17 Funny Baby Videos Captured Live On Camera That Will Make You Laugh

Watch Funny Baby Videos On Youtube Of All Time

List of 17 Funny Baby Videos on YouTube

So let me ask you…

Don’t you just love it, when you see cute little babies do some weird, fun and innocent things that make you laugh? Well, if you’ve been around little cute babies of late,

Then I’m sure, you and I can agree that…

Babies are incredibly fascinating, fun and little babies do weird stuff, that can drive you crazy! Because we love watching babies do fun stuff as much as you do,

Here is a collection of 17 funny baby videos on Youtube that will make you laugh.

Funny Videos Of Babies Table of content

These cute babies will put a smile on your face.

Watching these videos of funny babies will make you appreciate how wonderful, babies are – in life. This is because some of the things that babies do can really be nerve-racking for you.

Babies are incredibly fascinating. They do funny things. They do weird things. And some of those little, innocent things that babies do will make you laugh, really hard.

You can’t help but laugh when you recall some of the funny thing you just witnessed a baby do.

Cute baby videos are precious, timeless memories.

They bring forth enjoyment and form of entertainment that will make you laugh.

The Most Funny Baby Videos Ever

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5 Reasons It’s Fun Being Around Little Babies That Are Just Trying To Do Their Own Thing

Small babies bring so much joy and love. They light up our world and make life worth living.

Small babies are fun to be around for the following reasons:

I.) Little babies are playful

Small babies love to play around with everything they come across. They will keep you engaged and active making you have fun too.

II.) Babies do not keep grudges

Unlike adults, small babies do not keep whining when you correct them for the wrong committed. They take the correction positively and move on. Even when you annoy them often, they forget so quickly.

III.) Small babies are so innocent

Most babies do not intent to commit a mistake intentionally. In most cases, they do so when they are trying to follow what adults tell them to do.

IV.) Babies are eager to learn

Everything that they do they consider it a learning experience. They mimic what they see their parents and bigger siblings are doing. For instance, they’ll try and cook as they see their mother going about her cooking routine.

V.) Little babies are loyal

Babies will listen and do as you instruct them without questioning your authority.


1.) Twins Talking To Each Other, Could It Be A Serious Conversation?

Twins Talking Each Other

Watch Video - Twins Talking To Each Other

This is the most attention-grabbing and cute baby videos clip ever captured on a video.

You see, the twins talking to each other on the clip are not only cute but funny. They seem to be talking to each other in a weird language. Is it a serious conversation they’re having?

The conversation appears to be very serious.

They’re even using gestures in the conversation. They’re talking like two serious adults, the only difference being that they’re using a language that no one else can understand. You can easily be convinced that these twins talking each other are actually having a real conversation.

The conversation goes on for a very long time.

Honesty, I think they understand each other in some weird way. Listening to them keenly, I noticed that they’re making the same type of sound repeatedly. They’re not really having a conversation.

I think that they’re just having fun making those sounds to each other.

They look really cute with their diapers on. If it were not for the diapers, I would have thought they were two older children who had just learnt how to talk.

2.) Charlie You Bit My Finger Again! Charlie Is Learning to Bit

Charlie You Bit My Finger, from Funny Baby Video Clips.

Charlie You Bit My Finger, from Funny Baby Video Clips.

I have liked Charlie You Bit My Finger video as it displays babies playing on their own and one of them decides to see if he get bitten again. The babies tend to be friendly to each other.

At first, baby Charlie grasps his friend’s finger and bits it.

The other boy complains softly that Charlie has bitten him. The babies keep on playing till the baby who was bitten at first tries again to see whether Charlie will bit again.

He inserts his finger into the mouth of Charlie. Charlie did not waste time but bit him again.

I won’t be wrong to tell you that Charlie got mischievous a bit. The second bit seemed to be painful because the one who was bitten complained of pain as Charlie kept on biting…

Ouch, ouch. . . Charlie bit my finger again!”

Most parents find this video very entertaining.

This is because it shows real life events where a child will bit anything especially after she starts to develop milk teeth. Definitely it makes to the list of the funny videos of babies to watch.

3.) What Is She Talking About? Funny Baby Talks Phone

Funny Baby Talks Phone, from Funny Baby Video Clips.

Funny Baby Talks Phone, from Funny Baby Video Clips.

Babies are always funny…

This is because they’re so natural and sometimes they try to copy what they see around.

I have a 3 year old nephew and when he is playing with his toys, he is acting like he is on to something so serious and important. The other day he was busy being an engineer on a construction site (a toy construction site).

He enjoys talking on the phone and he is so enthusiastic about this way of communication.

He still wonders how the phone works, but he is always focused on the conversation.

Do you feel important when you’re talking on the phone? Now, this baby girl is having a very interesting conversation with her dad over the phone and seems to be something important.

What are they talking about?

You’ll only know if you see this funny baby talks phone video. Like other funny baby videos, it is likely to make you appreciate the funny things babies do especially when they mimic their parents.

4.) It Is Tasting Sour, Babies Eating Lemons

Babies Eating Lemons, from Funny Baby Video Clips.

Babies Eating Lemons, from Funny Baby Video Clips.

It is always fun to see the various emotions and reactions of the babies under various circumstances. The common thing among babies is to lick whatever they’re given.

Babies are very much interested in exploring new things.

Babies also tend to taste all the food and they find a great deal of happiness in exploring new food items. If they start liking it, they would like to have it often.

Some food items do not have a favorable taste for the babies and babies do taste them as they’re trying for the first time. One such example is the lemon!

Lemon looks very attractive for the babies that they eagerly lick it for the first time.

This baby eating lemons is one of the cute baby videos you should watch. It brings out such a cute reaction from babies that the parents want to repeat the reaction of their babies by trying to feed them lemon again.

“Babies eating lemons for the first time” is one of the most viral funny baby videos. Once they taste the sourness of the lemon, one should never miss their reactions. Because the lemons taste tastes sour, eventually the babies just ignore them!

5.) Baby Says No to Everything! Meet Charlotte, An Adorable Baby

Baby Says No, Funny Baby Videos.

Baby Says No, Funny Baby Videos.

Babies are always full of love. However, baby Charlotte seems to take us away from this popular belief. This is because she says that she does not like anything.

The baby says no to everything she is asked. She is asked whether she likes several things and her answer to all of them is “No.” She does not even like her parents!

Babies don’t hold grudges.

There are some questions that she says “No” to more than one time.

This can make you think that it’s because she hates them more. However, she is probably saying no to everything because it’s the only thing that she knows how to say.

I believe that she actually loves most of the things that she says that she does not like.

Baby Charlotte just doesn’t know how to express herself appropriately and this makes “Charlotte: No no no” video clip to be among the most funny baby videos clip to watch.

6.) Two Awesome Dancing Kids Win the Hearts of Everyone

Two Awesome Dancing Kids, Funny Baby Videos Clip.

Two Awesome Dancing Kids, Funny Baby Videos Clip.

The two talented awesome dancing kids win the hearts of every one present.

How did it happen? Wait until you watch their rhythmic dance steps!

When you see two kids performing in a talent show, your heart automatically reaches out to them.

Couple this up with…

A few amazing dance moves and your heart will be melting within a matter of seconds.

With acrobatic moves tuned to the beats of the music, the two children perform in sync with each other, carrying out various stunts which will not cease to amaze you and make you conclude that this indeed is “one of those funny baby videos clip to watch” that will put a smile on your face

The perfection, finesse and the charm of the children’s dance will make you keep coming back to watch their dance again and again. Right from the judges to the audience, everyone had only appreciation for these two brilliant kids, who just kept going on and on with their excellent moves.

With swiftly moves, well executed dance steps and timely music,

There is not even one flaw in their dance steps.

Such is the perfection and the style the kids have depicted in this very short, but heartwarming video. Do check it out, if you too want your eyes to experience the joy of rhythmic music and well performed dance steps.

7.) Cute Funny Dogs and Babies, They’re Having Fun Playing

Funny Dogs and Babies, Funny Baby Videos Clip.

Funny Dogs and Babies, Funny Baby Videos Clip.

It seems that babies no longer need other babies or adults to have fun.

Adorable dogs are all they need.

This funny dogs and babies playing together video clips just proves to us that dogs are not vicious creatures that some people think they’re. However, there are instances that I felt that the dogs were hurting the kids.

For example, there are several instances when the dogs knocked the cute babies down. It was big relief to see the babies getting up with smiles on their faces.

This showed that they enjoyed what the dogs did to them. It is really amazing to see dogs that seem to have a friendly connection with babies thus it is included in our list of cute baby videos.

Babies are adorable and so are the dogs.

It’s entertaining to see the babies having fun with the dogs.

Since the babies and the pets can’t communicate, it’s hard for them to know what the other party will do next. This obviously helps to make the interactions more interesting.

8.) Watermelon Punch Bowl, Baby Eating Watermelon

Baby Eating Watermelon, Funny Baby Videos Clip.

Baby Eating Watermelon, Funny Baby Videos Clip.

You may wonder if this actually happened.

No, this video has nothing to do with alcohol, but the baby’s sheer joy of eating from the inside of a watermelon is enough to keep you around for nearly a minute’s worth of video content!

Having watched it, I enjoyed the baby’s demeanor in this video clip.

From his candid face inside the watermelon, to his simplistic manner of eating it, the video offers something that I haven’t seen elsewhere online in other funny baby videos.

The baby eating watermelon video, is short, simple and to the point.

No words. No talking. No laughing!

No attempt at dry humor and the fact that it is nothing more than a baby enjoying fruit, all while being inside the fruit he is eating, was something I found to be enjoyable and humorous in its own right.

I was not sure what to expect, but the candid image and the sheer enjoyment he had in eating the watermelon not only captivated me, but also put a smile on my face by the end of the video as well.

9.) Nose Blowing Makes Baby Emerson to Have Mixed Feelings

Nose Blowing, from Funny Baby Video Clips.

Nose Blowing, from Funny Baby Video Clips.

I have never thought of how my baby will react if I blow my nose near him.

I liked the video because it makes me think more about what my innocent baby will think after I blow my nose or do anything strange.

The baby in the video seems to be scared at first when her mom is nose blowing, but after looking at mom he goes on to laugh. The mixed feeling where the sound is being produced and the laugh makes it listed here as one of the funny baby videos clip you should watch.

Baby Emerson is eager to learn from his mother,

After hearing the sound of blowing the nose at first he is very scared. He looks up and sees his mother producing the sound. The second time he ends up laughing at his mother.

Babies will tend to learn from their parents. In the video, the baby is wondering on what mom is doing. But with time, Emerson will learn and understand what it takes to blow a nose.

10.) The Lollipop Funny Video, Child Calling Dad On Phone

Lollipop Funny Video, Funny Baby Videos Clip.

Lollipop Funny Video, Funny Baby Videos Clip.

I have liked this lollipop funny video because it shows how creative a child can be if exposed to technology. The child is young, but she can talk to her dad over the phone demanding a lollypop.

It seems she loves lollypops, and the moment she got an opportunity to talk to her dad, she just asked for what she loves the most. She asks for a lollypop. Although dad replies by saying he will bring it later for her, the child goes on to ask for it to be delivered immediately.

This makes me happy because it reminds me of my niece when she was young.

Although she never called me on the phone,

She used to ask for sweets each time I paid a visit to their place. This is a video that anybody who loves children and looking for funny videos of babies to watch will enjoy watching.

It teaches parents to make their children happy by learning what they love. The child seems to be busy playing but she can spare time to talk to her dad.

11.) Funny Baby Birthday! Baby Changes the Shape of A Cake

Funny Baby Birthday, Funny Baby Videos Clip.

Funny Baby Birthday, Funny Baby Videos Clip.

The video is very funny, one of those funny baby videos you should really watch.

I laughed watching the video. The baby is presented with a cake. So, what happens?

Instead of the baby pinching the cake, the baby amazes many by starting to remodel the cake. He starts by using hands. Later he ends up using both hands and legs.

There are grownups sitting beside the baby watching. The baby is busy using both legs and hands to remodel the cake. I found this funny baby birthday video even funnier after the baby decides to insert his face into the cake.

The cake smears the baby face but he is not discouraged. Slowly the baby takes time to deform the cake completely using legs, hands and finally trying to munch by lowering his head onto the cake.

The coloring on the cake smears the face of the baby. All the time I was left laughing. Finally the baby discovers people are watching him and he starts to cry. A funny baby birthday video indeed!

12.) The Funniest Baby Video, Twin Mimic Dad’s Sneeze

Funniest Baby Video, from Funny Baby Video Clips.

Funniest Baby Video, from Funny Baby Video Clips.

I have liked this funniest baby video due to the fact that it displays the curious acts of baby twins.

It reminds me of my childhood and this has really made my day.

The twins watch their dad’s moves and start mimicking them.

In the process, they make funny sounds.

The twins are seated on a mat and they seem to be very cheerful. They look at their dad and start squeezing their toys. After playing with their toys for a while, dad starts to sneeze.

One of the twins starts mimicking his dad while he is sneezing.

The twin produce sounds and movements just like the one his dad is producing while he is sneezing. Add this video clip to your list of cute baby videos if you haven’t done so.

Sneezing is an involuntary act but the twin mimics what dad is doing.

This is very funny because the twins assume is an act that can be performed any time.

This reminds some of us about our childhood when we would imitate people in almost all activities that they were involved in that caught our attention.

13.) Baby Laughs Ripping Paper, He Finds the Sound Very Funny

Baby Laughs Ripping Paper, Funny Baby Videos Clip.

Baby Laughs Ripping Paper, Funny Baby Videos Clip.

Baby Micah finds paper ripping sound funny, but why, you may ask?

Simple things tend to be funny to babies. I have liked this video after learning that the dad was ripping a job rejection paper and the baby Micah is very happy about the sound produced.

The video shows the baby laughing hysterically each time the paper is ripped off and the ripping sound is produced. The dad rips the paper till it is reduced into small pieces.

Each time baby Micah is watching, he is very amused after the paper ripping sound is produced.

After watching this video…

I have made a decision to one day try it and see if it will actually make a baby laugh. I have tried to figure it out but I’m unable to know exactly what is making the baby laugh.

Maybe the sound appears to be strange to baby Micah.

It is a funny and entertaining video that any parent will like to watch. It’s one of those funny baby videos clip that will probably keep many parents wondering about, what sound will make their babies laugh.

14.) Why Is He Laughing Uncontrollably? Funny Baby Laughing

Funny Baby Laughing, from Funny Baby Video Clips.

Funny Baby Laughing, from Funny Baby Video Clips.

Babies look cute when they laugh or smile. You would expect a baby to laugh or smile for some reason, right? The baby in this video is laughing uncontrollably for no specific reason.

It is so funny to see him laughing as if a very funny joke had been cracked. I found myself laughing to the fact that the baby was laughing for a reason that was unknown to me.

It is a funny baby laughing video.

I wondered what would be so funny to make him laugh uncontrollably and seriously for a long time.

Regardless, his laughing face was very adorable, making you to like this video as one of the funny baby videos you have ever come across. I have seen babies laugh before for no specific reason.

Babies can laugh at something that may not seem to be funny to adults but this video clip is funny.

It’s really funny to see a baby laughing when there is nothing that seems to be funny in the vicinity. This type of behavior can make you think that they’re seeing things that other people can’t see.

15.) What Are They Seeing? Twin Babies Laughing At Each Other

Twin Babies Laughing at Each Other, Funny Baby Videos.

Twin Babies Laughing at Each Other, Funny Baby Videos.

As the video begins, we find four month old twins, Peyton and Brennan, laying in their crib facing one another. As they make eye contact, they begin to alternate between laughter and hiccups.

Brennan has gotten a hold of his brother’s shirt and is trying to pull him closer as Peyton is feasting upon his own fingers. Although the crib is brimming with toys, the infant twin boys find a great deal of joy and entertainment within each other.

Twin babies laughing at each other will make you wonder what is so funny that is making to laugh.

The laughter truly begins to roar as they make eye contact with one another.

They’re not being amused by anything else that is taking place around them.

Not another child off in the background.

Not the camera documenting the moment.

Absolutely nothing!

The only thing that matters to Brennan and Peyton is one another and the enjoyment that they’re having that is better known by them alone. It is almost as if they’re telling jokes telepathy between the bouts of giggles and this makes this video to be among the funny baby videos.

16.) Babies Roller Skating, Doing the Unthinkable!

Babies Roller Skating, Funny Baby Videos.

Babies Roller Skating, Funny Baby Videos.

I had never imagined that babies could ride on rollers until I saw this video.

The babies with diapers on are using rollers better than the professionals.

The babies roller skating video not only amazed me but the babies cracked me up with their funny moves. They’re making moves that even adults who have been using rollers for a long time won’t dare to do. This is one of the brilliant and funny baby videos that would catch anyone’s attentions.

I was really surprised to see what babies on the video could do.

We all know that walking is a challenging task to babies.

Seeing them on rollers on this video goes beyond what anyone would imagine.

Apparently, they were able to make the moves because of the Evian they took.

It’s what gave them the ability and energy to do what they did.

Although they really look like real babies, I don’t think the video is real. There is no way babies can do what these babies did. Overall, I think it’s an awesome video to watch.

17.) Who Said They Can’t Be Best Friends? Funny Cats and Babies

Funny Cats and Babies, Funny Baby Videos Clip.

Funny Cats and Babies, Funny Baby Videos Clip.

I have seen many videos with cats and dogs on the internet.

Some of the cats and dogs videos are funny,

Others have a sense of wonder and they’re all interesting.

It is amazing how pets can make our lives so much brighter.

Cats are always slippery and witty, while dogs are so loving and playful. Funny baby & cat compilation is going to be the last, in the list of funny baby videos on YouTube that we put together for you to watch and hopefully make the rest of your day, a blessed day.

This funny cats and babies video clip points out that cats are friendly to babies.

Cats are friendly, loving and playful too.

Some people (cat lovers) would say: “they’re always like this.” The rest of us will just try to figure. This video will probably make you want to have a cat too, in case you don’t have one.

If you have a cat, you’ll love it more.

You’ll discover a wonderful interaction between kitties and the babies in this video.

Incredibly Fascinating Funny Baby Videos That Will Make Your Day

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