How Cheap Is Cheap Web Hosting? Not All Cheap Hosting Services Suck

How cheap is cheap web hosting? Not all cheap web hosting suck.

How cheap is cheap web hosting? Not all cheap web hosting suck.

How cheap is cheap web hosting? This question brings me to ask you another question: Do you think all cheap web hosting companies are offering poor services?

I know that the word cheap is negatively associated to be something of low-quality. Although this is so, there are people who consider it to be positive. It implies saving some money of which otherwise they would have paid to purchase a product or service.

So it depends on your perspective, how you interpret the word cheap. This being so, not all cheap web hosting companies suck. In fact, you’ll be surprised to discover a reliable cheap web hosting company compared to others that are expensive.

What matters most is reliability when it comes to making your website accessible via the World Wide Web and the support you get from your web hosting company whenever you’re faced with a technical issue.

For example, let us assume that you get phone calls from your customers informing you that they can’t access your website. They’ve tried several times to access it but it is not opening.

You then contact the web hosting technical support team and they listen to your problem and promise to get back to you shortly. Even before ten minutes are over, you get a phone call from your web hosting company informing you that they have fixed the problem.

You’re happy the problem was fixed immediately.

How else could you have solved the problem if the web hosting technical support team ignored to answer your phone call?

How Do You Choose A Reliable Cheap Web Hosting Company?

Content is King, right? Social Media is the Crown Prince. We’ve all heard the tired buzz phrases about getting your business online.

Depending on who you talk to, it takes a lot of things to place your business online and to provide the exposure that you need for your products or services.

You need fresh content and you need a social media presence. You also need a website or blog that opens very fast. However, in order to accomplish any of them, you need a reliable web hosting service.

If the content and the social media are the window dressing, the web hosting company that you choose is the solid foundation.

You’re looking for a reliable cheap web hosting to create online presence of your business or company. You have realized that you really need a website or blog to reach many potential customers.

You also understand that by having a website or a blog for your business, you can easily interact with your clients. It’s a marketing tool that your business must have for it to remain competitive.

Choosing a reliable web hosting company to host your website or blog doesn’t have to be too costly. There are reliable cheap web hosting companies that you can choose from.

Below are five important considerations on how to go about choosing a reliable cheap web hosting company that will host your website or blog.

1.) Isn’t Cheap Web Hosting Company Also Bad Hosting?

New users on the internet often find themselves embroiled in hosting that simply isn’t all that it said it was. Many of these companies operate on the old model of “charge exorbitant fees, deliver as little as you can.

Not all companies operate on that premise. Many low cost web hosting companies do exist. They aren’t right for everyone but they do offer quality services and reasonable features for the businesses or companies who will find them reliable.

2.) What Is Cheap Web Hosting?

The answer is that anything under $10 dollars a month can reasonably be called cheap hosting. The standards by which “cheap web hosting” is measured change regularly, but as of this moment, cheap hosting is normally adequate for $8-10 small domains with moderate traffic.

A reliable cheap web hosting company will offer you basic PHP and regularly updated MYSQL as well as weekly backups, occasional malware scans and a shared IP address.

3.) Are There Pitfalls to Consider In Cheap Web Hosting?

There are pitfalls to consider in any web hosting, not just cheap web hosting provider. Whether you’re paying five dollars, ten dollars or two hundred dollars a month, things can go terribly wrong.

If you’ve done your homework already, then probably you know the pitfalls to avoid. If you haven’t, you shouldn’t worry as we have already done the homework for you so that you know the common pitfalls to avoid.

Problems that take place with many cheap web hosting companies are low bandwidth, low speed and low server space. Take a look at the packages being offered by any of the cheap web hosting company and examine whether or not the amount of space available to you is going to be sufficient for the needs of your business or company.

In some cases, there are business owners who have gotten into a long term contract with hosting companies and have found that it was not what they needed after paying a year’s hosting fee.

If you think that you’ve found a reliable cheap web hosting and it seems like a reasonable fit, sign up for a month and you should also take a closer look.

Once you’ve determined that the cheap web hosting company is reasonable and that it may be something you want, it’s still not the time to throw caution to the wind.

Watching out for the pitfalls and getting the best web hosting that you can, a reliable cheap web hosting that will be workable for your needs is just good sense.

That means knowing a little about hosting, what you need for your business or company, and what kinds of restrictions are not acceptable.

4.) How Many Websites Will You Be Hosting?

There are circumstances that might require a business or a company to host more than one website. For instance, a company that is operating in foreign countries may have many of its websites hosted. Such a company may prefer having each independent website hosted according to country.

Just one or two smaller websites won’t take up a lot of space and won’t cost you much in the way of bandwidth if they aren’t particularly busy websites.

If one of them is a bit busier, or you’re going to be hosting more than ten websites on shared hosting, the chances are good that you should opt for middle range hosting rather than the lower cost, cheap hosting company.

Pay for your web hosting one month at a time for the first month, never lay down a year’s hosting fee when you’re not entirely sure what you’re getting.

A thirty day trial will get you a very good look at the hosting company with which you’re working. Paying for a year of hosting when you’re not familiar with the company is like buying the wrong sized pants online because they look like they’ll fit.

It’s a recipe for disaster that can be costly. Most hosting companies do not refund a fee after thirty days. If you’ve paid for a full year and go one day past those thirty days, you’re stuck with a year’s cheap web hosting you don’t want and can’t use.

It’s a great deal easier to move your website than to have paid for a full year of web hosting that won’t work for you.

5.) During the First Months Access, Examine the Features

Find out how much space you have, how fast the servers are, whether the cheap web hosting company is going to deliver your website to your customers in a timely way.

Look closely at access to the server and whether or not the cheap hosting company does regular malware checks and backs up your website on a regular basis.

Having a backup of the website is going to be a necessary part of operating your online business. In the event that a server issue takes place or, heaven forbid, your website is breached, you’ll need it.

Cheap Web Hosting Can Be Good Website Hosting

Multiple excellent companies out there offer great website hosting at low pricing. Some of them are names that you’ll know and trust.

They may give you plenty of server space and even enough bandwidth to work with. Do take the time to be sure that you’re speed testing along the way and checking every nook and cranny.

You need to be sure that it’s truly a reliable cheap web hosting company that will remain a good fit in the foreseeable future as far as accommodating the growth of your website or blog is concerned.

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