Watch This Video How She Survived Her Greatest Fear

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Back in 2008, J.K. Rowling delivered an inspiring commencement speech at Harvard. In the first part of the speech, she spoke about the benefits of failure.

She talked about how, in her late twenties, all the fears her parents had for her had come to pass. She was jobless and already had a failed marriage behind her.

She argued that this was the catalyst she needed in order to truly change; that her failure gave her determination to succeed because she had already survived her greatest fear. Read full article all about motivational speeches to listen to while running

The second part of her speech dealt with the importance of imagination.

Rowling turned to a personal experience of working at the African research department in order to illustrate her point, claiming our ability to empathize with people whose experiences we haven’t shared as one of our most virtuous traits.

Watch This Video How She Survived Her Greatest Fear

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