Roku 3 Streaming Player Review, Why Buy Roku 3 Streaming Media Player

The fastest and most-powerful media player, Roku 3 streaming media player review.

The fastest and most-powerful media player, Roku 3 streaming media player review.

What makes Roku 3 streaming media player to be the most popular compared to other streaming media devices? Beyond a shadow of a doubt, Roku offers the simplest way to stream to your Smart TV.

The good news for you is that you access more than 200,000 movies and TV episodes. That is incredible! No more boredom, you only watch content that you love.

You know what? With Roku 3 streaming media player, you only pay for what you want. How did Roku 3 streaming media player come about?

Everywhere you look today, there is another option for television, movie and video viewing. Various video game consoles offer Netflix and Hulu while most Smartphones and now Smart televisions are offering the same.

With all these options, you might be wondering why anyone would even consider purchasing a standalone media-streaming device and you have a very valid question. The truth is all of the aforementioned options are good, but they are nowhere near as good as Roku 3 streaming media player.

One thing you have to understand is that there are other versions of Roku streaming media players. This implies that each version of Roku is updated with something new.

With Roku 3 streaming media player, which is the latest version of Roku streaming media player, it is the fastest and most-powerful media player compared to other versions.

Limitations of Streaming Devices Compared to Roku 3 Streaming Media Player

Before we get into the benefits and features of the Roku 3 streaming player, let’s review some of the issues with the competition.

There are so many devices capable of streaming today and they would take a book to adequately view all their pros and cons, so for the sake of brevity we will discuss only the main limitations and common issues.

1.) Smart Televisions

Smart TVs, media streaming players.

Smart TVs, media streaming players.

Nearly every television manufacturer has or soon will have a smart alternative on the market.

One of the main problems most will be using proprietary software, which means there is no universal standard.

How your Smart television and available apps look and perform will vary wildly from one manufacturer to another, plus there is very little uniformity in available applications.

For example, most (dare we say all?) Smart televisions will come pre-loaded with Netflix, however, a large number will not have Hulu, Vudu or Pandora.

Lack of a universal operating system and differences in available programing can quickly become frustrating for users.

2.) Smart Phones

As a general rule, you can access all the major media streaming players from your Smartphone, regardless of whether you’re using Apple, Android or Windows.

Unfortunately, streaming video via Smartphone like iPhone 6 will chew through data like a starving man at a free buffet, and of course, you’re relegated to watching on a tiny screen unless your current television offers Bluetooth capability.

3.) Tablets and Game Consoles

Tablets and video game consoles share the problem of streaming options, none offer exactly the same options, but perhaps the biggest problem is the price point.

Unless you’re an avid gamer shelling out several hundred dollars for a game system is probably not in the cards right now.

Tablets are much the same in that the really good ones (iPad and Galaxy Tabs) are fairly expensive.

4.) Other Media Streaming Devices

Remember when the iPod was the go to MP3 player? You may also recall there were quickly many cheap alternatives on the market.

One thing people learned very quickly with the cheap knock off versions was a decided loss of quality and functionality. Sure, you could get a MP3 or MP4 player from overseas for a fraction of the price, but it might work a few days or months and generally the playback quality was subpar at best.

You’ll find the same thing is true for cheaper media streaming devices, there may be a few of decent quality but you’ll find more that fail to perform or suffer a lack of programming availability.

Remarkable Benefits and Features of Roku 3 Streaming Media Player

All this brings us to the heart of the Roku 3 streaming player review. If you’re considering stepping into the streaming media world, this is the go to device.

Roku has been in the business of developing top streaming media devices for several years, they launched the first box in 2008 and have continually updated since then (in contrast, Apple TV products have not seen an update in nearly 2 years).

During this development period, Roku has continued to perfect their devices and now offer a media streaming player that is far above the competition in many respects.

Specifications of Roku 3 Streaming Player

The first thing you’ll notice about the Roku 3 streaming media player is improved speed, which means there have been notable changes under the hood.

The big change came in the form of a bigger and better processor, which has made the Roku 3 streaming media player one of the fastest media streaming devices on the market today.

Next up is the sheer number of applications available. Roku 3 streaming player set top box offers the biggest selection of free and premium channels.

This unit provides over 1,800 entertainment channels encompassing everything from classic movies to the latest sports channels, Netflix, VUDU, HBO GO, ESPN and much more are available.

Roku 3 streaming player gives you 1080p and high definition support. You also get Ethernet, micro SD slot, USB and wireless connection options.

If you want to enjoy television in the bedroom but prefer not to run a 40-foot Ethernet cord, you have that option.

Have you had enough movies and TV shows? A good movie entertains families but a rousing game of Wheel of Fortune or Angry Birds is equally enjoyable and can be a nice change of pace for everyone young or old. The remote control comes complete with game ready buttons. The faster processor inside is great for gaming.

Whether you’re gaming or watching your favorite television show, Roku 3 streaming media player has provided a fantastic private option.

The remote control of Roku 3 streaming media player allows you to connect your favorite headphones and watch or play quietly while your children or significant other sleeps peacefully in the same room. It is important to note that this is a little bit of a drain on your remote batteries.

Roku 3 Streaming Media Player Review from Customers

12,423 customers on Amazon website have a lot of good things to say about Roku 3 streaming media player, but perhaps one of the most striking is the ease of use right out of the box.

8,551 customers gave it 5 stars while 1,806 customers gave it 4 stars. Overall, the majority of the customers are satisfied with it.

One customer stated, “For anyone new to the Roku world, I would recommend the Roku 3 over any other previous models mainly on it being so much faster to operate.”

Set up could not be easier. Simply unpack, connect the HDMI and set up your network to get started. Connections to the internet are easy to achieve even if you’re using older routers.

Point number two, and equally important, is the fact that Roku 3 streaming media player operates smoothly and is not vulnerable to interference from your sound bar, internet radio or other devices in your living room.

This was a weakness that many other media streaming players suffer from, including the previous editions of the Roku streaming media players.

Final Thoughts

When you look at the various Roku 3 Media Player reviews, there are a few things that are readily apparent.

Roku 3 streaming media player is easy to set up, simple to use and offers more options than your average media-streaming device or other options such as smart televisions and game systems.

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