How To Promote Your Website – 20 Proven Techniques That Works In 2016

How To Promote Your WebsiteGetting traffic to my blog was driving me nuts!

Almost every other day,

I would head over to my favorite browser and search for the term “how to promote your website”

And I could get results like these…

How to Promote Your Website Online

I read most, if not all. I tried almost everything. I begged for help.

You see, getting traffic to my blog was becoming a major problem.

Is this happening to you too?

You spend hours writing content. Editing. Optimizing for the search engines.

Finally, you hit publish.

You know that your content will get a lot of clicks, comments, tweets and Facebook likes.

But then, the unexpected happens. . .

Now, you’re here. Your published content is sitting there, still waiting for overzealous readers to read your blog post. Like it, share it, tweet it!

Well, this is not a shocker. Your content and blog just went unnoticed.

Why are online readers not coming in to read your content?

Don’t take it personal. It’s not your fault. And don’t blame your content.

There are 2 fundamental concepts I’ll be discussing in this post:

1.) How to promote your website and content to new audience.

2.) How to write content that converts readers into buyers and customers.

How To Promote Your Blog Content And Grow Your Audience In 20 Most Reliable Ways

Promoting Your Blog

No matter how great your content is, you won’t achieve anything if it’s hardly read.

There are practical and best ways to promote your blog content out there that you may not have ever thought of or you have never tried using.

Here are 20 best ways to promote your blog content, get your blog noticed and increase your blog readers. Some are free while other will require you to invest your hard earned cash.

I.) Social Media Marketing

You’re blogging, right! But do you know that you need to use social media?

Without social media marketing, your content is not being distributed to people who need it most.

You need social media marketing.

It’s the best way to get your content to online readers.

Make social networking sites to be your word of mouth publicity.

Add social sharing buttons on your blog posts to encourage your readers to share your thoughtful content on the major social networking sites.

How will you use the most popular social networking sites to promote your content? Okay, let me show you how to promote your website using the top social networking sites.

I.) How To Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn allows users to publish articles, to share links and also to join groups.

This makes LinkedIn to be one of the best social networking sites to promote your blog content.

Create a killer LinkedIn profile. By this, I mean a description that is eye-catching and the one that provides clear information about you and your qualifications or skills.

Your profile photo should appear professional to create a positive impression about you.

From your LinkedIn profile, you should link back to your blog.

Publish your articles on LinkedIn pulse. If necessary, you can add a link of your blog post within the text of the articles you publish on LinkedIn. The articles will help you to gain exposure and to network.

Create as many connections as you can with people you share the same interest.

LinkedIn groups are useful to gain exposure and also to network with people. You can promote your content on LinkedIn groups discussing the topic you’re blogging about.

III.) How To Use Twitter

You can’t ignore using Twitter as a blogger who wants to build an audience.

Create a Twitter profile for your blog.

Remember that you only have 160 characters to use.

Use the 160 characters to write your profile. Your profile should have a clear description what your blog is all about.

It’s important that your blog’s logo should be your profile photo. Every time you tweet, your logo will be shown alongside your tweets as an icon. This helps you to increase brand awareness.

You can promote your content on Twitter by:

A.) Posting Tweets

When posting your tweets, you should not forget to use hashtags. They’ll make it easy for Twitter users to find information while searching for it.

Hashtags will ensure that your content gets to the right people it’s targeting.

Tweet your most popular blog post or the one that converts most. Pin that tweet to your Twitter profile to make it gain maximum exposure at the top of your Twitter profile timeline.

B.) Using Twitter Ads

Don’t wait people to find your content on Twitter through your tweets. You should instead promote your content by advertising it on Twitter.

You create your Twitter Ads campaigns.

This way, you’ll quickly turn Twitter users to be your customers.

The good thing about using Twitter is that it has made it possible for you to promote your best tweets from your smartphone.

Here is an email that was sent to me on how I should promote my best tweets from my smartphone.

Twitter Smartphone Ads

You can also use the same way to promote your best tweets from your smartphone so that you drive traffic to your blog. This way, your content will get read.

II.) How To Use Pinterest

For the visual content you’ve published on your blog, Pinterest is the best way to promote it. Create interesting visual content that people will love to share on Pinterest.

Pinterest site allows you to share images from your blog posts. The images will automatically link back to your blog posts containing them.

Remember that people are very visual. Anything with attractive image tends to appeal to online readers.

Your blog posts are likely to get more attention if you include good images that appeal to people’s interest.

IV.) How To Use Facebook

Facebook is another popular social networking site you can’t ignore to use as a blogger who wants to grow your blog readership.

Here is how to use Facebook to promote your content.

A.) Create Fan Page

First, you create a Fan Page on Facebook for your blog. The Fan Page profile should clearly describe what your blog is all about and how it benefits people.

Your Fan Page should link back to your blog.

The profile photo should be the logo of your blog. The posts you’ll be posting on your Facebook Fan Page will be shown alongside your blog’s logo. This will increase your brand awareness.

Create Facebook posts to publish on your Fan Page that will help you to drive traffic to your blog posts.

Use your Facebook Fan Page to engage with your audience by asking them questions, discussing with your audience the topics they’re interested in, commenting on their profiles etc.

B.) Facebook Adverts

Don’t forget to use Facebook Adverts. With the help of Facebook Adverts, you’ll promote your content.

It is one of the best ways to promote your blog content since your content will get read by the people it’s targeting.

C.) Facebook Groups

Join the most relevant Facebook groups that are popular. By joining such groups, you’ll gain exposure and you’ll also grow your audience.

Don’t push your content to group members. Instead, be very active participating in the topics they’re discussing.

Only recommend group members to read your blog posts if it will help them to clarify a point of an argument or help them to solve a problem.

2.) WhatsApp Marketing

You can use WhatApp to promote your blog posts. You’re going to use it in a way that will not annoy people. How to market your website using 12 WhatsApp tactics

For you to capture people’s attention, you should find interesting pictures that you’ll use to personalize inspirational quotes.

The inspirational quotes should be related to the topic of your blog post.

By sharing inspirational quotes on WhatsApp groups, the members are likely to forward them to their friends, relatives and other people they know.

Of course, you’ll include the link of your blog post as the source.

Note that this is just an example on how to promote your content on WhatsApp. There are many creative ways you can use to promote your blog posts on WhatsApp.

All you need is to be creative enough to attract the attention of people.

3.) E-mail Marketing

Have you read somewhere that “The money is in the list?”

Actually this is true given that the conversion rate of email is high compared to search engine marketing and social media marketing.

A report that was done by Forrester together with GSI Commerce revealed that email is the top factor in influencing repeat purchases. The data for 77,000 consumer orders were examined.

Email Marketing Report

The best way to ensure that your content gets read by your audience is by sending them an email informing them about your new blog post.

It’s one of the best ways to promote your blog content because you have the permission from your readers to talk to them directly by sending them an email.

They give you the permission because they’re interested to read the topic you’re blogging.

4.) Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is another powerful way to get your content read. In fact, you build your authority if you guest blog on popular blogs that are read each day by thousands of people.

At the end of your guest post, in the bio section, you should write a strong call to action that promotes your blog content.

5.) Connection With Influential Bloggers

Instead of other bloggers finding your content online, you should connect with them. Let them know that you’re blogging a topic that they can link to.

Of course, you should only contact bloggers you feel that your content will provide value to their audiences.

6.) Advertising

Instead of you buying links, you should advertise your blog posts to capture the attention of online readers.
You can simply do this using pay-per-click, cost per impression and other forms of advertising.

When you advertise your blog, it becomes more visible. You drive targeted traffic to your blog.

It’s the fastest way to get the right people you’re targeting to read your content. I published another page about how to get traffic to your website using the top 10 traffic sources

7.) Use Infographics

Create an attractive infographic that goes along with your latest blog post. Share it on social media sites or websites that with a link back to your blog.

People tend to share infographics more than plain text.

8.) Linking To Your Popular Post

As you continue blogging, you’ll realize that some of your blog posts will become popular. They always get clicks.

Add a link of your new blog post within the text of your popular blog post to promote your new content.

Another best way to promote your blog content is by putting banners in the sidebar or at the bottom of your blog posts.

9.) Word Of Mouth

Word of mouth is one of the best ways to promote your blog content.

When you have published new content on your blog, you should inform your friends about it.

In case there are other people you know that will benefit from the content you have published on your blog, you should inform them to read it.

The good news when you inform people you know about your blog posts is that some of them will tell others a story about the content they have read on your blog.

10.) Live Presentations

I know some popular bloggers who are promoting their content through live presentations. They attend conferences, gigs and other events where they share ideas and their blogging stories.

For instance, Pat Flynn had to fly to Australia in 2014 to keynote “The Problogger Conference.”

He wrote this article about his trip.

Flynn Conference

Attending conferences and other events that are about the topic you’re blogging as a speaker gives you the opportunity to showcase your work.

Don’t wait to be invited to conferences, gigs and other events. You should instead submit a request to present your ideas.

11.) Top Ten Lists

Create a top ten or a top five list. You should publish it to your website or to someone else’s website.

Make sure that it links back to your blog.

You’ll find a lot of top ten lists out there and people tend to be drawn to “top” anything.

It’s an old tried content marketing tactic that works.

Just make sure that your top list offers real value to your readers.

12.) Community Forums

Join relevant community forums. Create a profile. Your profile should provide information about what you do.

The forum signature allows you include a link. Use it to link back to your blog.

Start new threads on community forums. Forum members will comment on your threads and perhaps they’ll share them.

Your signature that contains a link of your blog will be shown on your threads.

Use community forums as one of the best ways to promote your blog content

13.) Being Interviewed

Promote your content by being interviewed by people in your niche.

Let’s say you’re blogging about recipes, you can be interviewed on TV. This gives you a chance to showcase your amazing recipes you’re blogging about.

When you’re being interviewed, you have the opportunity to promote your content.

14.) Email Signatures

Use a signature in your email to link back to your blog. Each time you send an email, the link of your blog will be shown at the bottom.

It’s one way to get your blog known.

Some people who will receive your email will visit your blog to read its content.

15.) Turning Your Blog Post Into A Video And Podcast

Some of your blog posts are providing people with tips, advice or they are a guide on how to do something. You should create the video version of your blog post.

This way, you’ll have turned your blog posts into a video that will promote your content.

Publish the video on popular video-sharing websites such as YouTube, Vimeo etc.

Your video should link back to your blog post that you’re promoting.

The video should have a strong call to action.

From the video, you should create a podcast that you’ll use to promote your blog post. You can submit your podcast to iTunes stores and other websites that host podcasts.

16.) Triberr

According to Triberr website, there are 3 things that bloggers need to survive. They need:

I.) Traffic.

II.) Content.

III.) Money.

So, how does Triberr help you?

When you join or form a tribe on this website, it becomes your goldmine for sharing content.

Tribes have multiple people sharing content, meaning your content gets to the people it’s targeting.

17.) Press Releases

Create a press release about your blog. Post it to the free or paid press release sites that receive a lot of traffic each day.

Make sure that your press release is well written and offers value to people.

Press releases that are poorly done are not well received.

18.) Niche Magazines

You’ll always come across magazines that target the niche you’re blogging about.

You should submit articles to editors of such magazines to publish it. At the end of the article, you should include a link of your blog post as the source of the article.

19.) Free Ebook Sites

Submit a group of your blog posts in a PDF format to a free ebook download sites. Your PDF should include links of the blog posts you have featured.

In most cases, free ebooks are hard to come by. People flock to sites that give them free PDFs.

This is the reason why you should convert some of your blog posts to PDF and post them to popular websites that are receiving PDFs.

20.) Search Engine Marketing

The best source of traffic comes from the search engines. Yes, the organic traffic which you don’t pay for.

All you need to do is search engine marketing to drive organic traffic to your blog.

Here is an article that explains to you 15 Surefire Ways On How To Write Great Content That Ranks
Content That Ranks

One of the best ways to promote your blog content so that it gets read by online readers is by creating content that ranks in search engines.

Forget about placing the correct keywords in the right places and in the right density so as to rank your content in the search engines. It used to work few decades ago.

If you really want your content to achieve a higher ranking in search engine results pages, then you should create content that will attract a lot of backlinks coming from authoritative blogs and websites.

Don’t get me wrong, you still need to use keywords.

How To Write Content That Converts

Your content promotion campaigns will fall flat if your blog has content that doesn’t convert. It’s for this reason you should first write content that PREsell to publish to your blog.

What makes content to be the one that PREsells?

The content that PREsells is the one that:

1.) Taps the interests of people it’s targeting.

2.) Uses storytelling.

3.) Is compelling.

4.) Uses active voice.

5.) Is interesting to read.

6.) Builds trust and respect to build a relationship.

7.) Describes a real problem and gives solution(s) to the problem.

8.) Has high-value information that is well researched.

9.) Is easy to scan.

10.) Communicates effectively by talking to a visitor to deliver important points.

11.) Uses personal pronoun “You.”

12.) Has a call to action.

A blog being a way of communicating, it should be interactive.

You’ll agree that it’s the most effective marketing tool you can use for your business.

A blog is used by businesses for inbound marketing to attract the attention of customers.

However, you should understand that a blog isn’t going to attract the attention of customers if it doesn’t contain interesting, compelling and persuasive content.

Therefore, publishing helpful information that is interesting to read and persuasive on your business blog will make you to attract public’s interest on what your business is doing or selling.

It converts readers into buyers and customers.

It makes some of your readers to disseminate information they have read.

When readers disseminate your blog’s content, they’re participating in the process of building your brand’s image.

What does this tell you?

Definitely content marketing can’t be ignored.

Didn’t someone once say, “If you build it they will come?” The fact is that nothing could be further from the truth.

Your blog will attract some people but you’re not going to reach as many people you’re targeting as possible if you don’t come up with a content marketing strategy.

If you build it correctly, you write it in a great way that PREsell and you continue marketing it effectively, then, many more people will continue coming.

You should always publish useful content that PREsells on your blog and then get it out there to the right people it’s targeting.

Always remember that:

1.) Your content may never get read if you don’t promote it.

2.) You’ll never convert your readers if you don’t write content that PREsell.

3.) Never stop to learn new ways on how to promote your website to new audience.

About the Author Joshua Nyamache

Co-founder of Blogging Income Lifestyle. I have been blogging for more than seven years. I love blogging lifestyle.