common mistake new bloggers make when they’re starting a blog to make money online is not researching the topic they’re going to blog about.

There is no doubt that you must be knowledgeable about the topic you’re blogging about.

But do you have enough of an understanding to write it without any kind of research?

In most cases, the answer is no.

Check information against credible sources while researching and use this information to build your content.

Find out what readers are looking for on internet most of the time regarding the topic you want to blog about.

6.) Plan Your Blog In Advance

Something will always come up when it is most inconvenient for it to happen. To avoid delays on your blog, it is a good idea to plan your topics a few weeks in advance.

Write these topics as you’re able to. Try to post them at least a week in advance. That way, if something should happen, you’ll have a chance to recover from delays.

7.) There Are Many Ways To Make Money Blogging

Free blogging platforms like will limit you to monetize your blog. This is because you have no full control of your blog.

You need to use a self-hosted blog.

Starting a self-hosted blog will enable you to monetize your blog in many ways since you’re in fully control of your blog.

You completely own your blog, so you can use it the way you prefer.

20 Ways to Make Money Blogging

Some of the legitimate ways you can use to make money online blogging include:

I.) Selling Digital Products Online

You can either create your own digital products to sell on your blog or you can sell digital products belonging to other people.

One of the most trusted website you can search for digital products to sell is ClickBank.

II.) Tutorial Courses

One of the most effective ways to make money online blogging is by offering tutorial courses.

Share your knowledge with people who need it. This way, they will also be able do something that you know how to do so well.

For instance, you can offer copywriting and search optimization tutorial course to those people who need it most.

Before you start offering tutorial courses on your blog, make sure that you have mastered the topic. Remember, you’ll teach people so that they apply what they have learned from you to achieve the desired results.

III.) Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can be a great way for you to make money online blogging.

With affiliate marketing, you’ll review and recommend your visitors to buy products belongings to merchants.

The merchants will pay you a commission for every product bought by the customers you referred from your blog to them.

The more visitors you refer from your blog to your merchant to buy a particular product, the more commission you’ll earn.

8.) Check Out The Competition

Since you’re starting a blog to make money online, the odds that you’re the only one dealing with the topic you have chosen for your blog are incredibly low.

Competition is everywhere and you have to compete.

Embrace competition and let it motivate you to improve your performance.

Take the time to look at the blogs you are competing with. See what they’re writing about to spot areas they aren’t digging enough into. Such blogs will inspire you.

The shortcomings of blogs you are competing with can help you to take your blog to the next level.

9.) You Won’t Be #1 Overnight

Starting a blog to make money online takes time for it to be successful. Unless you’re lucky enough to gain the attention of the right person and they promote you, your blog will take time to grow.

As you gain credibility, your readers will increase.

If you keep creating the quality of your content that actually gets shared a lot of times on the social media sites and you always give your readers information they’re interested in, then you have the potential to be among the leaders in the niche market that you’re blogging about.

10.) Make Your Blog To Be Mobile Responsive

Mobile devices such as smartphones are quickly becoming the leading choice for internet browsing. Your blog should be mobile responsive. It should adjust to the smaller screens.

This doesn’t mean you must create different versions of your blog. Most blogging programs are designed for mobile responsive blogs.

Make sure your blog is accessible on mobile devices so that you reach those people (potential buyers) who are using them to search for information on the internet.

11.) Work With Other Experts

You don’t have to write all the content on your blog. The time it would take to write all the content would make it impossible for you to focus on important areas of your online business.

You should work with other experts who will bring value to your blog’s audience. They’ll greatly help you to create content for a nominal fee. That cost is usually offset by increased traffic and better conversion rates.

12.) Your Blog Should Be Social Media Friendly

You can’t ignore the social media if you’re starting a blog to make money online.

Social media sites are the fastest way for people to share information.

Blog posts that are shared many times on social media sites get more inbound links.

Make sure each post on your blog gives people (your audience) the ability to share information on their favorite social networking sites with ease.

13.) Prepare For Security Threats

Online predators want to gain access to your blog. Blogs that are for business purpose are often targeted by online hackers.

Most people who are starting a blog to make money online don’t realize the security flaws some blogging programs have.

Installing security plugins on your blog can help to reduce unauthorized access.

It is also a good idea to routinely change your password and use a series of random letters, numbers and symbols for it. To help you remember the password, use a program like LastPass.

14.) Have Passion For Blogging

This is perhaps the best thing to remember when you’re starting a blog to make money online.

You should never feel like you’re being forced to blog.

If it does, you’ll burn-out blogging.

The best way for you to avoid this is to find a niche you’re passionate about.

Blogging about your passion will make you to have fun. You’ll focus on building the blog around the niche that you’re truly passionate about.

15.) Search Engine Optimization Changes Often

To keep your blog visible, you’ll need to monitor the changes for search engine optimization. Google constantly releases new updates for Penguin, Hummingbird and Panda.

It is a good idea to watch for such updates so that you make necessary changes on your blog.

16.) Update Information

Information changes all the time. What was accurate a year ago, might not be accurate today.

Routinely go through your old content and update the information.

Apart from updating old blog posts with new information, you should also regularly publish new content on your blog.

17.) Mailing List Is Vital

Mailing list is going to help you increase conversions.

It will greatly help you to convert your blog’s traffic into buyers. So, give people a reason to opt-in to your email list.

Once you have their email addresses, send them weekly or monthly newsletters which contain deals and highlight the information that is featured on your blog for the week or month.

This will keep targeted traffic high and you’ll experience continued growth on your blog.

I.) Never Keeping In Touch With Readers

You see, the reason why many blogs fail is because bloggers never contact their readers. They never send them emails to remind them about their blogs.

You should always remind your readers about your blog by sending them an email to inform them the new offers you have for them or the new content you have published on your blog.

II.) Never Delivering A Product

Another reason why many blogs fail is because some bloggers promise a product that will solve a particular problem but they never deliver that product.

They promise a product only for readers to realize that it was a bait to get them to the blog.

Use clickbait effectively to attract click-throughs.

You should never promise your readers a product that you’ll never deliver.

III.) Lacking Creativity

Some people who are starting a blog to make money online create their blogs carelessly.

They don’t put creativity or coherence into the blog.

They lack creativity when it comes to branding their blog using graphics.

Always create nice-looking pages for your blog. Ensure there is coherence the way you create your blog pages. Most important, brand your blog.

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