You Won’t Believe What This Pep Talk Is Telling You

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If you have been wondering what TED Talk is all about, you should know that it’s a conference website where people meet to discuss the ideas that power our world.

This being so, Sir Ken Robinson is one of the speakers at this yearly conference, and he delivered a riveting speech about creativity and education.

Most people who we think of as being intelligent have mastered the ability to regurgitate information, but they lack the ability to form an independent thought.

This is a skill that most children have, and Robinson states that he believes all children to be artists. However, a lifetime of being educated and being chastised for being wrong makes children too afraid to take the risks associated with creativity.

Public schools teach children responsibility, but they also teach children to conform. For instance, choreographer Gillian Lynn (who worked on Cats and The Phantom of the Opera) struggled in school until her mother took her to dance school.

Ken explains that today’s schools would probably prescribe Ritalin and tell her to calm down. Read full article all about motivational speeches for teachers

You Won’t Believe What This Pep Talk Is Telling You

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Sir Ken Robinson: We need ‘more creative’ schools

Robinson’s 2006 TED talk, “Do schools kill creativity?” which makes a strong case for educational systems needing to nurture creativity, has garnered over 34 million views.

Our kids are living in a world of immense changes, of growing complexity, of growing interconnection, and we therefore have to ask ourselves what sort of education do our children need to flourish in this world.

Read more here: We need ‘more creative’ schools

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