5 Tips For Choosing the Best Web Hosting Service For Ecommerce

Five tips to guide you in choosing the best web hosting service.

Five tips to guide you in choosing the best web hosting service.

You won’t go wrong with these 5 tips for choosing the best web hosting service. By the way, why do you need to host your website with the best web hosting service?

I cannot emphasize enough, but the main reason is to make your online business available 24/7.

Your website or blog being your business, potential customers should access it anytime. Choosing the wrong web hosting company to host your website or blog will greatly have a negative impact on your online business.

For instance, if the web hosting company takes your website or blog down most of the time, then it means that potential customers won’t be able to access it. This will lower its sales and more worst your online business will be posting losses instead of profits.

Remember, you’re in business and as such you need to retain your customers. Your web hosting company shouldn’t make you to lose your customers. Therefore don’t make a mistake of choosing a web hosting company that won’t fulfill the needs of your online business.

First, evaluate the needs of website or blog before you go ahead choosing a web hosting company to hosting it. The best web hosting service provider will deliver services that suit the needs of your website or blog.

The best web hosting service provider maintains its servers and offers technical support to clients such as restoring the website or blog in case it is hacked.

Most business owners and companies don’t realize that search engine ranking is important. They just build a website or a blog having a few pages hoping that potential customers will find them and give them business.

Now hear me on this, online business doesn’t work that way. You can’t simply start a blog or build a website having one page or five pages and thereafter you sit waiting for clients to find you. It doesn’t work that way! There is more to be done than just building a website or blog.

The best web hosting service provider will provide you with search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing to ensure that your website or blog ranks high in search results.

So, what else should you know about choosing the best web hosting service for e-commerce?

Five Tips for Selecting Best Web Hosting Service

You now realize that finding the best web hosting service provider for your business or company is very important.

The following tips will help you to choose the best web hosting service provider for your e-commerce needs.

Keep in mind that doing business online is always evolving. The web hosting company you choose to host your website or blog should also continue to evolve.

1.) Uptime Is Important

The best web hosting service provider should have a guarantee for their uptime. Most web hosting companies will promise you a 99% uptime, which is acceptable.

The lower their percentage is historically, the more unreliable their services are. Ideally, you shouldn’t go with any web hosting company that is dipping below 97%.

On the other hand, never go with a web hosting company that promises a 100% uptime. Critical updates and security measures will require your web hosting company to take the website down for a short time on rare occasions.

Any web hosting company promising a 100% uptime is starting on bad footing by making promises they cannot keep, often at the cost of website security.

2.) Price Doesn’t Mean Much for Hosting Services

A mistake many people make is basing their purchase on price. Yes, there are great companies that offer low prices. There are also some mediocre web hosting companies that charge ridiculous amounts of money for doing absolutely nothing.

When considering any web hosting company, never base your decision on the price. Instead, look at what the web hosting company is offering you.

Consider the quality of their services. When you shop for the best web hosting service for e-commerce based on things that go beyond price, you’ll find you have better results.

This doesn’t mean you should blindly ignore the hidden costs either. Pay close attention to hidden fees, overage charges and other factors that could cost you considerably over the course of the year.

While some of the top web hosting companies will provide you with a total cost breakdown up front, others will have hidden fees that won’t appear until you have been in their contract for a few months.

3.) Consider Your Upgrade Options

When talking with an online hosting service, ask them what is available to you in terms of upgrade options. You should have the ability upgrade your services and accommodate the growth of traffic as your online business grows or gains popularity.

If the cap limits of the company are too low, you may need to consider some alternatives. The worst thing you can do is be in a situation where your traffic growth costs you a fortune or visitors will experience problems on your website or blog.

4.) What Is the Technical Support Like?

Before working with a web hosting company, take a look at their technical support department. Ask a question you know the answer to see what the delay is like. Consider the quality of their response and determine if they’ll be able to help you if something does go wrong.

Ideally, you’ll have a response within 12 or 24 hours during the week. On the weekends, you should allow more time for a response. Most providers will provide you with estimated response times.

Some companies do offer a tech support number to help you get answers faster. If there is a customer support number that connects you to a real person 24/7, you may want to strongly consider that company as the best web hosting service provider.

5.) What is Their Reputation Like?

Before you work with any web hosting company, make it a point to review their reputation. The experience others have had working with them is important to take into account when deciding on the best web hosting service to choose.

For example, if you notice an excessive number of negative reviews, it is unlikely you’ll have a positive experience with them.

However, that doesn’t mean you should trust a web hosting company just because they have a thousand positive reviews either. Instead, read the reviews of a particular web hosting company and pay close attention to what is being said.

Are you seeing the same language and keywords in each review? Are reviews short and not very detailed? It can be difficult to decipher legitimate and fake reviews.

Some review websites closely monitor IP addresses and other elements to make sure only legitimate reviews are being posted. Make sure you take that into account when you’re looking for the best web hosting service provider to host your website or blog with.

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