You’ve Never Listened A Motivational Speech Like This One Before

Playlist - Watch 16 Best Motivational Speeches Ever

This is one of the best motivational speeches that you’ve never probably watched and listened. It will literally make you to love your life and inspire you to achieve your childhood dream.

Professor Randy Pausch’s motivational speech went viral and up-to-date it’s still a source of inspirational for quite a large number of people globally.

This speech, captioned “Really achieving your childhood dreams” covers Pausch childish ambitions as well as his final resolve to be a professor which he asserted came from a firm belief that no other career open for him could help others realize their childhood dreams.

He went on to give an example of Tommy Burnett one of his students whose dream was to work on the popular “Star Wars” films.

Burnett eventually achieved this aspiration and worked on 3 “Star Wars” movies. This incident led Pausch to start a virtual reality class at Carnegie Mellon, to as he said, help others fulfill their childhood dreams.

This remarkable professor ended his motivational speech by offering some words of advice on how to achieve your dreams.

Watch the video to hear him deliver an incredible speech about his life. You can also read full article all about motivational speeches for life.

You’ve Never Listened A Motivational Speech Like This One Before

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Randy Pausch: The dying man who taught America how to live

If they are lucky, it will be shared with a few close family members before being swiftly consigned to the scrapheap of history.

Professor Randy Pausch is not most people, though.

In September, the previously unknown computer science expert delivered a remarkable lecture to students at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. Read More Here: The dying man who taught America how to live | The Independent

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