17 Best Motivational Speeches That Will Change How You Look At Life

One thing for sure, these 17 best motivational speeches are going to motivate and inspire you today. I wish I had watched one of the videos before August 1997.

I remember it vividly, like it was yesterday!

August 1997, I met a girl.

And right there and then, I knew she was the one. The one and only one I’ve been dreaming and waiting for all this time. If only I could get her to talk to me, and laugh, hug and hold hands…keep reading

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Life would be so much full of love!

So I tried, planned, devised and improvised. Finally, the moment came and I  was face to face with my love. I had to say something…I said nothing! Not a word. My mouth went dry, the lips got tight and I stammered and made a fool out of myself.

I just could not get myself to ask her out.

Then the unthinkable happened.

Natalia asked me out for a date! I could not believe it. And the rest, my friend is history, a story to be told and narrated at the right time – to my great grandchildren!

And that bring me to the topic of today post.

We’ve compiled and put together for you a collection of the best motivational speeches of all time that are going to inspire and motivate you today. I don’t know why you are here, but generally speaking you are probably here for 3 main reasons:

  1. You want to be inspired
  2. You want to hone your public speaking skills
  3. You are just surfing around the internet to pass time.

By the time you’ve finished watching these motivational speeches, they’re not only going to boost your morale, encourage and inspire you, but they’re also likely to direct your behavior toward achieving something positive.

1.) Women Have What It Takes to Seek Leadership Positions

Sheryl Sandberg Ted Talk, from Best Motivational Speeches.

Did you know that women account for 49.6% of the population, but just 9% of today’s top national leaders are female?

It’s a similar story when it comes to women in business, with only a small number of female CEOs in pretty much every industry.

If you’ve ever wondered why, you need to check out this TED Talk from Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg. She examines why women are less likely to reach the top of their industry than their male counterparts.

It offers powerful pieces of advice for women who are trying to break the glass ceiling. You’ll learn about the obstacles women need to overcome in the workplace and also some inspirational success stories from women who are at the top of their field.

It’s one of the motivational speeches that will not only inspire women but it will also inspire men to support women in their careers and also in seeking higher leadership roles in business and politics.

This 15-minute speech will provide you with a boost of confidence and a new determination if you’re a woman who is trying to climb the career ladder.

Sheryl Sandberg will definitely inspire you today.

2.) The Last Lecture, “A Love Story for Your Life”
Professor Randy Pausch Speech, A Love Story for Your Life.

Professor Randy Pausch Speech, A Love Story for Your Life.

How about listening to an inspirational lecture given by computer science professor who is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and has only three to six months of good health?

Professor Randy’s last lecture is a motivation speech that will make you love your life and also inspire you to achieve your childhood dream.

Most people are busy managing their everyday activities to make their dreams come true. If you want to make your childhood dreams come true, then this could be the most important video you’ll ever watch.

After all, making your childhood dream come true isn’t much more challenging than dealing with the everyday task. To tackle your dreams, you need to remember your dreams as a child.

Professor Randy Pausch educates and gives several reasons why regaining childish ability and experience is important. In fact, it is one of the secrets to unlocking the power of your subconscious mind.

Making a childhood dream come true requires an abundance mindset. The more you think that the world is abundant, the more you’ll recognize potentials for making dreams come true.

Indeed this is one of the best motivational speeches of all time that will inspire you to achieve your dream.

3.) The Best Motivational Speech that Touched Graduates
Motivational Speeches, Oprah Winfrey At Stanford University.

Motivational Speeches, Oprah Winfrey At Stanford University.

Talking of the best motivational speeches for students, Oprah Winfrey inspired the graduates of Stanford University with her amazing speech on June 15, 2008.

Her speech was so motivational. She touched the graduates by telling them her own experiences from the day she started her career in 1976.

She focused on how important it is to make decisions based on what you really want in life. She shared with them three very crucial lessons about life.

She actually emphasized that feelings are the GPS system in life, which can guide you, if you only can follow your own instinct. The trick, she said, is to learn to check it and to let your internal motivation guide you.

If you don’t feel it at the moment, it’s better to wait until it shows you the way. Above all, Oprah said that it is important to learn lessons from your failings and move on. Eventually you’ll find your happiness.

4.) Pursue Your Dreams and Turn Setbacks Into Opportunities
Best Motivational Speeches, Steve Jobs Speech At Stanford University.

Best Motivational Speeches, Steve Jobs Speech At Stanford University.

I have read and heard many motivational speeches, none more moving and memorable than Steve Jobs’ speech in 2005 at Stanford University. It will truly inspire you.

There are setbacks in life including death but death itself is an opportunity. It helps a person to make better choices by remembering that one day he or she will die.

Therefore, there is no reason that you should not start pursuing your dream today.

Another good reason why death is an opportunity is because it paves the way for the new by clearing out the old. “Death is very likely the single best invention of life.”

Steve Jobs, the CEO and co-founder of Apple Inc. at the time gave an inspiring speech to graduates.

He dropped out of college after six months and it took him another 18 months to figure out what he wanted with his life. He quit college because he could not see value in the education that his parents were struggling very hard for.

He says that it was draining all their life savings. However, he says that dropping out is the best decision he ever made since it allowed him to focus on the things he really liked.

He insists on the importance of acquiring knowledge even when you don’t know where you’ll apply it. He uses his personal life experiences to encourage the young graduates to pursue their dreams.

5.) It’s Worthwhile to Keep Telling the Truth
Pamela Meyer How to Spot A Liar.

Pamela Meyer How to Spot A Liar.

If right now you’re feeling demoralized just because you got criticized and isolated for telling the truth, Pamela Meyer gives an important TED Talk about the real value of the truth and how it is worthwhile to keep telling it.

Many people lie every day, from seemingly harmless white lies to sinister lies which are meant to deceive others into responding in a certain way.

Pamela Meyer explains that your identity is tied strongly to what you say and how you portray yourself to others. Lying can distort your sense of identity and cause you to be confused about the truth of who you are.

She beautifully backs her claims with science and this is exactly why this video is among the incredible motivational speeches that can change you today.

6.) The Speech that Made Democrats See the Future of Their Party
Barack Obama Speech, It Gave Millions of People Hope.

Barack Obama Speech, It Gave Millions of People Hope.

Barack Obama’s motivational speeches have given millions of people hope of a better future. However, very few people knew who Barack Obama was in 2004.

By then, he was just an ordinary person.

When the young senator from Illinois walked onto the stage in Boston to give the key-note talk at his party’s convention, he delivered a speech that turned the party on its ear.

Using warmth, personal stories and an understanding of the American need to grow closer as a nation, Barack Obama introduced himself to people as one of them; a person from ordinary beginnings who intended to make a difference.

Working with the theme of uniting the country across racial, political and class boundaries, he had the crowd on their feet within minutes. Nobody had given a talk like this before in any party in the country.

The speech is filled with hope and determination and it set the tone for what was to come. By the end of it, the Democratic Party had seen its future and understood that they were witnessing history in the making.

7.) Have You Been Publicly Shamed? Giving A Purpose to Your Past
Monica Lewinsky Ted Talk, Internet Shaming.

Monica Lewinsky Ted Talk, Internet Shaming.

If you’re looking for motivational speeches about public shaming and humiliation, then Monica Lewinsky TED Talk will inspire you. It will motivate you to overcome extreme emotional and psychological distress caused by negative gossip that is being spread over the internet about you.

In her honest and sometimes painful TED Talk, Monica Lewinsky discusses the repercussions of internet shaming and social media bullying on young people and what it was like to be the first internet scandal.

Used by the online gossip columns of the day as click-bait and by the mainstream media to sell newspapers, she still deals with the fall-out nearly twenty years later.

Drawing on her own experience, she covers the devastating personal cost of the culture of humiliation that has become a booming business worth millions.

From gossip websites to hacked photographs leaked onto the internet; when a single youthful mistake goes viral, the repercussions can be and often are fatal.

From death threats to suicide, Ms. Lewinsky offers an open and uncompromising look at what happens to people when public shaming goes global, and what can be done to change the currently ingrained social response.

8.) Just Do It Until the Job Gets Done
Art Williams Just Do It, from Motivational Speeches.

Art Williams Just Do It, from Motivational Speeches.

This is one of the greatest motivational speeches that will motivate you to do the work that you really feel like not doing right now or to start chasing your dream that you’ve kept on postponing.

Art Williams says that it’s what people do with their lives that make them great. What you do on a daily basis is what determines what you’re going to earn at the end of the day.

That is why two different individuals in the same situation in life and with the same characteristics end up becoming different. You have to do things differently if you want to be better than everyone else around you.

You have to save more and invest more.

He says that if you want to be a winner in business, you have to be a leader. In the end, he uses the phrase “just do it” to encourage people to do the things that will make them to achieve their dreams.

Instead of planning to do something in the future to become what you want to be, you should just start doing it now. That is what will make the difference.

9.) You’ll Be Happy In Life When You’re Being Yourself
Best Motivational Speeches, Cameron Russell Ted Talk.

Best Motivational Speeches, Cameron Russell Ted Talk.

If right now you’re thinking being beautiful will make you to be a happy person, then you should think again. Looks aren’t everything!

Cameron Russell, who has been modeling since her teen years, gives an honest insider’s look at how the shallow assumption that beauty is everything just doesn’t prove to be true.

She even admits that the pictures you see of her are not really her at all, they’re edited versions of her body that have an unhealthy effect on the standards of beauty in today’s women.

Who you’re matters more than what you look like if you’re searching for true happiness and peace in your life.

The fashion industry has its mind set on convincing us all that being beautiful will make your life easy and happy but Cameron Russell’s TED Talk is one of the best motivational speeches that has set the record straight by pointing us in the right direction away from the biased assumptions of this shallow industry.

10.) Powerful Inspiring Words About Life and Future
Jim Carrey Speech, from Motivational Speeches.

Jim Carrey Speech, from Motivational Speeches.

The famous actor Jim Carrey gave a unique and emotional commencement speech at the graduates of Maharishi University, in Iowa, at the management class of 2014, where the university granted degrees to 285 students from 54 countries around the world.

The famous comedian offered the students some really powerful and inspiring words about life and future and actually urged them to never settle for anything less than they want.

The high point of his speech was when he told students the story of his father and how he inspired him. Even though his father had the chance to become a comedian, he preferred the safe job of an accountant, which he finally lost.

It’s an important lesson which helped Jim to follow his own path in life.

During the ceremony, he also received an honorary degree of doctor of Fine Arts, for his significant lifetime achievements. This is what makes this video to be included in the motivational speeches that can change you.

11.) Boost Your Confidence Using Your Body Language
Amy Cuddy Ted Talk, Importance of Power Posing.

Amy Cuddy Ted Talk, Importance of Power Posing.

There are motivational speeches explaining ways on how people can become more powerful by just using their body language.

Have you ever been told to stand up taller, sit straight, uncross your arms or stop fidgeting?

It may be taught as a way of showing your good manners, but in reality these suggestions can go a long way towards your personal levels of confidence!

The social psychologist researcher Amy Cuddy at Harvard Business School gave a great presentation on the importance of “power posing” at TED in summer of 2012.

She explained how body language can make a person more powerful. By using some simple tweaks, as she said, you can affect how others see you.

More importantly, your body language affects the way you see yourself and the way you interact in your job as well as with other people.

According to Amy Cuddy, the way you stand and by just using some simple tweaks of your body language can lead you to success in life.

12.) Life Changing Speech
Inspirational Graduation Speech.

Inspirational Graduation Speech.

This is a speech presented by Valedictorian Carl Aquino, who is a graduate from West Hall High School batch 2010. He relates the life of the last four years of high school with a rubix cube as how anxious, nervous and scared we are.

Then we kept on solving the cube and finally the last year comes. He then compares the start of junior college with the love of your life and how you keep on searching the perfect one for your life until finally you find her.

You find the girl very much incredible, fun, smart and sexy and you decide to propose and prepare months on it. And then on the day of the proposal, she says that she will get back to you in like 4-5 months.

This is the case of the perfect college that you want, but you already know that she will say no. Hence, you already tried it on a bunch of other girls i.e. other colleges, in case she rejects you.

And, then you enter the junior college and he compares it with a bigger and more complex rubix cube and says that friends will always be remembered, no matter where they go.

If you haven’t watched the video, then it’s one of the most viewed motivational speeches you should watch today.

13.) Failure Isn’t A Bad Thing, It will Make You Do Better
J.K. Rowling Harvard Commencement Speech.

J.K. Rowling Harvard Commencement Speech.

Do you see failure as something that is really bad and as such it should never happen in your life? If this is how you perceive failure, then you really need to listen to Joanne K. Rowling’s pep talk.

You’ll learn that failure itself isn’t a bad thing as you had thought it to be. You’ll start embracing it.

In June 2008, Joanne K. Rowling delivered an encouraging speech at the Annual Meeting of the HAA (Harvard Alumni Association) held at Harvard University.

Her speech titled, The Fringe Benefits of Failure and the Importance of Imagination,” quickly became the most viewed on the official Harvard University’s website.

It’s also one of the most watched motivational speeches on YouTube website.

Drawing from personal stories of her own post-graduate years, the world famous author gets to address some of the most important life issues with much acuity and-emotional force.

She warns the new Harvard graduates on the inevitability of failure as well as the necessity of risk for living and quoted Plutarch, saying that, “What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality.”

Rowling’s address is finally available in book form. In the book titled “Very Good Lives,” Rowling asks the most profound and rather provocative-questions: How can one embrace failure? And also how can one use their imagination so as to better both themselves and others?

14.) The Faith that Keeps Us Working Until Success Shows Up

Tony Robbins Ted Talk, Why Do We Do What We Do.

Tony Robbins Ted Talk, Why Do We Do What We Do.

There are many motivational speeches by Tony Robbins but this particular one will make you to appreciate what drives you towards achieving your goals.

Why do we do what we do? What motivates us to do our daily activities? What is it that drives us? These are some of the questions that help us to define ourselves. And by asking these questions, we are able to explore ourselves, appreciate others and contribute more to the society.

In life there are two master lessons that you need to understand.

The first one is the science of success. That is how one is able to convert his/her dreams into a reality, change the invisible into visible and so forth.

The second master lesson is about the art of fulfillment. This is about appreciation and contribution. It’s about what you do for others. It gives us a sense of deeper satisfaction and makes us want to do even more.

We do what we do because we want to achieve success. But what happens when we fail? We give a lot of excuses, right?

We didn’t have enough resources, we didn’t have the suitable technology, we didn’t have a good manager and the list goes on.

The reason why we fail is simple; we were not resourceful. We did not exhaust our resourcefulness.

We are our own path to success. With enough psychological strength, we can achieve our targets.

Human needs (both of personality and spirit), wants and targets make us do what we do. They drive us towards achieving our goals. They’re the reasons why we work so hard.

Problems too play a part in shaping us. They make us wake up and look for solutions. But in doing what we do, we must ensure that we are certain of success. It’s the faith that will keep us working until success shows up.

15.) The Little Things You Do Daily Will Attain You Success
Motivational Speeches, Al Pacino Inches Speech.

Motivational Speeches, Al Pacino Inches Speech.

Some people won’t go an extra mile and this is what really differentiates winners from losers. If you really want to be the winner, then you should put a little more effort.

The little things you do every day will move you closer to achieving your dream. Al Pacino delivers an inspirational speech about putting a little more effort.

Al Pacino “Inches” Speech, Any Given Sunday is one of the best motivational speeches I have watched and I’m sure it will also inspire you today. Pacino aims to motivate all the players in his football team to do whatever it takes to ensure that they win.

He insists on the importance of working as a team to win. He is trying hard to convince the players how important it’s for them to put a little more effort. A little more effort makes the difference between winning and losing.

This motivational speech applies to all areas of life. If you want to succeed in anything you do, you have no choice but to do your best. It’s the little things that you do on a daily basis despite experiencing some setbacks that make the difference between being successful and being a failure.

16.) Encouraging Creativity to Get the Best Out of People
Sir Ken Robinson Ted, Encouraging Creativity.

Sir Ken Robinson Ted, Encouraging Creativity.

You should really watch this 20-minute pep talk video, it will change the way you see the current school system.

It’s the TED Talk that’s gone viral. With more than 8 million views, it’s definitely one of the most watched motivational speeches on YouTube website.

Sir Ken Robinson – author and international advisor on education in the arts, argues that society should favor an education system that nurtures creativity rather than ignoring it.

He champions a complete overhaul of the current system and explains why we should move towards one that acknowledges different types of intelligence and creativity.

Robinson poses this question to his audience: Why doesn’t the current education system get the best out of people?

He argues that it’s because we’re encouraged to become good workers rather than using our creativity. He observes that students who use their curiosity or energy are ostracized. Watch this video to see what all the fuss is about!

17.) Nick Vujicic Youtube Video About Overcoming Hopelessness
Nick Vujicic Youtube About Overcoming Hopelessness

Nick Vujicic Speech About Overcoming Hopelessness.

Just watch and listen to every word uttered by Vij Nick Vujicic in the video.

I don’t know about you, but right now there are many people who are struggling with depression because of addiction, unemployment, failed marriage, failed business and the list goes on.

They have become so hopeless to an extend that suicide is an alternative option.

Listen, Nick Vujicic Youtube video about overcoming hopelessness is a good video to watch. You have a purpose in life to pursue no matter what you’re going through right now.

If Nick Vujicic can do it…

Believe me, you can turn around your life and make your big dream come true.

Let’s face it, motivational speeches make people to feel better about themselves because in life, one needs to be motivate in order to keep doing what you do.


Sometimes we find ourselves in situations where we are forced to postpone our dreams and goals. I understand. You’re not alone. I also experience the same thing.

Life is challenging.

That’s why I believe that listening to good motivational speeches will get you excited about chasing your dream again. They will get you out of your  comfort zone.

If they can do it, why not you?

One of the greatest motivational speakers, Hilary Hinton “Zig” Ziglar once said;

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.”


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