How To Start A Blog And Make Money Blogging – 15 Reasons Why Blogs Fail

15 Reasons Why Blogs Fail - How To Start A Blog And Make Money BloggingMillions of people around the world, want to know exactly how to start a blog and make money blogging. It’s because of that reason that, for every half a second, a new blog is started.

According to some sources, in 2011 there were over 173 million blogs in the world.

That number has been growing, every half a second.

So, why is it that over 98% of blogs started fail in their first 90 days and only a mere 1% of blogs succeed?

Is it because of lack of traffic, that cause some blogs fail?

What is it that successful bloggers know and do so well differently?

Do you really need ten million people to visit your blog in order to make money blogging?

There is a reason why blogs fail. Let us show you how to start a successful blog that matters.

Are you making these 15 most common blogging mistakes that cause blogs to fail?

The time has come for you to start attracting the right people that will grow your blogging business.

You absolutely must proactively seek the right traffic if your goal and vision is to grow your online business.

Later on, in this post, I will be sharing advanced traffic tactics that will increase your blog’s audience. You’ll discover a simple hack to make it easy for people to share your content on social media sites.

Starting a blog is one of the most exciting things you’ll do online.

As you write and publish content to your blog, you’ll begin to share your knowledge and insight with people interested in what you’re sharing. Eventually you’ll build a community and loyal customers.

Just be realistic about the facts. For every blog that succeeds, hundreds more fail.

You don’t want your blog to be included in the statistic of failed blogs. Below are reasons why blogs fail.

15 Most Common Reasons Why Bloggers Fail

Blog Fails

The following 15 reasons are the most common reasons why blogs fail (why bloggers fail) and what you should do to increase the chances of your blog succeeding.

Use this information to help you start a blog and head in the right direction or start doing what you have not been doing.

1.) Creating A Blog Solely For Money

Why do people blog? Obviously they want to make money online.

Do you really want to start blog and make money blogging online?

Although you’re creating a blog to make money online, this shouldn’t be the sole purpose.

Do you know why?

If right now you believe that the sole purpose of any business is to make money, then you’re 100% wrong.

Blogs that are started with the sole purpose of making money end up failing.

How many bloggers quit blogging after they realize they won’t make money overnight?

The number is worrying.

Most people usually start a blog after they read or they have heard about bloggers who make thousands of dollars online blogging.

Choose the Right NicheWhile it’s true there are bloggers who make thousands of dollars, it takes months and even years for a blog to get to the point where it pays for itself.

How should you make money blogging?

Here are the basic steps you should follow:

I.) Choose The Right Niche

The niche you choose should not be the one that is too competitive or the one that hardly people are searching information online about it.

Consider choosing a niche that you’re passionate about, it’s profitable and the one that is of your profession.

Use keyword tools like Google Keyword Planner to find the right niche.

II.) Start A Blog

Once you have identified the niche for your blog, the next step is to start a blog. In this step, you have to choose a blogging platform.

Avoid using free blogging platform. Instead use a premium blogging platform like

You have also to register a domain name for your blog. You can use a website like Godaddy to register your domain name.

Finally have your blog hosted with a web hosting company like

III.) Create Content

Start creating content by focusing on your readers.

The content should be valuable and interesting to read.

Integrate keywords into your blog posts to ensure that your blog posts are listed on the top search engine results. This way, you’ll be driving organic traffic to your blog.

IV.) Promote Your Blog

Start promoting your blog once you have provided valuable content that is also interesting to read.

There are many ways you can use to promote your blog like e-mail marketing, search engine marketing, social media marketing, behavioral targeting etc.

While promoting your blog, build relationship with people visiting your blog.

V.) Monetize Your Blog

Once you start receiving targeted traffic each day that is adequate (a minimum of 1000 visitors), you should monetize your blog.

But, the question is how?

This is the article that will show you practical legitimate ways you can start using to monetize your blog [Checklist] 20 Legitimate Ways to Make Money Online

Make Money Online

A.) Offer Courses

People are searching for courses online so that they learn new skills or improve their skills.

If you have learned on how to do something and as such you have mastered to do a task with pre-determined results, then you’re competent to teach people.

People who are willing to learn from you are more likely to pay you money.

Create a membership page on your blog and use it to offer online course.

Charge a fee for people to join the membership page.

B.) Offer Consulting Services

If you’re an expert, you can offer consultation services.

For instance, if you’re a search engine optimizer, you can use your blog to acquire customers who are in need of advice as far as search engine marketing and search engine optimization is concerned.

As a consultant, use a blog as your marketing tool to acquire clients.

C.) Sell Digital Products

You can easily sell digital products that are of the niche market or related to the niche you’re blogging about.

The good news is that you don’t have to create your own digital products to sell.

You can use websites like Amazon or ClickBank to find digital products to sell and get paid a commission for each product you’ve sold.

Build an Email List for Your Blog2.) Not Reaching Readers Directly

This is another good reason why blogs fail.

Most of the successful blogging tips will tell you to build an email list for your blog. Of course, they’re not wrong.

Some bloggers fail to build an email list.

By failing to build an email list, they never directly contact people who visit their blogs.

It’s important that you should start collecting email addresses of people visiting your blog so that you contact them directly.

When you frequently contact your readers, you’re likely to keep them returning to your blog. You retain your existing readers.

You’ll also make people who visit your blog for the first time to visit it again.

The best way to start collecting email addresses is by encouraging your readers to subscribe your blog by giving them something valuable for free like an e-book.

3.) Blogging Topics They’re Not Passionate About

Another reason why blogs fail is because the owners lack passion on the topics they’re blogging. Successful bloggers put their passion and emotion in the writing and there is genuine interest in the content.

Yes, it is possible to write about any niche or topic. But when you have no passion in your writing, people visiting your blog will notice. Eventually, they’ll turn their attention to other bloggers who are passionate blogging the same niche as your blog.

4.) Ignoring Search Engine Marketing

Many of those who fail at blogging listen to people who say that Google has killed search engine optimization and therefore they ignore search engine marketing.

Yes, it is true Google has changed how they display results in their search engine, but search engine optimization is far from dead.

SEO is still alive. White Hat Search Engine Optimization still work very effectively.

5.) Not Allowing Guest Bloggers Who Are Experts

Another good reason why blogs fail is because they don’t allow guest blogging from other experts.

You don’t have to write all the content.

Instead, you should expose your readers to other bloggers who are experts.

Guest bloggers will bring value to your readers that is lacking on your blog.

When you feature other experts, you’re likely to grow your audience.

The best part is that the guest bloggers you feature are likely to link their blogs or websites to your blog.

Just in case you’re wondering how to find guest bloggers who are experts in your niche, you should know that there are websites and blogs advertising blogging jobs like and

You can use them to find guest bloggers to hire.

6.) Not Always Marketing The Blog


One of the reasons why blogs fail is because the owners dedicate a lot of time writing content and hardly dedicate any time to do marketing for their blogs.

There is no way you’re going to acquire new readers and retain the existing ones if you’re not always marketing your blog.

Get it right that marketing is crucial for your blog to continue receiving the right people it’s targeting. Dedicating an hour or two every week won’t be enough for your blog to take flight.

So, dedicate more hours each day to market your blog.

Look at marketing as being the most important work of building your blog. You should dedicate a few hours a week into creating content and the rest of the hours working on promotion. It will eventually pay off.

7.) Difficult To Share Content On Social Media Sites

Most bloggers fail because their content is limited by the ability to share it on the social media sites.

Successful blogs have plugins which allow people to share information quickly with a click of the button. If you haven’t already done so, take a moment to add share buttons to the posts on your blog.

Use your social networking sites to share the content published on your blog while connecting with people you share a similar interest. As more people share your content, your audience grows and your blog has the potential to takeoff.

Another way you can ensure your content gets to social networking sites is by creating profiles for your blog on the social networking sites like LinkedIn.

3 Tips for Creating LinkedIn Profile

I.) Include The Logo Of Your Blog When Creating A Profile

The logo of your blog should be the cover photo of your LinkedIn profile. This will help to promote brand awareness of your blog.

II.) Write A Compelling Description

Your LinkedIn profile should have a description that is compelling. It should tell viewers what your blog is all about.

It should create interest in people and it should link to your blog.

III.) Engage Your Followers

You should not just create a LinkedIn profile and leave it. You should always be active. Follow people who you share the same interest and comment on articles published on LinkedIn.

8.) Clickbait

Some bloggers fail because they mostly use Clickbait to drive traffic to their blogs.

Let me ask you this question; What happens if you’re driving traffic to your blog using sensationalist headlines that don’t provide information they promise?

Probably people will click them but they’ll leave your blog immediately. They’ll know that you’re exploiting their curiosity to gain click-throughs.

Avoid using Clickbait as a way of driving traffic to your blog.

Lack of Time Let the headlines of your blog posts provide information they promise and that information should be accurate to satisfy the reader. Provide quality content.

9.) Lack Of Time

While there are so many topics to blog about, many bloggers fail blogging because they hardly have time to work on their blogs.

Blogging demands time.

You need to dedicate your time to do research for the next blogging topic, to write content and also to promote your blog.

Always devote time and commit yourself to do all it takes to make your blog thrive.

10.) Not Researching The Topics

A blog post that lacks enough information, doesn’t contain accurate information or contain crap content will make readers feel that they’re wasting their time.

Why should they read something that isn’t going to help them in any way? This is the reason why blogs fail. Bloggers don’t take time to research the topics they’re writing about.

No matter what you know about a topic, there is a very good chance you don’t know it all. When you write about a topic, take the time to research for more information about it.

The chances of factual errors are greatly reduced. People will start trusting your blog once they notice you’re giving them accurate information that is educating them.

11.) Numerous Grammatical And Spelling Errors

A blog that has numerous spelling mistakes and grammar errors is likely to send people running to its competitors.

People don’t have the time to strain reading content that contains many grammatical and spelling errors. It is one of the reasons why some bloggers fail.

The occasional grammar or spelling error won’t kill your blog. You’re human and people will understand that. However, take the time to read through every post you write and clean it up before you post it.

Quitting Too Soon12.) Quitting Too Soon

Quitting too soon is another reason most blogs fail. After a week, a blogger decides to quit blogging because at that time he/she finds that no one is hardly visiting the blog.

Don’t decide to quit too soon. It takes time, effort and money to build a successful blog.

13.) Having No Strategy

Many bloggers fail because they don’t have any strategy. No matter what niche your blog covers, you always have competitors.

You need a strategy to use so that your blog gains a competitive advantage.

14.) Lack of Resources

Lack of resources is one of the justifications why blogs.

You require the necessary resources to run a blog.

For instance you need to have enough money to:

I.) Renew the domain name.

II.) Renew web hosting service.

III.) Buy traffic and pay for pay per click ads.

IV.) Buy WordPress plugins and themes.

V.) Hire freelancer graphic designers to create infographics, logos, custom pages and more.

VI.) Hire programmer to write codes.

15.) Free Blogging Platform Or Free CMS

There are many blogging platforms you can use.

Take a look at the Adwords ads for the keyword “free blogging platform”

Free Blogging Platform Or Free CMS

Do you need to use a free blogging platform for your business blog? Absolutely not!

Sadly, free blogging platforms comes with limitations. You’ll not own the blog. You’ll have limited control. You’ll have less customization options for your blog when you use a free blogging platform.

Here is a better solution:

Ensure you use premium blogging platform/content managements system. That way you’ll have more flexible ways to extend the functionality and features of your blog. Remember,  you’ll also own the blog.

Bonus Points: Why Blogs Fail And How To Start A Successful Blog

1. The Content Bore Readers

Readers skim content with the hope of finding something interesting to read.

They’ll quickly click away from a blog if they realize how its content bore them.

You don’t want to bore your readers, right?

It’s for this reason that you should create content that is interesting to read.

Why Blogs Fail And How Start A Successful Blog2. Ignoring Traffic From Mobile Devices

One of the benefits of blogging is that you’re able to reach as many people as possible.

Now that many mobile devices such as smartphones have access to internet, bloggers shouldn’t ignore the traffic that comes from the mobile devices.

Blogs that are not mobile-friendly is one of the reasons why blogs fail.

3. Lack Of Visual Content

The other reason why blogs fail is because they contain boring plain text.

Visual content help readers to easily digest information.

Visual content is likely to capture the attention of a reader.

Visual content entertains the reader.

It’s no doubt blogs having interesting visual content are mostly shared by people on the social media sites.

Conclusion: Why Blogs Fail and How To Start A Successful Blog Today

Now that you know why blogs fail, you won’t learn your lesson the hard way.

You too can and will succeeding blogging.

Simply make sure you avoid making these common blogging mistakes that most people who start a blog commit. If you’re already making some of these mistakes, it isn’t too late.

Fix the problems now and give your blog a chance to be successful.

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