11 Mind-Blowing Facts About American Horror Story Season 4

 Interesting facts about American Horror Story season 4 full episodes.

Interesting facts about American Horror Story season 4 full episodes. MKA News, Flickr Photo

We stayed in the Murder House only to discover that the house was haunted by the ghosts. . .

We moved to stay in the Asylum as mentally and criminally insane patients though many of us claimed to be unjustly institutionalized.

Thereafter we protected the Coven from being marginalized. So, what next?

We are still hooked and there is something freaky about American Horror Story season 4.

American Horror Story Season 4 premiered on October 8, 2014, and the finale show aired on January 21, 2015. For Season 4, the show is set in Jupiter, Florida in 1952, and the storyline investigates one of the few remaining freak shows that is left in the United States, as well as the show’s struggle to survive.

The fourth season of the show is the first season in this series that has not been strictly anthological.

Some of the characters from American Horror Story season 2, Asylum are also appearing in this season as well.

11 Interesting Things About American Horror Story Season 4 Full Episodes

Jessica Lange is loved by fans.

Jessica Lange is loved by fans. publicfigure

Even individuals who haven’t watched American Horror Story season 4 may be unaware of some of the unique facts that surround this season of the highly popular anthology series.

Here is a closer look at some of the interesting and in some cases, mind-blowing and sad facts that surround American Horror Story season 4, its cast and also the crew behind the show.

1.) Jessica Lange Has More Than American Horror Story Under Her Belt

Jessica Lange is once again one of the stars in the fourth season of American Horror Story. She plays the part of Elsa Mars, the manager of the Freak Show.

Jessica Lange is loved by fans because of her amazing performances in the first three seasons of the American Horror Story, but it’s easy to forget that this woman is one of today’s most celebrated actresses.

She spent time in Paris studying mime theatre and then later was a dancer in the Opera-Comique. In 1973, Jessica came back to the U.S and started working as a waitress in New York City.

While she was modeling, Dino De Laurentiis discovered her, and now she is one of the most celebrated and awarded actresses of our time.

Through the years, she’s won three Emmys, one SAG award, three Dorian Awards, five Golden Globes, and two Oscars.

2.) Emma Roberts And Evan Peters Are Lovebirds In Real Life

Emma Roberts and Evan Peters don’t just play love interests on American Horror Story season 4, Freak Show. They have actually been dating since 2012.

Roberts plays the con artist and fortune-teller named Maggie in the show, and Peters plays Jimmy Darling, one of the performers in the Freak Show born with ectrodactyly.

The two co-stars are also happily engaged, although there has been no news on when the two may finally tie the knot.

While the romance has hit a few rough spots, currently the couple is still together, albeit fans were worried they may have broken up when Emma Roberts was seen without her engagement ring.

3.) Florida Is An Appropriate Location For Freak Show

Fans of American Horror Story season 4 are aware that the show is set in Jupiter, Florida, and history shows that this place definitely would have been a safe haven for a real Freak Show.

During the early twentieth century, many states were starting to pass laws that regulated or prohibited Freak Shows. The Freak Show started to lose status and popularity within America, and by the 1940s, most people looked at Freak Shows as shameful and scary.

However, Florida, particularly Gibsonton, Florida, was a place that was considered a safe haven for carnies and freaks. Many Freak Show acts have gone to Gibsonton as a winter home, since it was close to the Ringling Brother’s headquarters in Tampa, Florida.

In fact, Gibsonton has actually been home to some of the most famous freaks, such as Grady Stiles “The Lobster Boy,” “The Half-Woman” Jeanie, and Al “The Giant.”

4.) Both Neil Patrick Harris And His Husband Are Guest Stars

Neil Patrick Harris has been a fan of American Horror Story from the beginning, and it was no secret that he wanted to get a part in American Horror Story: Freak Show.

Ryan Murphy, the man behind the show collaborated with Harris in the past on the first season of Glee. They got together and came up with a way for Harris to do a guest spot in the American Horror Story season 4.

Neil Patrick Harris showed up in both the 11th and 12th episodes of Freak Show and played a chameleon salesman.

However, while many fans of the show may have noticed the guest appearances by Neil Patrick Harris, they may not have realized that his husband, David Burtka, also appeared in the American Horror Story season 4 as well.

David Burtka appeared in the American Horror Story season finale.

5.) “Fallen Angel” Wasn’t Really An Official Freak Show Trailer

Many fans were excited when they saw a video called “Fallen Angel,” which was released in July of 2014. Multiple news sources reported this video to be the official trailer for American Horror Story: Freak Show.

However, this video was never an official video for the franchise. The video did feature the title card of the show, but the video was made by a fan and it was taken down later.

Before “Fallen Angel” was released, there had not been any official trailers released by FX concerning American Horror Story season 4.

It wasn’t until August of 2014 that the first official teaser, “Admit One,” was released by FX. Before the show aired, FX released multiple teaser trailers on the FX YouTube page.

The marketing hashtag that was used by FX for the season was #WirSindAlleFreaks, which is German. The English translation of the hashtag is #WeAreAllFreaks.

6.) Bette And Dot Tattler May Be Based On Performing Conjoined Twins Violet And Daisy Hilton

Violet and Daisy Hilton.

Violet and Daisy Hilton. Dolores Luxedo

Bette and Dot Tattler, the conjoined Twins from American Horror Story season 4 episodes, are some of the most striking characters.

Many viewers are unaware that the Tattler twins are loosely based upon the life of real individuals.

Bette and Dot are a rare type of twins known as dicephalic parapagus twins, meaning that they have one fused body and two heads.

The characters may be loosely based upon the Hilton twins, Daisy and Violet Hilton. The Hilton twins did not share a body.

They were conjoined at the hips via a fused pelvis, yet they didn’t share any major organs.

While the twins were young, their mother gave them up to a woman named Mary Hilton.

Daisy and Violet began touring the vaudeville and sideshow circuit, and they danced together as “The United Twins.”

Just like Bette and Dot in the show, Daisy and Violet had musical talent. The Hilton twins played the clarinet and the saxophone. They also danced and sang together.

The talent and fame of the twins drew multiple famous admirers. However, because of the unique situation, relationships became quite difficult.

At one point, Violet was engaged to Maurice Lambert, a bandleader. However, 21 states denied their request to be married based upon “moral grounds.”

7.) Jessica Lange Doesn’t Intend To Come Back After Freak Show

There has been quite a bit of controversy among fans of this anthology TV series over Jessica Lange and whether she should return to American Horror Story season 5, Hotel.

She is well loved by fans, but some fans have wondered if the American Horror Story should take a break from Lange and allow someone else to take over thus allowing the anthology TV series to go in a new direction.

Currently, Jessica Lange has said that she will not return for American Horror Story season 5, and many fans are upset about this.

Lange has noted that she wants to take some time to do a play and a couple movies, and then she plans to do something new in her life.

However, Ryan Murphy has said that he would really like her to come back to season five. When the fifth season of the American Horror Story was announced by FX, John Landgraf, CEO of FX, stated that he did not know whether Lange would return for the fifth season or not.

Although Jessica Lange has said that she does not plan to come back for American Horror Story season 5, most of the other cast members from Freak Show have said they want to come back and do another season of the hit horror anthology series.

American Horror Story season 4 cast members who have expressed interest in returning to the show include Kathy Bates, Lily Rabe and Michael Chiklis.

8.) Digital Singles Came Out Of American Horror Story Season 4

Once again, Jessica Lange showed off her vocal skills in the show, although she wasn’t the only American Horror Story season 4 cast member to do vocal performances.

Six different digital singles came out of American Horror Story season 4. “Life on Mars?” a song that David Bowie originally performed, was sung by Jessica Lange and used in the episodes, “Pink Cupcakes” and “Monsters Among Us.”

Two other digital singles that were done by Jessica Lange included “September Song” and “Gods and Monsters.”

Sarah Paulson also had a digital single for the show called “Criminal,” which Fiona Apple originally performed, and Evan Peters performed “Come as You Are,” a song that was performed originally by Nirvana.

9.) Freak Show Was Nominated For And Won Many Awards

Every season of the series has been nominated for multiple awards, and the fourth season was no exception. American Horror Story season 4 was nominated for 26 different awards.

Angela Bassett was nominated as for the NAACP Image Awards for Outstanding Actress in a Television Movie Mini-Series or Dramatic Special, and the show was nominated for the NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Television Movie, Mini-Series, or Dramatic Special.

Both Jessica Lange and Kathy Bates were nominated for Golden Globe Awards for the show. The show was nominated for a People’s Choice Award in the category of Favorite Cable Sci-fi/Fantasy Show and Jessica Lange was nominated for a People’s Choice Award in the category of Favorite Sci-fi/Fantasy TV Actress.

The American Horror Story season 4 won seven different awards as well. Sarah Paulson won the Satellite Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Series, Miniseries, or Television Film.

The won multiple Make-up Artists & Hair Stylists Guild Awards in 2015, including the award for Mini-Series or TV Movie Period and/or Character Hair Styling and the award for Mini-Series or TV Movie Period Special Make-up Effects.

Mark Worthington won the ADG Excellence in Production Design Award in the category for Television Movie or Mini-Series.

10.) American Horror Story: Freak Show Actor Ben Woolf Died

Unfortunately, Ben Woolf, one of the actors from American Horror Story season 4 episodes, died at the age of 34 in February of 2015. His head was struck by a car’s side mirror when he crossed the street in Hollywood, and he was hospitalized in critical condition.

However, the head injury, combined with a stroke, resulted in the death of the actor. The actor played the role of Meep in Freak Show, appearing in three episodes of the show.

His character was only able to repeat his name in the show. Woolf had also acted in films such as “Unlucky Charms,” “Haunting Charles Manson,” and “Dead Kansas.”

11.) Freak Show Included A Clue About Lady Gaga’s Starring Role In The Next Season

It’s already been announced that Lady Gaga will start in the American Horror Story season 5, but many fans didn’t realize that there was actually a big clue included in Freak Show about the fact that Gaga was going to be cast in season five.

During an October episode, the camera focused repeatedly upon a paper coffee cup that had a logo of a large top hat. Ryan Murphy, one of the creators of the show, mentioned that the camera pan was to be a big clue for American Horror Story season 5.

Recently, Gaga has been covering the song “Cheek to Cheek” with Tony Bennett, and the song is originally from an old Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers classic film, “Top Hat.”

American Horror Story: Freak Show, Customer Reviews On Amazon

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American Horror Story season 4 having nominated for twenty six awards of which seven were won, 1,463 customers have reviewed the Freak Show on Amazon website.

980 of these 1,463 customers have rated it a 5 star while 181 gave it a 4 star. The average rating of American Horror Story season 4, Freak Show is 4.3 out of 5 stars (at the time of publishing this article here).

It is obvious from this rating that most folks who have viewed American Horror Story season 4 full episodes were satisfied by its storyline.

I’m still hooked and can’t wait waiting for the series to return in October. Are you also hooked?

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