He Told 3 Motivational Stories, The 2nd Story Of His Life Blew My Mind

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Though I have read and heard motivational speeches from different inspirational speakers, I have never heard the most moving and memorable pep talk like the one delivered by Steve Jobs.

The video is a bit old as it was filmed in 2005. However, don’t let that turn you down as this 15-minute video could very well change your life today.

In his motivational speech, he tells three stories from his life to Stanford University graduates. The stories are heartwarming.

The first story was about connecting the dots. Steve Jobs opened a bit of his history and the main reason why he dropped out of Reed College.

According to him, it was the best decision in his life. However, he did admit that it was very intimidating, but life gave him the dots. It’s your job to connect them for a satisfying life.

The second story was about love and loss. Steve Jobs told the story about his life passion and true love, which was built and working in his company.

He then lost it all as he got fired from his own company. He then told how he got back up and started other companies, which was also very successful.

The third story is about death. This is the story that blew my mind. He told the story about him diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

Of course, by miracle, it was a type that can be cured by a surgery. He learned valuable lessons during the time he was facing death. Read full article all about famous motivational speeches

He Told 3 Motivational Stories, The 2nd Story Of His Life Blew My Mind

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5 Important Life Lessons Steve Jobs Wanted You to Learn

If you want to learn how to get the most out of your life, there isn’t a much better teacher than Steve Jobs, who appeared to pack several lifetimes, never mind several careers, into his 56 years on our planet.

Here’s what Jobs had to say to the Stanford graduates, and all of us: 1. Six months into his first year at Reed College, Jobs dropped out-a very big deal, since his biological mother had made college education a requirement of his adoption, and his adoptive parents had saved for years so he could go. Source:  5 Important Life Lessons Steve Jobs Wanted You to Learn | Inc.com

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