Mom’s Nose Blowing Scares This Baby, You Won’t Stop Laughing Watching This

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Baby scared of mom blowing nose

Five and a half month old Emerson is having a great deal of fun.

Emerson is playing in his bouncy seat while his mother is off camera. As she must sneeze and subsequently blow her nose, Emerson is terrified of the unrecognizable sound coming from her body.

As the sneezing ceased, his jubilant laughter commenced.

Each time his mother would blow her nose, young Emerson nearly cries and shows obvious signs of fear and confusion. It is funny nose blowing video.

As his mother blew her nose, his eyes would widen and confusion would overcome his face. As she would begin to speak to him and, presumably uncover her face fully, he would become expressly jubilant.

It is fairly obvious that this is the very first time that he has ever encountered the sound of nose blow.

Hopefully his mother will not need to relieve her sinus cavity again anytime soon or poor little Emerson can get accustomed to it. Read full article all about funny videos of babies dancing

You Can’t Stop Laughing Seeing How The Baby Is Scared By Mom’s Nose Blowing

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