This Is The Most Hilarious Baby Eating Watermelon In The Entire World

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Baby eating watermelon

Babies can be mischievous and yet hilarious.

How this little watermelon baby made his way into a melon that seems bigger than him is beyond my understanding.

Seated snugly inside a melon placed on a sofa and swiftly biting away, the baby seems to be in a world of his own – lost in the moment.

Can babies eat watermelon?

The little baby eating watermelon keeps bobbing his head back and forth as though acknowledging just how tasty the melon is. This baby eating watermelon video is short, sweet, and on point. I must admit it left me in stitches.

When your baby learns to make his or her way around the house…

You can expect this kind of mischief to happen. Let your kids explore and learn to express themselves. Read full article all about babies funny videos

Through such seemingly mischievous activities, babies exercise their independence as they take up baby-sized challenges, though this one was quite a stretch.

In the process, you’ll learn that such exploration is part of the learning process, even as you derive some amusement from their activities. After all, babies will be babies- let them be.

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Taking advantage of the open fridge, he stands inside the cold enclosure, lips locked onto a watermelon that’s about the same size as him.

The voracious toddler doesn’t even seem to care that his mother’s recording him — nothing will stop Aryo from devouring the pink produce, not even a lack of teeth. 10-month-old baby climbs into fridge to eat watermelon – NY Daily News

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