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How To Get Traffic To Your Website Fast

What if you start to generate an extra 10, 100 or even up to 1,000 high quality leads per day to our website?

  • How to get traffic to your website today

Here are 10 traffic sources that works

In the past few months,

I've been methodically testing a brand new approach to list building and internet marketing strategies.

The results are INSANE! You need to see this today.

Yes, this is for you because you want to:

  • Get more traffic, leads and double your revenue

Like most internet marketers, for 7 years I struggled to drive traffic to my blog, build a list or make money online.

I have been quietly using these strategies and the traffic sources to quickly build an email list fast and make sales.


Top 3 To-Do-List When Sending Traffic To Your Website

  • 1

    Get a Sales Funnel in Place

    Make sure that you've set up a sales funnel in place before driving traffic.

  • A sales funnel grabs the attention of your prospects, captures leads and turns qualified leads into entry level paying customer. The best customers are then nurtured.

  • An optimized funnel offer paying customers more specialized services or products.

  • 2

    Capture And Engage Leads

    Make it your challenge to capture and engage leads before they leave your site.

  • Most of the people that visit your site aren't ready to make a purchase on that first visit. If you let your traffic go away, most likely, they'll never come back again.

  • Offer something of value to entice your website visitors to give you their information. Once you capture those leads, you need to focus on keeping them engaged through your sales funnel so you have the chance to convert them into customers.

  • 3

    Increase Your Conversion Rates

    To get the best return on investment, work on increasing your conversion rates.

  • How can you boost conversion rates to capture more leads and increase sales?

  • Make it easy for your users to browse your site. Work on building trust. Avoid wasting the time of prospects by asking for too much information. Offer multiple payment options. Keep users well informed. Always offer more value to your visitors.

How To Get Traffic To Your Website, Capture Leads And Increase Conversion Rate

What If You Knew Exactly How To Increase Website Traffic And Build An Email List Fast?

Top 10 Traffic Sources That Works In 2016

No matter how great your website is,  if you don't have consistent traffic coming into your website, you will fail.

Here's a list of the top 10 traffic sources:

Traffic Source #1.)  Google Adwords

3 Reasons Why Your Business Should Use Google Adwords To Get More Traffic

  • 1

    Google AdWords Is Based On A Pay Per Click Model, Rather Than Impression

    You only pay when your audience interacts with your content. (i.e clicks your ad)

  • The benefit from this is twofold. First of all, PPC is more cost effective. Secondly, you receive the benefits of an impression, without actually having to pay for it.

  • 2

    AdWords Is Highly Respected As A Direct Marketing Traffic Source

    With AdWords, it is not always the highest bidders who receive the best returns.

  • If your campaign and your copy are focused, along with strong content on your landing page, when you bid for the right keywords, you will find your traffic to be highly responsive. This results in higher conversion rates and lower costs per click.

  • 3

    Almost All Serious Marketers And Businesses Use Google AdWords

    Google AdWords is flexible, affordable, and it offers powerful analysis tools.

  • Because AdWords advertisements can be highly visual, text based, and gives one the ability to use AdWords extensions to display highly relevant ads, and have them displayed in the right places, serious business and marketers love to use AdWords.

With over 190 million clicks per day, a strong conversion rate of almost 5%,

It’s no surprise that Google maintains an influential position in the advertising market.

When you think about paid traffic sources,

Google AdWords will likely be one of the first ones that comes to mind.

If you were searching for information about traffic sources,  Adwords would constantly be near the top of any ranked list of traffic sources. This is because AdWords is not only one of the most utilized advertising networks, but it is also one of the most trusted.

The AdWords platform was introduced over 15 years ago. In that time, it has changed the face of online marketing, and made it possible for marketers to get traffic. AdWords is a network that every serious marketer should incorporate into their strategy.

Google Adwords advertising platform is well established, trusted, and it has shown measurable results for hundreds of thousands of online marketers around the world.

Google Adwords, like most paid traffic sources, allows you to boost traffic faster than Search Engine Optimization that takes much longer. AdWords will help you to get quality leads and boost revenue without relying on a lengthy marketing campaign.

Traffic Source #2.)  Facebook Traffic

3 Reasons Why Facebook Is Good For Business Looking To Acquire More Leads

  • 1

    Easy A/B Testing

    The Facebook power editor allows for easy A/B testing.

  • Split testing enables you to perfect your ad copy, reach specific niches within their demographic and interests, and find out what is truly working for your audience.

  • 2

    Massive Number Of Mobile Users

    Mobile search is the fastest growing segment of the search market, and it has recently overtaken desktop search in number of searches performed per day.

  • You can capitalize on Facebook huge mobile user base and be able to reach your specific market, no matter where they are, or what kinds of devices they are using.

  • 3

    Easy To Track ROI

    Facebook Adverts Manager enables marketers to make use of CRM data, and high quality metrics, to develop, measure and perfect your advertising campaigns and ROI.

  • You end up spending less and earn more, because you're advertising in the right way.

Contrary to what some marketers believe,

Facebook is one of the most important paid traffic sources available.

In 2013, Facebook generated $4.5 Billion in advertising revenue. From March to June 2014, Facebook was responsible for over 20% of all online traffic referrals. This placed it above other leading social networks like Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus.

Business to consumer marketing is what Facebook excels at.

Facebook advertising platform is designed around self-service, and it is also designed to be affordable and scalable to any business that wants to generate more leads.

If you have used Google AdWords advertising platform or a similar advertising network, it won’t take you long to learn the powerful features offered by Facebook.

Given Facebook other compelling benefits like geographically targeted advertisements, and ability to drive traffic to your Facebook page, apps as well as your main website...

At the end of the day, Facebook traffic helps serious marketers to increase website traffic fast, boost leads to your sales funnel, while also ensuring that free organic traffic is possible in the future by actively improving your social media presence.

Traffic Source #3.)  YouTube Traffic

3 Reasons Why You Should Use YouTube Advertising Platform To Get More Traffic

  • 1

    Advertising On YouTube Is Flexible

    Banner advertisements are unobtrusive and widely accepted by audience.

  • Video advertisements are catching up to banner advertisements, with advertisers finding new ways serve ads using interactive or episodic video advertisements.

  • 2

    YouTube Has More Penetration Than Cable Network TV

    YouTube has more than 1 billion world wide users and most use mobile devices.

  • According to Google, YouTube video view captures more of the 18-49 year old demographic, male and females, than any major cable provider in the U.S.

  • 3

    YouTube Captures Billions Of Unique Video Views Every Day

    YouTube viewership has grown by 40% since March of 2014, according to Google.

  • YouTube advertising platform allows you to target that viewership by running ads based on geography, demographic, language, content, audience and interest.

YouTube is actually the world’s second largest search engine, second only to Google’s flagship search engine. There are over 1 Billion YouTube users.

Demographics all over the world use the video site not just for entertainment, but to learn about companies, and products and services that they are interested in.

Because there is such a staggering amount of related and relevant content available on the service, it is the perfect platform for you to use for driving more traffic to your offers.

YouTube obviously offers a number of unique propositions, making it an ideal paid traffic source. If your key demographic is closely aligned with YouTube’s user base, then there’s no strong reason against using YouTube advertising platform.

YouTube can boast the fact that every single one of the top 100 global brands have run advertising campaigns through the content service. These are brands like Apple, IBM, Microsoft, L’Oreal, Home Depot, Walmart, Disney – the list goes on.

What these companies recognize is the ability to engage with a massive global audience, provide unique content that can boost brand perception, and capitalize off of the relevance of the content that YouTube users are already watching.

YouTube advertising platform is respected within the industry and can rival that of many competing platforms, making it one of the most compelling traffic sources available.

Traffic Source #4.)  LinkedIn Traffic

3 Reasons Why You Should Be On LinkedIn Connecting With Your Professional Audience

  • 1

    LinkedIn Users Are Highly Focused, Professional Audience

    When you advertise using networks like Facebook, or even YouTube, most of the time, your ads will be fighting to get the attention of your market. A lot of the time, the audience will be looking for entertainment, rather than education or a product offering.

  • On LinkedIn, you’re dealing with attentive users, who have identified their profession. This makes it easy to target users that will be interested in your specific niche.

  • 2

    LinkedIn Receives Staggering Amounts Of B2B Traffic

    In most PPC advertising options, your ads could potentially be displayed on any page on the web, even when you've correctly selected keywords that relate to your niche.

  • With LinkedIn, everything that you do is within the confines of a single domain, dealing with the same market that consists of almost 100 million unique users per month.

  • 3

    LinkedIn Powerful Demographic Targeting Is Effective For Product Launches

    With LinkedIn, you're able to engage with highly specific demographics.

  • You can focus by geography, age demographic, or even specific industries and types of professionals. If your offering is highly specialized, then there is great value in using a specialized network like LinkedIn to launch new products and services.

LinkedIn is the world’s largest social network targeted at professionals.

LinkedIn social network is unique when compared to all of the other major social networks, because it’s largely aimed at industry professionals.

Whereas a user would typically go to Facebook to be entertained, a LinkedIn user would be more interested in growing a network that can boost their career, or their business.

This makes LinkedIn advertising platform a powerful platform for marketing, especially if you want to engage with a highly educated, and at times, affluent market.

If you’ve been advertising on another network, LinkedIn will present a unique learning curve and set of challenges, but like countless digital marketers, you will find that perseverance can net you significant rewards.

LinkedIn offers both PPC and impression advertising, so it is flexible for your needs and budget. The network also won’t lock you into advertising contracts, and you can pull your advertisements at any time if they’re not working for you.

LinkedIn isn’t for every marketer, but for those whose products and services align with a professionally minded social network, it is fast becoming the primary advertising network of choice for online marketers to reach this type of professional audience.

Traffic Source #5.)  Twitter Traffic

3 Reasons Why Your Business Should Use Twitter For Business To Get More Leads

  • 1

    Twitter Is Cost Effective

    Costs typically range from .20c to $5 USD per ‘follow’, which is essentially a click.

  • If your campaign is not working and your tweets aren’t selected, then you won’t pay anything for the promoted tweet. In this way, it is similar to the pay per click advertising standard, with the difference being that you’re advertising within a single platform.

  • 2

    Easy To Connect And Engage With Your Customers

    Twitter is definitely a niche platform, but it is an extremely large niche platform.

  • Simply follow your customers and encourage them to follow your business. Once you developed a highly relevant following within your niche, comprising of your customers, keep your audience engaged with your business by sending out timely tweets.

  • 3

    Tweets Can Easily Go Viral On Twitter

    Compelling tweet for interested users can easily go viral on Twitter.

  • Twitter offers comprehensive analytics to fine tune your tweets. To boost the chance of an amazing tweet going viral, Twitter for business allows the use of promotional tweets. To stay within your budget, you can place a limit on your daily spending.

This is twitter. An insanely popular social network.

Twitter has over 500 million users, 300 million of which are regularly active.

Twitter advertising network is steadily growing in relevance. It generates over $1 billion in advertising revenue every year. This is achieved with text limited to 140 characters.

You may use twitter as part of your online marketing strategy. Many marketers have already built a twitter following for their brands, purely through, free organic means.

Building a network takes time, but with promoted tweets, you can make a financial investment and reduce the time that you spend promoting your tweets on twitter.

Twitter for business, enables you to do more than simply post the tweet from your branded social media account. Promoted tweets service allows you to cut through the noise and reach your target audience by making use of a sponsored link.

Unlike on Facebook or LinkedIn, you won’t have the option to purchase actual advertising space on twitter. Instead, you will use tweets to promote your content or landing page. Tweets are short messages that are made up of 140 characters or fewer.

This gives you the opportunity to make a brief call to action or other persuasive message, while including a link to your landing page, and possibly an image or video.

Traffic Source #6.)  Media Buy Traffic

Top 3 Benefits Of Using Media Buy Traffic To Increase Website Traffic

  • 1

    Media Buy Traffic Can Be Affordable

    You can start running ads for as little as $25 - $50 dollars to test a campaign.

  • If you boost your clickthrough rate, find the right site to run your ads on that is relevant but not directly competitive to what you do, the cost is fairly reasonable.

  • 2

    Wider Reach Of Traffic Source That Is Easy To Scale

    It's easy to scale a winning ad, campaign and traffic source relevant to your offer.

  • Millions of websites are build every single week and their is no end in sight. There are virtually unlimited pages available to display banner ads. Just find a winning campaign and media buying could very well, be the holy grail of traffic source you'll ever need.

  • 3

    Competition Is Lower Than Other Advertising Forms

    Competition for other paid traffic sources like Adwords is fierce and because of higher cost per click, the traffic, sales and ROI, they may fall short of your desired results.

  • Because of lower competition for media buy traffic, it's fairly easy to keep your costs low, be able to get the desired traffic levels and at the same time, keep a positive ROI.

Media Buying is one of the best methods of getting traffic to your website.

Media buy means different things to different companies but it is essentially a way to boost traffic to your site by buying advertising space on another site.

When we talk about media buying, in most cases, what you're doing is buying banners.

Frankly speaking, there are some barriers for entry into media buying. It can work as direct buys or you can media buy via a network of sites. Media buying for traffic is not without a few risks, but, it can offer you a very good return on your investment.

Not long ago, it used to be, in many cases, when you think of media buying, you're thinking about 10-25 K per month and a large up-front cost. That doesn't have to be the case at all. These days, you can buy any kind or variety of ad space or ad time.

There are some distinct benefits to media buying, among them:

Nominal restrictions in the use of the advertising. Lower competition. Negotiable pricing. Full disclosure about where your ads will be viewed. Target demographics available that can get your ads in front of the people who most likely to be interested in your offer.

In many cases, customers who have honed their media buying skills, have found that they have seen a 200-300 percent ROI on their monthly advertising budget.

Traffic Source #7.)  Mobile Traffic

Top 3 Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Use Mobile Traffic To Boost Engagement

  • 1

    Exponential Growth Of Mobile Device Usage

    People are buying mobile-based, internet accessible devices at an exponential rate.

  • It does not matter if a mobile device owner is at home, work, at play, or traveling, over the past four years, consumption of digital-based media has gone up a whopping 394% for smartphone users and an amazing 1721% for tablet users.

  • 2

    Ease Of Accessibility - People Always Have Their Phones

    Most people that own a mobile device always have that device withing their proximity.

  • In a report released by Pew Research, it was established that 46% of all participants stated that they had to have their smartphones on their person at all times. A total of 44% of the participants stated that their phones were near them when they slept.

  • 3

    Immediate Gratification - Great For Engagement

    Mobile users seek instant gratification that stems from popular social media platforms.

  • If you want to engage with customers and have a desire to drive more traffic, capture leads or increase your conversion rate, mobile traffic will offer you the competitive edge that you need to achieve success in your online business endeavors.

More than 25 % of people who buy products, buy them on a mobile phone.

More than 80 % of the world shops for products and services on a mobile phone, even though, most mobile users don't make a final purchase using their mobile device.

About 90 percent of the world says that their mobile phone never leaves their side.

Mobile phones are not just the wave of the future, they are the present for every marketer or business seeking a way to boost their traffic and their bottom line.

According to Google, mobile search has now officially surpassed the standard desktop search. In today's world of emerging trends, mobile traffic is at the top of the list.

It is a known fact that being in the right place, at the right time, is often critical ingredient for success when it comes to taking advantage of opportunities for your online business.

When constructing a traditional brick-and-mortar business, it is common to hear the phrase "location, location, location"  The same holds true for any online business.

For your business to remain relevant, you need to be visible online on both desktop and mobile devices. By placing an emphasis on obtaining mobile traffic, your ads will be placed in close proximity to where customers are most often shopping and searching.

Traffic Source #8.)  Dedicated Email Drops

3 Reasons To Use Dedicated Email Drops To Build An Email List Fast

  • 1

    Gain Access To A Large Targeted Audience

    The best email drop have a large, highly responsive email lists.

  • Most dedicated email drops, sort out and list their email drops into specific interest groups. This enable you to target people who are likely be interested in your offer.

  • 2

    Dedicated Email Drops Are extremely affordable

    Average prices range from $.20 to $.75 cents per click for a single drop.

  • If you’re a recent startup, or if you’re entering a new niche with a new product range, leveraging off of a responsive list means that you’ll be able to put your content in front of thousands of consumers interested in your product/service at a lower cost.

  • 3

    Instant Credibility And Traffic To Your Website

    You may not have the authority in your niche that you need to attract your market.

  • Dedicated email drop are send out after approval and full backing of the list owner. Assuming you choose a trusted advertising partner, you can overcome the hesitation that some consumers might have if they found your brand through other channels.

List building is an essential part of any marketing strategy.

If you're able to connect with an audience via email, this can allow you to showcase your brand and offerings, and gain those all-important leads for your sales funnel.

So what happens when you want to reach a larger audience, but you only have a relatively small list? One option is to make use of dedicated email drops.

Dedicated email drops makes it possible for a marketer to pay for access to a large email list, and engage with a new audience that you might not have otherwise reached.

To track your ROI, make sure to use your analytics tools so that you can identify how much impact the email distribution has had on your landing page traffic, and how much of that traffic resulted in sales and revenue.

Like any marketing effort, dedicated email advertising is not a blanket strategy that will cover all of your traffic needs, but it is a fast and effective paid traffic source.

On your end it requires little effort, and if you have strong content and a solid offering, you may find that this strategy becomes part of your regular advertising spend.

Traffic Source #9.)  Content Discovery Platforms

3 Reasons To Use Content Discovery Platforms To Promote Your Content

  • 1

    Gain Instant Credibility

    Content discovery platforms are known to promote only high quality content.

  • Your content will be displayed in relevant interest categories alongside high quality published content from leading brands and media outlets that already exists. This provides you with a trusted platform. That credibility may boost CTR.

  • 2

    It Is Effortless And More Receptive

    Audience is already invested and receptive to viewing content on these sites.

  • Links to your content are displayed along with relevant content. That means that when confronted with content that has relevant links to your site, audience to these sites is more likely to engage with you, compared to other paid advertising methods.

  • 3

    Content Discovery Platforms Are cost Effective

    Get your content seen to a wide audience and pay on a cost-per-click basis.

  • Advertisers typically have less advertising spend on these platforms than they do on others like Google AdWords. Because of less competition, content discovery platforms do work, are cost effective and they are the best for amplifying great content.

If you develop the best, most compelling content in your niche,

There’s no guarantee that anyone is going to see it. Think about that. That's sad.

So, you must market your content. The biggest obstacles you face when marketing your content, is making sure that your content is seen by an audience, it was created for.

You can use social networks and Search Engine Optimization techniques to promote and amplify your content. These strategies tend to be slow. You'll have to invest a lot of time and effort in order to get any results. And, that is no guarantee.

Soon or later, you'll want to promote your content using faster and consistent methods. Paid advertising through networks like AdWords and Bing, may work. There’s another paid method you can use to promote and share content – Content Discovery Platforms.

Content discovery platforms allow you to leverage content from leading publishers, to promote your own pages. Your links will appear on pages that feature related articles.

The main benefit of making use of content discovery platforms, is that, you will ensure that your content is seen, and that you capture the attention of a relevant audience.

Like other paid traffic source, it is important that you experiment with the leading content discovery platforms in order to guarantee that your ROI is worth it in the long run.

Traffic Source #10.)  Search Engine Optimization

3 Important Reasons For Utilizing Search Engine Optimization Tactics To Drive More Traffic

  • 1

    Reputation Management - SEO Builds Trust And Credibility

    Great content has the ability to build your reputation as an expert in your niche.

  • If your pages are ranked high in search engine results, your business start to receive backlinks from other authority websites and various social media platforms. This helps build trust with your target audience and increases your credibility in your market.

  • 2

    SEO Traffic Is Cost Effectiveness - High ROI

    SEO traffic is simple the best traffic source that results in a high return on investment!

  • It is very easy to spend a ton of money in advertising, marketing, getting the word out, and fail to turn a positive ROI. However, with SEO traffic, you have the unique ability to engage in a cost effective method of attracting your target audience.

  • 3

    Increased Visibility - Potential To Increase Website Traffic

    SEO traffic offers you the unique benefit of increased visibility in your market.

  • If you build it, they will come, used to be the saying; however, times have changed. Now, you must build it in such a way that it is optimized for search engines. If you take this step seriously, in the long run, you'll have an unlimited amount of SEO traffic.

SEO Traffic is one of the most cost effective methods that you can use to get traffic.

SEO traffic is the traffic source that is gained by utilizing search engine optimization methods that will optimize your website's visibility and make it show up near the top of page one results for specific search terms.

Boosting your placement in search, near the top, on page one of the search engine results can be a very cost effective way to double or even triple your site traffic.

SEO methods might include things like alt tags on your images, meta tags on your pages, proper keywords research for content creation. Content marketing is also a big part of SEO that will help to get the traffic that you need to your website.

By utilizing SEO techniques to create compelling content pages that are ranked for certain words and phrases, SEO traffic differs from other marketing methods.

SEO traffic is much more effective once your pages rank higher and search engines start to send what is commonly known as free organic traffic or search engine traffic.

It is important to note that you must also create high-quality content for internet users and not simply for the search engines. If you focus on legitimate tactics for ranking with certain keywords and keyword phrases, you'll end up reaping a lot of SEO traffic.