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If High Traffic Academy by Jason Mcclain and Vick Strizheus is a rip-off and yet another online scam.

Is it a good internet marketing training course?

The 3 C's Of High Traffic Academy

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If you’ve been an online marketer long enough, you must have heard the phrase “Traffic is the livelihood of any business”

You must have also heard about High Traffic Academy.

Well, here's a detailed High traffic academy review and the 7 most important things you need to know about HTA 2.0 today

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Quick Overview Of High Traffic Academy

Quick Overview of High Traffic Academy

Review: High Traffic Academy Review

Use: Internet Marketing Training Course

You will learn how to create landing pages, drive traffic and boost your conversion rate

You start with a free trial. To get access to other training modules, you'll have to upgrade to gain access to each module

This is a video training course. You can pause, replay and follow along at your own pace.

Prompt response. Normally, response is within an hour. The best response I've had was literally less than 5 minutes

  • High quality video training that load quickly
  • Detailed, thoughtful and up to date information about how to get quality leads and boost conversion rate
  • Well organized and simple layout that is easy and user friendly

  • Main focus on paid traffic methods. For beginners, buying traffic can be expensive
  • To gain access to individual modules, one has to upgrade. This can get costly

High Traffic Academy is a video based online training course for serious internet marketers brought to you by Vick Strizheus, Jason Mcclain and other faculty members.

It teaches you how to create landing pages, increase website traffic, capture leads and boost conversion. You also get access to members only essential marketing tools.

To help you better understand "how creating powerful landing pages and driving highly targeted traffic" can help you capture more leads and build your email list fast, I've put together this review about 7 important facts you need to know about High Traffic Academy today.

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If you have been looking for a way to generate targeted traffic to your site, then you have landed at the right place. High Traffic Academy is an impressive course that teaches advanced website traffic generation tactics. It is unique, amazing, simple and powerful training course that guarantees any serious online marketer success

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High Traffic Academy Review Overview

It's true, you need traffic in order to make sales.

In this review, let us see if this online training course is a good fit that will help you achieve your business goals.

Here are the 7 most important facts you need to know:

7 Important Facts You Need To Know About High Traffic Academy Today

  • 1

    Introduction: What is High Traffic Academy?

High Traffic Academy 2.0 is an online membership site that educates internet marketers and ordinary people about "how to drive more traffic to any website in the shortest time possible"

The owner is Vick Strizheus. Vick is brilliant and well-informed on matters regarding advanced traffic and lead generation tactics. It took Vick 9 good years to master online traffic tactics.

Through trial and error,

Vick has now become a master in driving buyers traffic in the shortest time possible.

With the experience gained,

Vick Strizheus has put together a collection of educative videos and step by step guide that will teach online marketers on how to drive paid traffic and grow their online businesses.

HTA members also participate in exclusive high traffic academy webinars where Vick showcases advanced traffic and lead generation strategies that are working now.

  • 2

    What Exactly is High Traffic Academy Course All About?

While there are many ways to generate traffic, if you've been an online marketer for sometime now, then you know how difficult and expensive it is to get high targeted traffic.

This is where Vick’s "high traffic academy masters course" becomes handy.

High Traffic Academy does not enlighten you on how to generate free traffic to your site.

Neither does HTA 2.0 teach you how to rank your site using search engine optimization;

Rather, high traffic academy 2.0 shows you how and where to buy traffic at a lower price.

HTA 2.0 teaches you that you don’t have to rely solely on Google for traffic. You don't have to wait for too long to get traffic to your blog or sales offer. As a matter of fact, the reason behind High Traffic Academy is to help you get highly targeted traffic to your site fast and cheap.

The program was specifically developed to help online marketers to drive traffic to their websites. When you join high traffic academy you'll be presented with 12 modules that teaches 12 different techniques that can be used to drive paid traffic to a website.

Those who upgrade to high traffic academy elite membership will have access to more advanced list building strategies and tactics for building a responsive list of subscribers fast.

  • 3

    Why Being a Member of High Traffic Academy Makes Sense

Does high traffic academy work?

And if it does work, is this course something beneficial for you and your business?

This course is designed to help people who have a problem when it comes to driving traffic to their website, blog, landing page or any offer for that matter.

This traffic course address different strategies that online marketers, small business owners and  affiliates can use to drive targeted traffic to sales pages and landing pages.

The course solves the problem of list building and adding subscribers to your newsletter.

The course also addresses the problem of conversion and how to boost conversion rates.

The course unveils new advertising sources that will help you drive traffic to your website.

If you want to drive more traffic, get more leads and boost conversion rates, then there is a high chance that joining High Traffic Academy 2.0 will make a lot of sense to you.

  • 4

    Who is High Traffic Academy Membership For?

HTA 2.0 course is suitable for small business owners, online marketers and new affiliates.

The training covers all marketing areas required to be set up in order to create successful online campaigns and make money regardless of the nature of niche you’re involved in.

In case you’ve been struggling to make money online...

Then this is the right training course for you.

The course is for small business owners. As a small business owner you'll learn the most up-to-date and effective techniques to drive traffic, build a list and maximize conversion rates.

Experienced affiliates and online marketers will find High Traffic Academy to be an eye opener. You'll acquire new and advanced skills for running profitable campaigns.

Don't take my word, just Google "high traffic academy success stories" or "high traffic academy reviews" and see what others have to say about high traffic academy results.

  • 5

    High Traffic Academy Training and Tools

At the time of publishing this high traffic academy review...

There are 12 modules that all basic membership get as soon as they join High traffic Academy. You’ll also get instant access to your high traffic academy bonus as promised.

This bonus includes tools and useful resources you’ll need to set up profitable campaigns.

Remember, there are 12 modules inside high traffic academy.

Inside each module, there is a series of step by step in-depth video tutorials.

Here is just a quick peek at one of the modules called "Penny Traffic"

In this module Vick will teach you step by step video tutorials. You'll learn how you can take advantage of your competitors’ traffic and have a positive return on investment.

The Penny Traffic strategy is a legitimate way of spying and then stealing your competitors’ traffic and turning it into dollars. Penny Traffic is cheap. You can use Penny traffic technique for traffic arbitrage and have positive ROI. All these you'll learn inside Penny Traffic module.

And that is just 1 module. One effective technique for driving cheap traffic.

By the time you're done, you'll master 12 modules. Those are 12 advanced traffic getting techniques you'll have at your disposal. Your competition will never have a chance.

  • 6

    Pro and Cons of High Traffic Academy Membership Course

Like any other course, listed below are the pro and cons of  joining HTA 2.0


  • Easy to follow step by step video training tutorials
  • Advanced training about paid traffic techniques that work now
  • Get personal support from Vick himself or his support team
  • Free access to high traffic academy webinars for more coaching
  • Instant access to tools and resources for creating effective campaigns
  • Training is beneficial for beginners, intermediate and advanced marketers


  • Training is only about paid traffic source methods. There are no free traffic methods
  • You need money to start. Without money, you won’t be able to run paid targeted traffic

Complains about High traffic academy

Mostly people complain about HTA 2.0 course for not teaching free traffic getting methods

  • 7

    How to Join High Traffic Academy at a Discount

Is High Traffic Academy worth it?

High Traffic Academy course will teach you advanced strategies, which you can immediately use to send highly targeted traffic to your site in the shortest time possible.

The training and value that you gain here is simply the best. Most people who have used High Traffic Academy can attest to the fact that they got tremendous value from it. It works, and it doesn’t matter whether you have experience or not.

Now that you’ve read this High traffic academy review, you're probably wondering, so how much does high traffic academy cost? The price of the course is normally $1,997.

But, you’re not going to pay that close.

Today, right now, you can buy HTA 2.0 at a discounted price,

Because I’m an active member of high traffic academy affiliate program, when you buy high traffic academy through my affiliate link you'll join high traffic academy at a discount.

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Test drive High Traffic Academy for the next 14 days. If for any reason this course does not serve you to your expectations.

No payment required. Just walk away!

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I'm a founding member of High Traffic Academy. I've been quietly implementing all the 12 modules inside HTA 2.0 course. I know this High traffic academy review is biased. But honestly without this course, I'be still  be struggling to drive traffic to my blogs. Because of this course, I never have to worry about traffic!

3 Different Ways High Traffic Academy Will Help You Boost Conversion Rate

  • 1

    High Traffic Academy Will Help You Set Up A Sales Funnel

    A sales funnel allows you to boost conversation rate by building brand awareness, creating leads, attracting prospects and turning prospects into buying customers.

  • In order to understand this commonly-used term, let's engage in a bit of visualization; imagine the appearance of the traditional tornado funnel. Typically, this has a wide area at the top, near the clouds, and gets smaller as it reaches down to the ground.

  • The wide area of a sales funnel is where you actually draw in your potential customers. As the potential customers become stronger leads, they move towards the smaller region of the sales funnel until, eventually, they make a purchase.

  • 2

    High Traffic Academy Teaches You How To Engage In A/B Testing

    Complete a comparison of at least two unique versions of your website and/or apps.

  • You simply create the variations in which you elect to test and then collect various types of data to determine which variant is performing in the best manner possible.

  • Use the information that you acquire from the A/B testing to determine the design that is necessary to boost your conversation rates for your business.

  • 3

    High Traffic Academy Shows You How To Increase Engagement And Trust

    Aim to always build trust and engagement among your prospective customers.

  • You may incorporate testimonials to your website, link to customer reviews about your products and/or services, provide coupon codes, share relevant information or place trust badges on your website, especially in the checkout area.