50 Most Popular WordPress Plugins That’ll Make Your Blog User-friendly

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You’re looking at the most popular blogs.

You find these blogs being so cool in their look and feel. They are user-friendly.

And you are left wondering. . .

How do these bloggers manage to customize the look and feel of their blogs?

You try all you can do to figure out how you can also extend and expand the functionality of your self-hosted blog but you finally give up.

You just can’t figure out how to do it.

But how can you extend the functionality of your blog so as you make it to be user-friendly?

You didn’t realize it, what you need is to install WordPress plugins.

WordPress plugins that add new functionality to your blog. The functionality that make it to be user-friendly like integrating social media sites.

You know what? There are more than 43,000 WordPress plugins.

Do you know what this means?

It can be frustrating for you to sort these WordPress plugins to find the right ones to install on your blog.

I don’t want you to get frustrated.

You see, there are plugins you shouldn’t install.

You install them, then you’ll later on regret for having installed them.

You’ll regret because such plugins are poorly done in that they cause your blog’s growth to stagnant.

They are a threat to your blog and you should avoid them.

Which WordPress plugins should I install on my blog, you asked?

We have already sorted for you 50 most popular WordPress plugins that will make your blog to be user-friendly.

50 Cool WordPress Plugins To Make Your Blog More User-friendly

User-Friendly WordPress Plugins

From WordPress plugins that simplify search engine optimization (SEO), to powerful security plugins, these are 50 of the best plugins you should install on your blog today.

1.) Akismet

This is a great little utility for filtering spam from your comments section, great for hands off moderation of your blog post comments.

2.) WordPress SEO By Yoast

WordPress SEO by Yoast is one of the simplest ways to optimize your blog for search engine ranking. Check keyword optimization, metadata, and more.

3.) Contact Form 7

This is one of the most popular cool WordPress plugins that automatically generate contact forms to embed anywhere on your blog.

4.) Jetpack By WordPress

If you’re a WordPress.com user, you can use Jetpack to customize your page, improve performance, add security, and create custom themes for mobile devices.

5.) NextGEN Gallery

This is a simple but powerful gallery creator for your blog. If you need to implement a lot of images on your pages, this is the best plugin for you.

6.) WooCommerce

If you’re running a business then ecommerce could be a great way to drive revenue. This plugin helps you turn your WordPress blog pages in to virtual storefronts to sell any of your products or services.

7.) WordPress Importer

If you have made a backup, are transferring a blog to a new host, or even if you like to build your blog pages offline, this plugin is one of the most popular cool WordPress plugins that will help you upload your WordPress export files with ease.

8.) iThemes Security

Security is important online. This plugin will allow you to implement advanced security features like forced password expiration, 2-step authentication and even malware scanning to protect your WordPress blog.

9.) All in One SEO Pack

This is another popular cool SEO plugin and like Yoast, it makes it easy to optimize your blog and its pages for Google and Bing search engine ranking. The best part? You don’t even need to be a SEO expert.

10.) Google Analytics By Yoast

If you’re using google Analytics, why not implement it right in to your WordPress interface. This plugin will let you track all of your analytics data from inside WordPress.

11.) WP-Optimize

This plugin is important to keep your blog lean and efficient. This cool plugin can clean out your database without you having to manually oversee the process.

12.) WPtouch Mobile Plugin

Responsive web design is important to provide all of your visitors with a similar experience. This is one of the most popular cool WordPress plugins that helps you to create mobile-friendly pages based on the designs that you’re already using.

13.) NextGen Facebook

More than just Facebook, this plugin will help you to customize the way your content appears on LinkedIn, Google+, and all the leading social media sites.

14.) Google XML Sitemaps

Sitemaps are important for search engine indexing. A sitemap tells the search engine crawlers to review the structure of your blog and analyze the content. The plugin will build an XML sitemap automatically and store it on your website.

15.) Wordfence Security

This is one of the popular cool WordPress plugins that offers enterprise class security features. At the same time, it promises to improve the performance of your blog. With a 5 star rating from over 2000 user reviews, it’s a plugin you should at least try out.

16.) Google Analytics Dashboard for WP

Another analytics report reader, with this plugin you can populate your tracking codes on to relevant pages, and view statistics right from your WordPress dashboard.

17.) bbPress

If you want to build an active community around your site, you may need more than a simple comment section. bbPress allows you to build a powerful forum from where members can interact and post topics relating to your niche.

18.) MailChimp for WordPress

Are you trying to build a responsive mailing list? MailChimp will help you with customized sign up forms and checkboxes to add to your WordPress blog.

19.) Ninja Forms

Creating forms is useful for gaining subscribers, taking surveys or even receiving orders. Whatever you need forms for, this is one of the most cool WordPress plugins that will help you to create them through a simple visual interface.

20.) Contact Form

This is a barebones contact form generator for your pages. If you need a fast and effective way to generate forms, you won’t be disappointed with this plugin.

21.) WordPress Social Sharing Optimization

Much like NextGen Facebook, this plugin offers another solution to customize your social media content, especially concerning how the content of your blog will appear on external social media networks.

22.) ManageWP Worker

If you have built a particularly large blog, or if you’re managing multiple sites, it can become easy to get lost within your dashboard.

This tool is designed with productivity in mind, helping you to run reports, improve SEO, make backups, and it will even help you update your other WordPress plugins.

23.) Advanced Custom Fields

If you’re a veteran developer, you could make use of an app that helps you to create custom fields for your edit pages. That is exactly what this plugin will do, (not an ideal plugin for beginners).

24.) UpdraftPlus Backup and Restoration

WordPress has a built-in backup and restoration tool, but if you install this plugin you can perform scheduled backups that will automatically send to email, transfer to an ftp server, or even upload your backups to the world’s leading cloud solutions.

For data security this is one of the most popular cool WordPress Plugins available.

25.) TinyMCE Advanced

WordPress uses a WYSIWYG editor. This is an editing box that shows you exactly how your content will appear when you publish it.

If you’re not a coder, you may find that you can’t do everything you want to from the standard editing tools. This tool allows you to use the TinyMCE interface with advanced features, allowing even more customization.

26.) WP Super Cache

This WordPress plugin allows casual visitors on your blog to load pages faster, by producing static versions of your dynamic pages.

This means users that simply “view” rather than “interact” will be served a static version of your page. This saves data, improves load times and if you’re on a consumption based hosting plan it will save you money.

27.) Meta Slider

Haven’t found a gallery plugin that does what you need? Meta Slider is worth checking out. It creates slideshows that are search engine optimized and mobile device-friendly.

28.) W3 Total Cache

Another popular cool plugin is the caching plugin that will improve load times and reduce data consumption across your pages.

This plugin has the added prestige of being trusted by companies like AT&T, and some of the leading online magazine style blogs.

29.) Share Buttons By AddToAny

Easily create buttons on your pages so that users can instantly share to Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, and all of the leading social media and content platforms.

30.) Page Links To

This is an interesting plugin that can send a WordPress page to an external source. You can use it to customize any of your on page links. Perfect for navigation, affiliate marketing and referring to off page resources.

31.) Black Studio TinyMCE Widget

This is the perfect plugin for adding media to your widgets and sidebars in WordPress. With a simple visual editor you can add images, videos, links and rich text to any part of your page design.

32.) Really Simple CAPTCHA

CAPTCHA is a simple verification tool that you can add to your forms and pages to verify that you’re dealing with real people instead of bots or spammers. This plugin allows you to implement CAPTCHA’s with your other plugin tools.

33.) Page Builder By SiteOrigin

WordPress has powerful page building tools as part of the standard interface, but that doesn’t stop plugin designers from improving on the formula.

This plugin will be helpful for people wanting to create responsive page layouts through a simple drag and drop visual interface.

34.) Shareaholic

Create social share buttons, collect data from them and maximize the interactions that you get from your page viewers with this simple widget.

35.) MailPoet Newsletters

If you have built a mailing list and want to keep them up to date about your blog, then this is one of the most popular cool WordPress plugins you should use to streamline the process.

It can automatically send newsletters to notify of new posts and pages, and can even add a subscriber form to your blog to help grow your existing list.

36.) YITH WooCommerce Wishlist

A wish list allows viewers of your ecommerce page to mark products that they’re interested in, even if they’re not quite ready to buy. This plugin works with the WooCommerce solution, so you’ll need to have that installed first.

37.) WP Retina 2x

High resolution displays can make otherwise beautiful pages appear lackluster. This plugin helps you to optimize your content and media to be Retina (Apple devices) and HD display friendly.

38.) Contact Form DB

This is yet another popular contact form plugin that helps you to collect and export the data received from all of your forms.

It will save the data directly to your database, and builds a handy administration page from where you can view and search the data. It works with plugins like Contact Form 7 and Jetpack Contact Form.

39.) NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster

So far you have seen plugins that help you to optimize the look of your blog when you share content on social media, but this WordPress plugin will actually post updates automatically to your pages.

You can set it to be fully automated and it will post your blog updates to all of the major networks.

40.) Regenerate Thumbnails

It can be difficult to manage thumbnail sizes, especially when you’re adjusting the layout in your visual editor. With Regenerate Thumbnails you can create new thumbnails for your image attachments, with the exact dimensions that you’re looking for.

41.) WP-SpamShield Anti-Spam

This is a security plugin that will reduce, and in many cases eliminate all spam coming through your comment pages, forms, and other areas of your blog.

42.) BuddyPress

Do you need a community feature on your site that keeps users coming back? BuddyPress allows you to build your own social network with profiles, messaging, Facebook wall style streams, groups and other popular features.

43.) Quick Cache

One of the most popular cool WordPress plugins that helps you to improve speed and reduce traffic usage by caching your dynamic pages is Quick Cache.

It is a powerful utility with a simple interface, making it perfect for less experienced site owners.

44.) WP Statistics

Compiles statistics from every possible report on your WordPress blog, and presents them all in one place. A great plugin that means you won’t have to dig around for information.

45.) Duplicator

This simple backup tool requires little technical knowledge and makes it possible for you to completely clone your WordPress blog to be stored or transferred to another webhost.

46.) Custom Facebook Feed

If you want to add a Facebook feed to your page then this is the easiest way to do it. You can run a custom feed from your own profile or group, or any other public page on Facebook. Great for blogs and news sites.

47.) Captcha

Simply titled Captcha will add an added level of security to your forms or pages. You can choose from letters, numbers, a combination, or even mathematical equations to use in your CAPTCHA verification form.

48.) Breadcrumb NavXT

This is a useful plugin for blogs and sites that incorporate more than the average number of pages. Much like the wiki breadcrumb system, Breadcrumb NavXT shows navigation links that track the path of how users arrived on any particular page.

49.) Add Meta Tags

Meta tags are useful for SEO, because they tell search engines what any particular page is about. If you’re not using an all in one search engine optimization (SEO) solution then this is the cool plugin for adding custom Meta data to any page.

50.) Revive Old Post

Sometimes it can be valuable to re-advertise older content, and this plugin allows you to do exactly that. This can be automated to share old posts on social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, and twitter.

Where To Find These 50 Most Popular Cool WordPress Plugins

Well there you have them, 50 of the most popular cool WordPress plugins.

There are literally thousands more, so if you have a function in mind, there is probably a plugin out there for you.

Plugins can be found directly on your WordPress dashboard.

You can also view a complete list with screenshots, videos, and reviews on the Official website WordPress.org.

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