How To Effortlessly Create Content Marketing Strategy That Works

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You need this secret on how to create content marketing strategy for your blog that works.

It has proven to work so effectively.

Trust me; you can’t go wrong using it.

It’s the content marketing strategy you can start using today to build your online business.

It knocks out your competition.

I have used it and all I can say, it works.

I’m going to reveal the secret to you. . . the surprising secret behind this strategy.

The reason why you’re not sending traffic to your blog fast is because you’re using tactics that have already been exhausted.

They’ve been overused by online marketers.

It is impossible to get the desired results using them.

Surely, you can’t drive traffic to your blog and boost your conversions using tactics that no longer work in an effective way.

Let me ask you this one question: What is the biggest blogging challenge are you experiencing right now?

There are some challenges that can really make you to feel intimidated.

However, you shouldn’t feel intimidated.

Ask any blogger including the top ten bloggers in the world and they’ll tell you that creating a lucrative blog is not all that easy.

Blogging something useful that everyone else isn’t blogging about doesn’t just happen easily.

It takes physical and mental effort to research information.

There are many people blogging the same topic you’re blogging. It is your competition.

Does your competition get you worried?

Instead of getting worried about your competition, you should be excited about it.

Analyze your competition to discover a weakness that you can take advantage of.

Do you know the content marketing strategy you can use to knock out your competition?

Knowing the content marketing strategy that is working so effectively is one of the challenges that many bloggers are facing.

Writing great content for your blog that presells is not enough to drive adequate targeted traffic to your blog that converts into leads and sales.

Here is the truth. . .

By just publishing useful content on your blog, online readers may not come to know if it actually exists.

Nothing will happen as far as online readers reading your content is concerned.

There will be no tweets, no Facebook likes and no comments!

So, don’t make a mistake of just publishing useful content to your blog and then waiting for online readers to find it.

You need to get your blog content out there.

I mean take the content of your blog to people it’s targeting.

I Don’t Want You To Start Blogging Today And Later On:

1.) Learn your lesson the hard way.

2.) Start wishing, “I wish I knew about this before I started blogging.”

Since content marketing is the creation of free valuable content, publishing it and sharing it so that you acquire customers and retain the existing customers, then you can’t ignore forms of online marketing.

They’re going to make it possible for people to find your content online that you have published on your blog, and some of them are even going to share it on the social media sites.

Although there are so many forms of online marketing that you can use, not all of them are appropriate to get the content of your blog to the right people who need it most.

You can use them but don’t expect to see any significant positive results.

The reality is. . .

Don’t Be Left Behind. . . Change And Adapt To Change Fast

content marketing

You need to create great content that presells, that is true, but what you need most is content marketing strategy that you’re going to use to reach the right people you’re targeting to read your content.

There are many changes that occur now and again when it comes to online marketing especially search engine marketing.

Search engines like Google keep on changing its algorithms.

Talking of Google’s algorithms, we had Panda, a series of Penguin updates, Hummingbird and who knows what awaits us next?

When such changes occur, they bring both positive and negative outcomes.

Some blogs are negatively affected in terms of a decline in organic traffic that results to a drop in revenue while on the other hand there are those blogs that get ranked high resulting to more organic traffic thus an increase in revenue.

If no one has ever told you this before, then hear it from me today. . .

The speed at which you adapt to use online content marketing trends that occur now and gain will make you to achieve the desired positive results for your blog.

Being too late to use online content marketing trends that are working effectively will make you to use what has already stopped working to produce the desired positive results.

It has already stopped being effective and before you come to learn about it, there is another online marketing trend that is dominating content marketing.

This is what separates blogs that are seeing positive results from those that don’t.

For instance, in the year 2005 when some bloggers like Jeremy Schoemaker were making a lot of money from Google’s AdSense (that is before Google introduced Panda and Penguin algorithms), not so many bloggers had signed-up for Google’s AdSense account program.

Some of the bloggers didn’t even know about it. When they came to learn about it, Google had already introduced the first algorithm known as Panda.

As a consequence of Google introducing Panda algorithm, Google made it difficult for most bloggers to make money online from Adsense.

Another example is the use of infographics. There was a time infographics were the hottest online content marketing trend.

Bloggers who first realized how to use infographics (as part of their content marketing strategy) benefited from them by gaining more traffic and also backlinks to their blogs.

3 Ways You Can’t Ignore To Promote Content

20 Ways To Promote Content

1.) Social Media Marketing

It is reported that:

I.) 76% of businesses are using social networking sites.

II.) Businesses that are using social media marketing have seen increases in their revenue.

III.) Blog posts shared on social networking sites get more backlinks.

From this information, you can’t ignore social media marketing.

Social media marketing is the most effective way of encouraging online readers to share your content across the social networking sites.

It is e-word of mouth that gets your content to the people it’s targeting.

2.) Search Engine Marketing

You can’t ignore search engine marketing. Use it as a way of helping online readers to find your content quickly. Search engine marketing includes:

I.) Pay per click.

II.) Cost per impression.

III.) Search analytics.

IV.) Web analytics.

Search engine marketing increases visibility of your content in search engine results pages.

3.) Opt-in Email Advertising

Opt-in email advertising is the most effective online marketing tactic.

Through opt-in email advertising, your content gets delivered to the right people you’re targeting.

You have their consent to send them your content since they’re interested in the topic you’re blogging.

Encourage your readers to subscribe your blog. This way, you’ll be informing them to check out the content you have published on your blog by sending them an email.

Conclusion On How To Create Content Marketing Strategy

You can’t ignore online content marketing strategy knowing that the content you’re publishing to your blog is of value to people it’s targeting.

Create content that is relevant, engaging and the one that actually gets read.

Content will make online readers to trust you enough to do business with you.

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