10 Tips For Writing A Real Estate Blog That Give You Expert Status

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With so many real estate businesses around competing for attention from potential clients, do you ever wonder if your real estate business stands a chance?

A chance to survive and become the most trusted business in delivering real estate services to clients!

Do even people trust you enough to do business with you as a real estate expert?

There is one thing you need to do to build trust in people.

People will trust you as an expert.

You’ll gain more clients and your real estate business will thrive.

Can you try guessing what that one thing is?

If you have never thought of it, then the one thing you need to do is to showcase your expertise to potential clients.

But how I’m going to do this?

By building online presence for your real estate business. . .

You simply start your real estate blog.

Do you see blogging as a hard thing for you to do because you’re not a better writer?

Don’t get worried about you not being a better writer.

For sure, you don’t have to be a better writer for you to start a blog.

10 Real Estate Blogging Tips

Real Estate Blogging Business

With these 10 tips for writing a real estate blog, you’ll create content that presells.

1.) Your Writing Style

Substance is a great thing, but your real estate blog also requires you to write in a unique style.

Put something unique and interesting in there and say it in a way that no one else has said it before you if you can.

You have your own unique writing style.

2.) Writing Positive Content

The The word has people with negative thoughts.

For instance, our own elected officials often campaign by bringing out negative aspects of their competitors.

Keep your real estate blog as positive as you can.

To an extent you can make negative comments, but when you downgrade another real estate company on your blog, the reality is that people see you more as a whiner than being an expert who can provide them with a solution.

3.) Your Passion For Real Estate

When you lack conviction and you’re not passionate about what you put down on your blog, it shows in every way. The fine details aren’t there for your readers and that’s what they came to see.

Let your words reveal the passion you have for running your real estate business.

Add some real conviction to what you say and if you’re not passionate about real estate blogging, then don’t blog.

Passion shows in every word that you write. If you don’t have any, then this isn’t for you since what you have to say isn’t going to convince anyone.

4.) Unique Original Content

Whether it’s done intentionally or unintentionally, using content that someone else used and copying and pasting it verbatim isn’t helping your cause.

If your readers can or have read it at some other real estate blog, chances are they’re not going to perceive you authoritative.

They won’t take you to be an expert.

Curated content may be helpful in some way but unique valuable and interesting content is what will sell your real estate business to potential clients.

Create something new and interesting.

Your potential clients deserve to read content that is unique and offering them with the help they need to make a decision.

5.) Relate With Your Audience

If you must relate to your audience that your son had his first tinkle in a potty last night, relate it to them in a way that is amusing, unique and exciting.

Offer it to your audience in a way that makes it meaningful to their lives, such as the trials of a working mother.

Other than that, it’s not important in any real way to anyone except you and the people who know you personally.

6.) Give Practical Information

People want practical information they can use.

This also applies in real estate.

Write content in a way that is simple and eloquently but most important offer your audience with practical information.

7.) Stick To Topic

When you offer part of a blog post as a teaser and then change courses, it annoys your readers.

They’ll feel you betrayed them with a headline that didn’t deliver the information it promises.

Always stick to the topic the headline is promising.

8.) Avoid Spelling And Grammar Mistakes

Admit it now. . .

It’s very difficult to read content that has so many spelling and grammar mistakes.

There is no enough time strain reading such content.

The spelling and grammar mistakes steal the image of an expert from you.

It’s for this reason that you should ensure your blog posts don’t contain spelling and grammar mistakes.

There are spell checkers out there that you should use while writing the content for your real estate blog.

9.) Respect Privacy

Whenever you get sensitive information from your clients, it means they trust you to keep it.

Don’t reveal it to anyone without their permission.

Your readers will feel betrayed if you reveal their sensitive information they don’t want to be revealed for security purposes.

If you’re giving information about your clients on your real estate blog, always get their permission first.

10.) Strong Opening And Conclusion

Most people scheme through information online as they try to find the kind of information they are looking for.

The opening sentence of your blog post sells the rest of the content.

The opening is what makes people decide whether or not to finish reading the entire article.

The beginning and ending of your post needs to be compelling.

Offer an interesting beginning.

Your blog post conclusion should be convincing enough to make your readers to take an action.

If your your conclusion leaves readers hanging, you’ll have failed to make them take an action. In fact, they’ll feel lost regarding the next step they’re supposed to take.

You’re Almost There, One More Thing To Discover

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