The Best Motivational Speech You Never Expected A Comedian To Give

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You expect a comedian to always make people laugh but not all people will expect a comedian to deliver the best motivational speech to graduates.

Jim Carrey urged graduates to follow their dreams with his emotional speech at Maharishi University. Listening to his speech, it might make you want to laugh, cry and even want to dream bigger.

MUM’s Board of Trustees presented Carey with an honorary degree in recognition of his achievements as a comedian, actor, and philanthropist.

But his commencement address which has been watched on YouTube more than 9 million times was cited by students as being one of their best they have ever seen.

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In it, the actor encourages the graduates to choose love instead of giving into fear. He talks about thinking big and making your dream a reality through believing in yourself and controlling the ego. It’s definitely inspirational stuff!

The Best Motivational Speech You Never Expected A Comedian To Give

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