Bavarian Guy Costume: How to Dress for Oktoberfest and Halloween Party

Bavarian Guy Costume is Ideal for a Halloween or Oktoberfest Event

Just wear a Bavarian guy costume and you will feel as if you are standing in the middle of Bavaria!

Bavaria is a blend of modern and traditional.

Do you wish to capture the feeling of these festivals for a Halloween or Oktoberfest event?

Show off your legs with this costume with the lederhosen (shorts with suspenders), hat, shirt and socks.

Each item is styled in a traditional Bavarian fashion.

That way, you can still enjoy this traditional festival and feel part of the celebration at any Oktoberfest event or Halloween party all dressed up in this traditional-style costume.

The lederhosen is brown with tan-stripe accents up each side and in the front.

The front flaps buttons and each side right under each strap of the suspenders.

Each suspender strap is brown with tan stripes on each side. There is a breast strap connecting to each side strap that has a crest similar to the family crest on it. The socks come up to right below the knees.

The shirt is a pullover style with lacing up near the collar and is light cream in color as tradition calls for.

This outfit also has a hat with it that has a narrow brim trim with tan trim around the edge and a wide tan stripe around the circumference of the top part of the hat.

Add your own traditional-style beer stein and shoes and you are all set for a Halloween or Oktoberfest event! You will feel as if you live in Bavaria for the brief time you wear this outfit. It does not matter that you are an adult, as even adults enjoy playing make-believe at times. Enjoy this Bavarian guy costume.

Bavarian Guy Costume is Ideal for a Halloween or Oktoberfest Event

Incharacter costumes men's bavarian guy costume pullover shirt

Incharacter costumes men’s Bavarian guy costume pullover shirt

Just look at it, the picture to your right,

What a sexy Halloween costumes for men!

That’s the “InCharacter Costumes, Men’s Bavarian Guy Costume with Pullover Shirt” It’s one of the most fun and sexy Halloween costumes for men of all time.

Oh and by the way,if you’re looking for a more creative Halloween costumes for couples. . .

Wait until your girlfriend receives the sexy Bavarian girl costume you secretly buy and send to her as a gift!

I’m telling you, she is going to be so happy and she is going to look so sexy and she is going to love and treat you as the king of her life, like never before!

Okay, alright, maybe that’s an over exaggeration.

But, you get the picture, right!

Now, instead of us talking about how the Bavarian Guy costume is one of the best Halloween costumes for men, how about we share some details that you probably didn’t know about the Bavarian guy costume.

I’m sure you’ve seen some over-the-top scary costumes that men wear to Halloween parties. The question though is, do all Halloween costumes for men have to be scary, spooky, or horror themed?

As a matter of fact, some of the Halloween costumes give our kids nightmares. I know some kids that got so scared to the point of running away and not wanting to stay alone in a room since, according to them, they had just met with a ghost.

As caring parents, we don’t want to scare  kids or make them have nightmares. It is for that reason that we should put kids into consideration while shopping for Halloween costume. And in spite of personal preferences, tastes and fashion trends, the good news is that there is such a fabulous variety of Halloween costumes for men that are available. So let’s start by looking at. . .

InCharacter Costumes, Men’s Bavarian Guy Costume with Pullover Shirt

[easyazon_image add_to_cart=”default” align=”left” asin=”B002IFDXMM” cloaking=”default” height=”500″ localization=”default” locale=”US” nofollow=”default” new_window=”default” src=”” tag=”blogginghalloween-20″ width=”232″]The “InCharacter costumes men Bavarian Guy costume pullover shirt” just might be exactly what you are looking for.

This Oktoberfest guy costume captures a snippet of the unique cultural history of Europe from the 19th century.

Since it is the beer guy costume, be sure to bring a beer mug with you when you put this costume on because you really want to embody that age-old tavern feel.

Take extra steps, though, and be sure your antics do not offend the Burgermeister.

Is it true that the “InCharacter costumes men Bavarian Guy costume pullover shirt” is the best Halloween costumes for men?

You really do end up “in character” with this InCharacter costume because it comes with each and every component necessary to help you look like an old-time Bavarian villager.

The primary components of the Bavarian Guy costume that help to deliver this look are the combination of lederhosen and the traditional hat.

A great deal of painstaking work went into the crafting of these items of apparel and they’re very true to the original, authentic style of the era. Made with 100% polyester and colored brown, these two pieces really do deliver the desired visual effect.

The bavarian halloween costume with pullover shirt, lace-up collar and knee socks provide a nice contrast to the brown lederhosen and hat. For those looking for the medium size, the Bavarian Guy costume medium fits perfectly. The Bavarian Guy costume is also available in other different sizes such as large.

The shirt and socks are quite durable and can handle numerous washing’s and still maintain a pristine white look. How can you wash this Lederhosen costume though? Well, it is not all that difficult to wash the Lederhosen costume.

Bavarian Guy Halloween Costumes For Men YouTube Video

A common concern some people may have is whether the Bavarian costume is machine washable.

Spending time and money at the dry cleaners might not appeal to those people who want a simpler, less expensive costume wearing experience.

Others could make the mistake of tossing their costumes into the washer without thinking and end up with a rude surprise in the form of a newly tattered and ruined costume.

You do not have to worry about any hassles associated with cleaning this costumes.

It is fully machine washable.

Just be sure to wash the Bavarian Guy costume in the right temperature and without any other clothes in the mix. You do not want new getup to end up discolored or faded right before the big costume event.

Where to Find and Buy the Best Adult Bavarian Guy Costume and the Sexy Bavarian Girl Costume

Overall, this is an excellent costume compared to other Oktoberfest or Halloween costumes for men.

This Bavarian costumes for men is easy to maintain and looks great. What more could you ask for in a man’s Halloween costume other than the good look you get from this Bavarian beer guy costume!

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B002IFDXMM” locale=”US” nf=”y” src=”” tag=”blogginghalloween-20″ width=”232″]When I last checked, there were well over 357 customer reviews for the “InCharacter costumes, men Bavarian Guy costume pullover shirt” and the average rating is about four stars.

That is an impressive rating when you consider just how many of these units have been sold.

Customers have noted that the Bavarian Guy costume is authentic looking and generally fits well. Those are probably the two main attributes you want in a Halloween costume of this nature.

One drawback of this Bavarian Guy costume is that there are no pockets in the pants, but this is not a problem that detracts from the overall look of the costume. You simply can add a “fanny pack” if you want to put your belongings somewhere.


Bavarian Girl Costume Most Often Bought Together With Bavarian Guy Costume Are Probably The Best Halloween Costumes For Couples

Bavarian Girl Costume - Best Halloween Costumes For Adults

Best Halloween Costumes For Adults

Most couples find the Bavarian girl costume and the Bavarian guy costume to be one of the best Halloween costumes for couples. Find out why here

At the time of writing this post, there were over 159 customer reviews posted at Amazon about this particular Bavarian girl costume.

The Bavarian girl costume is modeled from the dirndl. Whereas the dirndl commonly fell below the knee, the short, circular skirt of this enticing costume leaves just enough to the imagination.

It comes with a kick-it pink pettiskirt and matching hair bows. The puffed sleeves and neckline of the blouse are ruffled. To "complete" the barmaid persona, its sweet apron is embellished with lace.

The décolletage is rather revealing. Unless you wish to be known as a "person of cleavage", wear a lacy camisole underneath the bodice. Let lace be the only thing playing peek-a-boo!

When your adorable self saunters into the room, wearing this alluring attire, guy's heads will turn.

Women will swoon with envy. 

If you've never dared to explore your saucy side. . .

The Bavarian girl costume gives you a shot of self-confidence.
What a sweet surprise when you receive the Bavarian girl costume!

You've probably been disappointed in the past with sleazoid costumes made from tissue-thin material.

Often they are so sloppily constructed; the costume rips like tissue, before you get to the party. The superiority of this particular Bavarian girl costume is the main reason for ordering. Others, at a similar price point look tacky.

The Bavarian girl costume does not include hosiery. White knee socks or fishnet hose will complement your outfit prettily. The material has a velvet-soft texture. If the costume wrinkled during transit, just give it a gentle shake, hang and watch the wrinkles fall out. Now that's quality!

You'll admire the exquisite detailing, such as real silver buttons and the delightful pink crinoline.

Express yourself! Become the woman of your dreams, even if you turn into a housewife at midnight!


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