Samsung 4K Ultra HD TV Review, 6 Benefits of Buying Samsung Smart TV

Experience the picture quality of Samsung 4k Ultra HD TV, the new technology.

Experience the picture quality of Samsung 4k Ultra HD TV, the new technology.

Samsung has never lagged behind when it comes to the latest technology. It always ensures that we get the best from the latest technology. The company is committed to lead when it comes to innovations in technology.

Talk of the company’s ever ending smartphones and smart TVs and you’ll realize the company is inspiring the World in creating richer digital experiences that enrich people’s lives.

By the way, have you watched any movie or your favorite TV show on Samsung 4K Ultra HD TV? If you haven’t, perhaps it’s time that you try it and experience the picture quality of this new technology.

The rate of development in modern TV technology is truly breathtaking, and the range of products on the market is vast. If you’re in the market for a really good quality TV with Smart and 3D capability, and you have the budget to spend a good deal of money on a new system, you might be thinking in terms of buying a curved TV.

These are the latest innovations in improving picture quality, but the increased cost manufacturers face in building curved screens is inevitably passed on to the consumer. The big question is whether the improvement in picture quality warrants the additional expenditure.

In this Samsung 4K Ultra HD TV review, we demonstrate why we think that this TV delivers a picture quality that is as good as any on the market, and is better than curved TV quality.

Just to mention, your privacy isn’t comprised. You see, Samsung 4K Ultra HD TV being currently one of the smartest TVs, it captures words spoken. In other words its voice recognition feature allows you to control this TV using voice commands.

However, it only captures the voice commands when the voice recognition feature is activated. Once you activate it, a microphone icon will appear on the screen. So you’re in control of the voice recognition feature by either activating or deactivating it.

Don’t discuss personal information when you have activated the voice recognition feature on your Samsung 4K Ultra HD TV. It will be listening while trying to spot when commands are issued via the remote.

6 Benefits of Buying Samsung 4K Ultra HD TV Model

Motion and voice control make it easier to surf the web.

Motion and voice control make it easier to surf the web.

You can buy the 4K UN55HU8550 for quite a bit less than curved models without losing out on the ultimate viewing experience.

First, let’s look at some of the important benefits of buying this Samsung smart TV model.

1.) Superb Touch Pad Controller of Samsung 4K Ultra HD TV

In line with many other TV manufacturers, Samsung is giving more thought to the role the remote control plays in our TV watching experience.

Since this is the key way in which the vast majority of us interface with our TV sets, it is somewhat puzzling how this technology has been relatively slow to evolve.

Even though early Smart TVs were designed to provide Internet connectivity, nobody seemed to pay much attention to how we could browse in comfort without a mouse.

Thankfully, that has started to change, and the Samsung Touch Pad supplied with the “Samsung UN55HU8550 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD 120Hz 3D Smart LED TV” is a joy to use.

Motion and voice control make it so much easier to surf the web.

2.) Future Proofing

One of the frustrations of being a modern electronics consumer is that as soon as you have splashed out the cash to buy the latest innovation, the manufacturer promptly releases a similar model with an improved or enhanced specification.

Sometimes, the new technology is in the pipeline, and is not yet ready for release to the public, but you it will be coming soon, and have to debate whether to wait for it, or to take the plunge now. For example, some people will wonder whether it’s worthwhile buying a 4K-capable TV when there is so little 4K content available.

While it will be impossible to buy any TV that provides complete future proofing, one of the benefits of buying the Samsung 4K Ultra HD TV is that it includes a port that offers compatibility with Samsung’s OneConnect device.

The idea is that as new enhancements become available, you’ll be able to use the OneConnect port to take advantage of them without having to upgrade your entire TV. This could be a major factor in helping you decide whether to buy Samsung 4K Ultra HD TV.

3.) Samsung 4K Ultra HD TV Provides Multi-screen Capability

Early Smart TVs did not offer this benefit, even though multi-screen had become pretty much the norm on standard computer displays.

As more and more people now use their TV screens to display output from their computers, they have come to expect that multi-screen capabilities should extend to watching pictures from other sources.

The term multi-screen is a little bit of a misnomer, since this model only lets you split the screen in two. You can have the left of your screen showing the images from the active input device, while the right hand side is connected to your web browser. Doubtless, some owners will find this a very useful benefit.

4.) Content Packs

Samsung introduced its proprietary UHD content packs to expand the capabilities of its home entertainment systems. Essentially, these packs are designed to maximize the quality of 4K content.

Instead of 4K enhancement being left exclusively to the TV’s processor, Samsung produces the content packs containing movies and videos that have already been processed to optimize the display of video in 4K.

You can think of these as pre-packed, pre-processed HD movies that will give excellent quality. The content packs are sometimes bundled with the TV in special offers, but you may have to buy them separately.

The content pack capability provides yet more scope, as it means your Samsung 4K Ultra HD TV can also uses packs from other manufacturers that are able to work on devices that have not been built by them.

5.) Picture Quality on Samsung 4K Ultra HD TV

Since picture quality is such a key element in assessing whether any TV is worth investing in, we will start with this particular feature of a device that has a large amount of features on board.

In our opinion, the picture quality on the Samsung 4K Ultra HD TV is just about the best you’ll find on any TV. We even think it beats the quality on the company’s own 9000, which is the next model up and features a curved screen.

Samsung 4K Ultra HD TV has 3840 X 2160 pixels that provide crystal clear, crisp, solid pictures with no discernible color bleed or shadowing. The TV uses the company’s Quadmatic Picture Engine to scale the resolution up to display 4K, and it really works.

The definition is superb whether watching 2D or 3D pictures, and is truly awesome watching 4K.

6.) Local Dimming Feature on the Samsung 4K Ultra HD TV

One of the features on the Samsung 4K Ultra HD TV is local dimming, and this greatly helps to deliver the picture quality we have just mentioned.

Local dimming is not unique to Samsung televisions, and is pretty much standard on all but the cheapest HD TVs. However, it seems to work better on the company’s products than on those of others.

The result is images of extraordinary contrast, with clearly defined black color areas even when they are surrounded by other, lighter colors.

Samsung have clearly got something going with the way they deploy local dimming feature on its TV models such as “Samsung UN50HU8550 50-Inch 4K Ultra HD 120Hz 3D Smart LED TV” and “Samsung UN85S9 85-Inch 4K Ultra HD 120Hz 3D Smart LED UHDTV Black.”

Samsung 4K Ultra HD TV Specifications
  • Screen size: 55-ins.
  • Backlight: Edge-lit LED with local dimming.
  • Refresh rate: Standard 120Hz Native panel plus 1200 Clear Motion Rate.
  • UHD: 4K (3840 x 2160).
  • Processor: Quad Core.
  • Speakers: 2 x 10watt speakers / 2 x 10watt woofers.
  • Connectivity: 4 HDMI, 3 USB Connections.
  • Dimensions: Without stand: 48.4″ x 27.8″ x 1.4.”
    With stand: 48.4″ x 29.4″ x 10.6.”
  • Smart enabled: Yes (includes Motion and Voice Control, Camera).
  • Accessories: Smart Touch Remote Control, 4 pairs of active 3D glasses.

Reviews From Customers, Samsung 4K Ultra HD TV

The Samsung 4K Ultra HD TV is popular with people who have bought it. Of the 302 purchasers who have taken the time to add their Samsung 4K Ultra HD TV review on Amazon, 193 gave it the top rating of 5 stars. The average score is 4.2 out of 5 stars.

While many reviewers claim the picture quality is the best they have ever seen, there are inevitably going to be some negative reviews, as is the case with every product sold on Amazon.

Interestingly, most of the negative reviews start off by telling us how good the Samsung 4K Ultra HD TV picture quality is, and then go on to have some gripe.

One reviewer complains about not being able to change the keyboard language. Overall, the nature of the negative reviews is such that they are unlikely to influence anyone to give this TV a miss.

Excellent picture quality is the most prominent feature of the reviews.


For most people, the bottom line when it comes to enjoying their televisions is the picture quality. It’s possible to enhance sound systems using add-on home entertainment options, but if the picture quality is poor, there is little that can be done about that.

The picture quality on the “Samsung UN55HU8550 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD 120Hz 3D Smart LED TV” is absolutely superb, so this TV is definitely one to consider.

While there is not much 4K content available right now, Samsung provides content packs to help you get the most out of this feature.

Another major plus point is the port for OneConnect, which goes some way to offer you protection against technological redundancy. The “Samsung UN55HU8550 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD 120Hz 3D Smart LED TV” is an excellent choice.

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