The Confession Speech Of A Fashion Model

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This is a confession speech of a super model that will change your perception about beauty. It will motivate you to appreciate who you are by being yourself.

People put too much emphasis on beauty. Some people even say that image is everything. However, according to model Cameron Russell, this is not true.

When she starts speaking to her audience, the first thing she does is transform her image. She came to the stage in short dress that made her look really not.

She decided to change her look by putting on long skirt, changing her shoes and wearing a sweater. She does all this to prove that looks are not everything.

She admits that image is powerful but it is superficial. She encourages people to focus on what is inside. Read full article all about motivational speeches to lose weight

The Confession Speech of A Fashion Model

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Model Cameron Russell: I get what I don’t deserve

Now it has been viewed over a million times. It’s a couple of stories and observations about working as a model for the last decade.

I gave the talk because I wanted to tell an honest personal narrative of what privilege means. Continue reading here: I get what I don’t deserve

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