Streaming Everything You Love, Google Chromecast Media Player Review

Stream everything you love with Google Chromecast media player.

Stream everything you love with Google Chromecast media player.

Did you know that Google Chromecast media player is one of the best selling media player device of all time? A recent survey revealed that ten million units of Google Chromecast were sold globally in 2014.

According to NPD Group, a leading global consumer market research company, Google Chromecast was the number one selling media streaming player in the United States in 2014.

Why is it that Google Chromecast is the best selling media streaming player? Well, there is a lot to know about Google media player. The main reason most folks like this media streaming player is because it gives them everything they love.

You see, this digital media player produced by Google has a HDMI connection and is powered by a mini USB cable and adapter. Chromecast uses both mobile and internet apps.

Google Chromecast HDMI streaming media player has been tagged as one of the best ways to get Google content on your television if you do not have a direct HTPC connection.

However, as this Google Chromecast review will explain, the user can watch top providers such as YouTube, Hulu Plus, HBO Go, Netflix, NPR one, Watch Disney, PBS Kids, Nick and iheart Radio once Chromecast is up and running.

With Google Chromecast HDMI streaming media player, you now realize that you’ll stream everything you love on your smart TV. I don’t have to tell you a lot but you already know what Google is capable of doing when it comes to providing the best user experience as far as technology is concerned.

How Does Google Chromecast Media Player Work?

With the launch of its SDK, the capabilities of Google Chromecast media player are endless. The user needs an internet connection, Smartphone, pc or tablet and a WI-FI password to setup Chromecast.

All devices that are on the same WI-FI network can send videos or pictures to the user’s HD television. Google Chromecast media player does not ask for account information like the Apple media asks for iTunes info. Your login information is via your pc, tablet or Smartphone subscription.

Benefits of Using Google Chromecast Media Player

Google Chromecast HDMI.

Google Chromecast HDMI.

Why should you purchase Google Chromecast streaming media player and not any other media streaming players that are readily available?

You’ll definitely purchase it because of the benefits you get while using it. Although there are many benefits you get from Google Chromecast streaming media player, our Google Chromecast review identified three most important benefits.

These are the three most important benefits that make this media streaming player to be the best choice for home entertainment.

1.) The Google Chromecast Media Player is Cheaper than Its Competitors

If you’re looking for the best and cheapest media streaming player to purchase, then look no farther than the Google Chromecast media player.

When compared to other media streamers such as Apple media player or Roku 3 streaming media player, Google Chromecast media player is by far the least expensive.

It only cost around $35 thus you’ll save money if you purchase it compared to other media streaming players. It is the easiest and cheapest way to get online services on your HD television set. It’s clearly worth the price, even if it is just used a few times.

2.) Your Streaming Device Becomes a Remote Control

With Google Chromecast media player, your Smartphone, laptop or computer transform into a remote control. Adjust the volume and control the output with a device that you already know about.

There is no need to learn a whole new digital system. Google Chromecast HDMI streaming media player transfers videos straight from your device to the television.

But if there is an available server, then Google Chromecast media player can get the video from the server as well. The internet is delivered from your device to the television, and your device turns into a remote when you cast or tell the device what you wish to watch on the television set.

The best part is that as long as the device is running, it is possible to screencast. Are you wondering what Screen casting is? Screen casting is when the user sends a video via the device to the television, but he does not have to stop what is being done on the device.

For example, if you want to talk on the phone while watching your favorite movie, it is possible to do so with the Google Chromecast media player. This is a very quick and less cumbersome option for the person who is constantly losing remotes around the house.

3.) Google Chromecast Media Player Connects the Internet to Your Television via a Simple Thumb Drive

Access the internet and connect to your Smart television via something that is as simple and small as a thumb drive. The Google Chromecast media player is a streaming media player that is very different from its competitors because it is not just a box.

It is so small and easy to transport from room to room. There is no need to connect it to your television set with loads of cumbersome cables. All you have to do is plug it into one of the HDMI ports that are found on your television set.

Top Google Chromecast Media Player Features

There are two remarkable features that our Google Chromecast review identified, albeit these are not the only features you’ll get from this media streaming player.

These are the top features that will definitely make you to like this media streaming player.

1.) Google Cast Extension

Google Cast Extension makes it possible to cast content from your Chrome browser. Install Cast Extension on a computer that runs Chrome.

This lets you watch videos on your home television that come from websites that support Cast Extension. These are websites such as Netflix and YouTube. This also makes it easier to cast a tat to Chromecast as well.

2.) Android Screen Mirroring

Android screen mirroring is available for android devices that are 4.4.2 or higher. A select choice of Nexus, Samsung Galaxy, HTC One and LG devices are being supported at this time.

Or, you can cast your Android screen, which makes it possible to see an Android screen on your television set. Please note that all android devices must be connected to the same network that supplies the WI-FI network for Chromecast.

Benefits, Features and Specifications
  • Use your laptop, tablet or Smartphone to stream internet videos, music and photos to your HD television.
  • Watch numerous providers such as Pandora, YouTube, HBO Go, MLB.TV, Hulu Plus, Vevo, ESPN and Google Play Movies.
  • Cast a Chrome browser tab.
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad, Windows, Chromebooks, Mac and Android phones, computers and tablets.
  • Easy installation requires plugging it into your HD television and connecting to your WI-FI network.

Google Chromecast Review and Scores from Customers

The Google Chromecast media player is top rated by its Amazon customers. It has already gotten 30,208 customer reviews, and it has been rated 4 out of 5 starts by these customers.

Google Chromecast HDMI streaming media player has been rated 5 stars by from customers. This means that majority of the customers are satisfied with this media streaming player.

When it comes to Amazon’s Best Sellers Rank, Chromecast ranks #2 overall in the electronics category. It also ranks #2 in the Streaming media players section. This also indicates that Amazon customers are very happy with Google Chromecast media player.

There are only a few complaints about Google Chromecast media player. One in particular claims that Google is not allowing users to view their personal picture galleries via Chromecast. However, it has been established that Google is not restricting personal photos.

The company had to fix a software problem. Thus, from all of its many reviews by happy customers, Google Chromecast media player is a highly recommended product.


The Google Chromecast media player is a very cheap way to get online services on your HDTV. Not only is it very affordable, but it also has features that makes it easier to use than the competition.

Use Google Chromecast media player to stream everything you love including your favorite TV shows, movies and even listen to some of your favorite songs. Many customers have purchased it and they love using this product.

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