Very Funny, Baby Says No To Everything!

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Charlotte: No no no to everything

Charlotte is absolutely funny. It seems that “No” is the only word she knows.

Charlotte says no to everything in all the questions she is being asked without hesitation.

From the look of things, you might think that she actually understands the questions. I realized that she did not understand anything that she was being asked when she said that she didn’t love her parents.

When she was asked whether she loves her mother, she answered no. When she was asked whether she loves her dad, she said no two times. Poor dad! Regardless, she is so adorable.

It appears that she would say no to everything, even to the things that all children love.

She obviously does not know what she is saying no to. Read full article about funny babies video on YouTube

Baby says no to everything…

She says no when she is asked, “Do you want a million dollars?” Personally, I think that she actually meant “Yes”, when she was saying “No.” She definitely has to like something.

Very Funny, Baby Says No to Everything

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Baby Says No to Everything – Why Toddlers Always Say “No”

Three-year-old Max Colby doesn’t like to wear underwear or short-sleeved shirts. His mom, Andrea, would love to know why — but Max can’t quite explain his objections. “All he does is rip his clothes off and yell ‘no, no, no,'” she says. “I have no idea how to handle it.”

You know your toddler loves to imitate you and play grown-up, so use that to your advantage the next time he won’t cooperate, says Dr. Laible. If he won’t put on his socks, for example, say, “My feet are cold, so I’m going to put on a warmer pair. Your feet must be cold too — why don’t we put on our socks together?” Why Toddlers Always Say no

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