Best Streaming Media Players – List of Top 5 Media Streaming Players of 2017

Right now, you may be asking yourself “is it worthy to invest in a media streaming player?”

We live in a time where the entertainment options are practically endless.

Between Smartphone’s, tablets, laptops, satellite boxes, cable and more, it can become overwhelming.

No wonder most people are confused about exactly what a streaming media player is. Because of that, we’ve been working hard to bring to you the top 5 media streaming players worth your time and money.

Streaming media has forever changed the way in which we enjoy our favorite entertainment medium and channels.

If you have a TV set that predates smart TVs,

You can make your life a whole lot simpler by simply installing a streaming media player to act as a central console for various entertainment devices.

And because most streaming media devices. . .

Are inexpensive and portable, more homes are adopting streaming media players.

Each year more people are buying streaming media players and changing the way they entertain themselves, their friends and family.

The good news for you today is that prices of media streaming players are coming down faster than you thought! This has made most streaming devices more affordable than they were before.

Are you tired of dealing with huge cable or satellite bills, every single month?

Do you hate streaming and watching your favorite internet content on a small computer or tablet screen?

If so, consider turning your TV into a smart TV with a media streaming player.

With a media streaming player, you can start accessing all the content you find online on your television.

You also get to watch your favorite television shows, sporting events, music concerts, movies, and more while at the same time eliminating the monthly subscription that comes with traditional television services.

Do you really need a media streaming player?

In 2014, the market research firm Parks Associates revealed that Roku was the most popular media player device compared to other media streaming players. It not only surpassed its competitors in terms of its usage but also in the sheer sales it made in the United States.

Does this imply that Ruku is the best streaming media player you should purchase?

Well, If you asked me that question today I will definitely answer you Yes and No. Why, you may ask?

Yes because Ruku streaming media player is popular and this could imply that consumers like it. No because being popular doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best media streaming players compared to others.

And that, my friend, brings me to the topic today about the “top five media streaming players in the market” Yes, the comprehensive media players review guide for dummies. Thank you… very much!

Let us start off by understanding what a streaming media player is and how it works.

What is a Streaming Media Player?

Streaming media players are devices created to connect directly to the internet. Once connected, various forms of media such as video content, audio content and video gaming content is transmitted to a television set from a laptop computer, a tablet device or a Smartphone.

The day I realized that I could  be watching my favorite TV shows by streaming them and cut on my cable bill, that was the beginning of journey to testing and  experimenting with various media streaming players.

Before expounding on the top 5 media streaming players, first, it is important to have a detailed understanding of the technology associated with such devices.

The content that may be enjoyed through such a device is made possible by the internet signal which the device is connected to. Streaming media players assists in both saving money and saving on shelf space associated with the storage of CDs, DVDs and game discs.

The media that is available through a streaming media device is stored on what is referred to as “iCloud.” Essentially, this is a network of servers that specializes in the storage of the media content that you’re able to access through your streaming media player.

As a result of this storage method, the media library associated with your streaming device may be accessed in virtual any location that provides you with the ability to connect to the internet. Get the media that you want, anywhere you want and instantly!

So forget about the traditional TV cables or the ever frustrating TV antennas/aerial and instead start using any of the media streaming players to deliver the content you like watching to your television.

Media Players Review: A Guide for Consumers That Values Entertainment, Technology and Innovation

If you’re a consumer who values entertainment, technology and innovation,

You’re sure to find the media streaming players outlined here to be highly appealing.

Streaming capabilities were first introduced in 2007 when Netflix introduced streaming media options that allowed subscribers to view movies and television programs through their computer systems.

Since the introduction of streaming media, media players have gained an immense amount of popularity among consumers. So much, so that, because of the huge demand by consumers, manufacturers, such as Roku, Amazon, Apple and Google immediately went to work and started selling devices.

In this guide, you’ll be introduced to each of the top 5 media streaming players.

If you want to enjoy high-quality entertainment that is highly innovative and technologically-advanced, at the fraction of the cost of digital cable services or often-unstable satellite television subscriptions,

Here is a list of the top 5 media players:

1.) Roku 3 Media Player

The Roku 3 Media Player has been rated the number 1 option when it comes to streaming media devices. This particular device serves up more high-quality and reputable content sources than any other media player currently available on the market.

The navigational system is lightning-fast and the onscreen interface and options available are significantly more advanced than other media streaming players TV available on the market, including Apple TV.

The processor within the Roku 3 streaming media player has been completed, updated and features an always-on capability which allows you to transition from one form of media to another quickly and with ease.

In addition to this, this amazing device includes a unique search features that crosses multiple platforms so that you may find what you seek much quicker.

Roku 3 contains over 200,000 television episodes and movies, plus a wide assortment of music media, news broadcasts, sports coverage and more!

Read about Roku 3 Media Player

The remote contains a headphone jack which may be used with the included headphones in order to silence the television and for optimal audible privacy.

Not only can you control the streaming media player with the included remote, but, there is a free app that may be installed that will allow you to control the device through your tablet or your Smartphone.

The Roku 3 allows you to search the wide assortment of channels by the title, the director or the actor.

The Roku 3 app will allow you to transfer photographs, videos and songs from either your tablet or your Smartphone directly to your television set.

The processor within the Roku 3 is up to 5x faster than other media streaming processor units available on the market today.

The remote control that is included with the unit allows you to motion control video games.

If you’re searching for a highly versatile, technologically-advanced streaming media player with a multitude of features, the Roku 3 is the perfect choice compared to other generations of Roku streaming media players!

In addition to the already described features and capabilities, this media streaming device contains an Ethernet port, as well as a USB connection.

If you do not have wireless internet accessibility, you may use the Ethernet port to connect to the internet.

The USB connection allows you to connect your personal media devices, as well as a MicroSD card to expand the storage capabilities of the device.

Given the amazing features and specifications, it is no wonder the Roku 3 streaming player is considered to be one of the top 5 media streaming players on the market today!

2.) Amazon Fire TV Media Player

If you’re searching for a streaming media player that offers a wide array of specially-designed features without the bulk of traditional media player devices, the Amazon Fire TV streaming media player is the perfect choice!

This amazingly small device delivers exceptionally large amounts of power to the individual that values entertainment, technology and innovation.

In addition to providing you with an extensive collection of television shows, movies, low-cost rentals and music, you may also enjoy live and on-demand events, games and highly-exclusive features, such as access to Amazon FreeTime and the ever-popular ASAP.

Unlike other media streaming players, Amazon fire TV media player has an innovative voice search that allows you to physically tell it what to search for and it does so with rapid speed!

In addition to an amazing selection of videos, music and more, the Amazon Fire TV provides you with the capability of playing today’s most popular games, like Minecraft Pocket Edition, World of Warcraft, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, League of Legends and more!

The Amazon Fire TV includes a quad-core processor unit that delivers up to 3x the power of the traditional Roku and the ever-popular Apple TV. It includes the dedicated graphics engine, the Adreno 320 and a whopping 2 GB of memory!

Enjoy the most stunning graphics and absolutely unsurpassed quality when it comes to sound.  You may stream up to 1080p HD and enjoy a vastly rich, highly cinematic sound through the Dolby Digital Plus that allows you to connect to HDMI or an optical out connection.

More about Amazon Fire TV here

Amazon Fire TV delivers all of your absolute favorite streaming services and streaming media subscriptions in combination with the massive selection of various types of media offered directly from Amazon. Examples include NetFlix, Amazon Instant Video, Amazon Music, HBO GO and ShowTime Anytime.

You may even purchase the Amazon Fire game controller which is a dedicated and wireless device that will allow you to further engage with the characters and storylines of your favorite games. This controller includes dual-analog, lighted indicators and various types of media controls.

You may simply speak directly into the remote control of your Amazon Fire TV device in order to find the television shows, the movies, the games and the music that you enjoy most!

Simply state the title of what you’re searching for, the actor or actress, or genre and you’ll be taken to instant results. This reduces the time and frustration of manually typing in your selection.

The memory and the graphics power of this media streaming player device delivers up to 4x the power of the Apple TV, the basic Roku and the Google Chromecast.

This media streaming device utilizes ASAP which stands for Advanced Streaming and Prediction. This prevents the consistent buffering process that occurs with other media streaming players.

If you’re searching for a streaming media player that is easy to navigate, offers exceptionally powerful recommendations and has a remote that is highly intuitive, the Amazon Fire TV Media streaming player is the perfect option.

This small device delivers big results! Out of all of the streaming players that are currently available on the market, the Amazon Fire TV dynamically adapts with ease to your personal viewing habits.

While a relatively new addition to the media streaming industry, this streaming media device is quickly gaining an immense amount of popularity among streaming enthusiasts, worldwide.

For a new, innovative experience, purchase your Amazon Fire TV today! You’ll quickly discover why it is considered to be one of the top 5 media streaming players.

3.) Apple TV Media Player

The Apple TV media player is a wonderful streaming device for those who want direct access to the most popular names and titles within the entertainment industry.

By simply plugging in this device, you’ll open an entire world of sports, movies, television shows, music and other forms of media.

If you own an IOS device or a MAC, you’re sure to enjoy this particular system because it is the one media player that allows you to watch content from those devices on a HDTV that includes AirPlay.

In addition to this unique capability, the Apple TV media player also allows you to connect exclusively to iTunes where you may obtain the latest television shows and special behind-the-scenes footage with the iTunes Extra.

Innovation, style and performance combine to create a monumental experience for the streaming media enthusiast!

The Apple TV includes AirPlay, which not only allows you to play various forms of content from your iPhone, iPod Touch, MAC and iPad directly on your HDTV but you also have the capability of peer-to-peer sharing.

Check out Apple TV Media Player

This allows individuals to connect directly to your streaming device without the restrictions of sharing the same network or having a unique password.

When you make a media purchase, the content is safely stored on iCloud, which will allow you to access it from any location, on any device, wherever internet access is available.

The Apple TV offers an immense amount of power in a small unit that is able to fit within the palm of your hand. In addition to the discreet size, it is highly energy efficient!

You may enjoy live games and numerous highlights provided by the absolute biggest names in the sports industry, like ESPN, NHL and NBA. This is a key feature among sports enthusiasts.

If you enjoy keeping tabs on the latest and greatest in news headlines, you’ll be pleased to know that you may easily access CNBC News, NPR, Bloomberg TV and more!

For the weather watchers out there, the Apple TV connects directly to The Weather Channel to deliver up-to-the-minute forecasts, weather alerts and documentaries pertaining to the weather and our atmosphere.

The Apple TV includes a unique and advanced family sharing option that allows up to six different individuals to watch television shows, movies and listen to music that is included in other users’ unique libraries.

The Apple TV is a must-have for the individual that values entertainment, convenience and the latest and greatest features. This device allows you to experience the best in entertainment, right from your HDTV.

You may choose from thousands of different current and classic media types on iTunes, most of which, are in 1080p HD! In addition to the unique programming available through iTunes and the Apple Store, this media player allows you to access all types of media currently available through NetFlix, Vimeo and even YouTube.

Enjoy commercial-free, high-quality programming and a wide range of features and versatility today by getting your very own Apple TV.

Once you experience the Apple TV firsthand, you’re sure to agree with other consumers that it is one of the top 5 media streaming players!

4.) Google Chromecast Media Player

The next of the top 5 media streaming players is the Google Chromecast media player. This particular device is a bit different than others in that, instead of being a set-top unit, it is a thumb-sized streaming device that may be attached to your HDMI port located on your television set.

This player allows you to cast your favorite media type right onto your television for your viewing pleasure from your Android-based phone, tablet, MAC, Windows-based computer, iPhone, and/or iPad.

Instead of traditional remote controls that are often included with a streaming media player, this device transforms your phone into the remote that will allow you to cast media onto your television.

This takes entertainment to an entirely new level! Google knows and understands what you, as the consumer, wants when it comes to streaming media and delivers with the Google Chromecast media player.

A special Guest Mode feature on the Google Chromecast allows you, family members and friends to instantly cast the media that they desire onto the television through the use of their own phone and/or tablet device, without any additional configuration.

Google Chromecast Media Player Review

This is a plug and play device that does not require any additional cords or adapter; you simply place it into the appropriate port available on any make or model HDTV.

The Chromecast device is able to connect to your home network through a Wi-Fi signal.

You may cast virtually any app that is currently on your mobile device directly to your television set by utilizing the Google Chromecast device.

This streaming media player is currently the least expensive, ranging at approximately $35.00. That is a very low rate given that you have access to an immense amount of programs and features.

Measuring in at 2 inches, this media player is currently the smallest available on the market.

This media device differs from traditional devices in that it is not a system in and off itself; instead, it is a type of gateway that will act as a technologically advanced portal for the various types of media that are on your mobile devices.

If you’re searching for a streaming media player that will instantly allow you to access the various types of media on your smart devices, the Google Chromecast is the solution!

Not only is this gateway device an exceptionally powerful portal, but, it is also an intelligent device that uses the information that it is subjected to by you in order to discover material on the internet that is similar.

In addition to recommending this content, it is capable of instantly streaming it from its source. This device has access to many different unique apps that will allow you to enjoy all your favorite media, with ease.

Examples of such apps include the Plex and the ever-popular RealPlayer Cloud. While simplistic in nature, the Google Chromecast offers cutting-edge technology and features that has resulted in it being considered one of the top 5 streaming media players!

5.) Google Nexus Player

The Google Nexus player is a favorite among streaming media fans.

Google Nexus player device offers a sleek and highly streamlined design, an advanced remote control that includes a voice search features and an advanced gamepad that provides users with full control over their favorite Android games.

If you desire to have more time to watch and listen to your favorite media types and less time spent searching and browsing, this device is for you!

The 1.8Hz Quad Core processor by Intel Atom provides you with the ability to get what you want out of your media experience in the highest efficient manner possible. One of the main benefits associated with using this device is that it is Google Cast-ready!

Nexus steaming media player does not require an Ethernet connection. Simply connect it to your W-Fi and it is ready to stream! It connects directly to the HDMI input on your television set with a HDMI cable

Find out about Google Nexus Player

This innovative player has the ability to learn your viewing habits and streaming media preferences. In turn, it places personalized recommendations on the home screen to optimize your experience.

Unlike other media streaming players, the Google Nexus syncs content across all of your Android devices. This special feature allows you to start a movie on your television and finish it later on your Android device, such as a tablet.

The remote control contains a mic button that allows you to tell the device to search for specific content so that you’re not spending your recreational time searching through the media library.

This unit allows you to obtain a multitude of amazing and exciting apps directly from the Google Play Store.

You may access the best of the best of streaming media services on the Google Nexus. Examples include RedBull TV, The Huffington Post, the Food Network, Netflix, Hulu Plus, YouTube, Vevo and more!


Media players review, a comprehensive guide.In a world plagued by economic troubles,

And the part-time job crisis…

Millions of people around the world have less and less to spend on entertainment; however, recreation is an important component of life.

Each of the devices that you have been introduced to in this comprehensive guide is not only innovative and advanced; they’re a cost-effective solution to more expensive brands of entertainment such as digital cable subscriptions, satellite television services, purchasing CDs and DVDs and…

Taking a trip to the nearest movie theatre.

By investing in one of the top 5 media streaming players, you’re paying once, but, are capable of years upon years of entertainment. These devices typically update on a regular basis, so, little work is involved in the maintenance of such a product.

If you’re searching for a versatile device that is loaded with advanced features and powerful specs, at least one of the media streaming players outlined in this guide will appeal to you.

By purchasing your streaming media player today, you will have thousands of entertainment options available at your fingertips for many tomorrows!