So Adorably Watching Cute 8 Month Old Baby Laughing At Ripping Paper

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Baby laughing at ripping paper

It’s hard NOT to laugh a long with this gorgeous baby, who finds ripping paper so hilarious.

I love this video because it showcases the innocence of babies.

Is it not funny how even the smallest of things can give them such immense pleasure?  This YouTube video of  the baby laughing at ripping paper starts with the baby sitting on the couch when the man who is probably his dad hands him some paper and slowly rips it.

The giggles start immediately and grow into hilarious laughs as the rips get louder.

At one point the little boy almost falls over from laughing so hard! It seems that this is a regular game for father and son, which is really heartwarming to see. It shows that babies definitely don’t need expensive toys to have a good time!

The video goes on for almost two minutes and the squeals of delight don’t curb at all during this time.

Baby laughing at ripping paper is such a lovely video to watch and I challenge you not to smile while viewing it. Read full article all about funny videos of babies

Can Ripping Paper Cause An 8 Month Old Baby To Laugh So Hysterically

Funny Baby Videos, Funniest Baby Video

Funny Baby Videos, Funny Baby Laughing

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