20 Interesting Facts About American Horror Story Full Episodes

20 Fun Facts Every Die-hard Fan Should Know About The American Horror Story Episodes

20 Fun Facts Every Die-hard Fan Should Know About The American Horror Story Episodes

The American Horror Story is a horror story that cannot be described in a 1000 words.

Forget even trying to use an image and, shooting a quick short video won’t cut out!

If you’re a die-hard fan, then you know that,

Language alone cannot do justice to this popular anthology TV series.

You see, each of the American Horror Story full episodes brings forth…

A new theme and a new storyline.

Its plot twists get darker and bolder, making compelling viewers to grip their chair. . . or their lover.

The ending that can be predicted is not the American Horror Story.

  • You will never get “IT”, so quit trying.

This is called “moment-based” telling.

Here are 20 interesting facts about American Horror Story

Just consider the loosey-goosy structure as improv’s first cousin.

Ryan Murphy is the visionary behind American Horror Story. Fans of The Shield will recognize his signature style. Add Brad Falchuk, co-creator of Glee, to the mix and all things logical fly away.

Is Neil Patrick Harris Multi-talented? Lan Bui, Flickr Photo

Is Neil Patrick Harris Multi-talented? Lan Bui, Flickr Photo

Something definitive is the stellar, star-studded cast.

Actors pop-in, some for one or two seasons.

For example, Emmy winner, Michael Chiklis, who played Detective Vic Mackey on The Shield.

Kathy Bates appeared in the 3rd and 4th seasons.

Neil Patrick Harris is multi-talented but. . .

Do you ever wonder why he refused to be in Season 1 of the American horror television series?

Or was it because playing the same role twice of a couple not getting along would have made Harris to become stereotyped?

If that was the case,

Why then do other actors such as Francis Conroy, Evan Peters, Lily Rabe, Sarah Paulson and the exquisite Jessica Lange perform each season.

Lots of questions, no definitive answer!

There is an elusive something about the American Horror Story, which grabs us and won’t let go.

Characters die and are re-incarnated as different characters in the next season.

Questions are left hanging in the ether, as the American Horror Story episodes don’t always begin where the previous one ended.

The horror franchise’s recent entry featured everything from a psychotic clown that would put Pennywise to shame, to a bearded lady and even a lobster boy.

American Horror Story? Even its name is rather misleading.

The stories, which are dark and disturbing, aren’t all true-blue horror.

You’ll see ghosts, witches and (the ever scary) clown. You’ll see the inner-workings of a mental hospital.

However, gruesomeness is offset by wicked humor, absurdity and lots of sex. Some kinkier than others. . .

One emotion you will not experience is boredom.

The only consistency is inconsistency. Characters aren’t developed; they just go about their business, exhibiting abnormal behaviors and weird ways.

Each episode is a hodgepodge of eerie ideas and visually disturbing moments.

You can’t define American Horror Story – you must experience it!

Watch American Horror Story Online

Below is a list of American Horror Story in Amazon instant video and also DVDs.

1.) American Horror Story: Murder House

2.) American Horror Story: Asylum

3.) American Horror Story: Coven

4.) Watch American Horror Story Freak Show

Not everyone is happy how they get scared watching American Horror Story full episodes.

But what is a horror without scary scenes?

A horror movie won’t make any sense if it doesn’t have some of those weird scary scenes, right?

20 Little-Known Facts About The American Horror Story Full Episodes

American Horror Story: Freak Show

American Horror Story: Freak Show

Before you turn off the light and follow the menacing series for 13 episodes of American Horror Story this season, there are things you may want to know about this popular anthology television series.

Here are the twenty little-known facts about the American Horror Story Full Episodes.

Probably you might have not known some of these interesting facts.

1.) American Horror Story Was Shopped Around In 2009

Ryan Murphy was fresh off of Nip/Tuck and while working with Brad Falchuk, the pair created the early stages of American Horror Story: Murder House.

However, Fox decided to move forward with the hour long sitcom Glee instead. It wouldn’t be until Ryan Murphy proved to be a television force that the network ordered a pilot episode for their FX network.

2.) The Opening Credits Tell The Story Of  The American Horror Story Season

While some openings are designed to be stylistic, every season of American Horror Story showcases significant events from the upcoming season.

Over the years, fans have taken to forums to discuss what each of the clues mean to the larger arc of the story.

3.) What Does American Horror Story Have In Common With Glee?

Talk about polar opposites; think TV series about a high school glee club vs. a horror anthology. So, what is the common thread, linking the lighthearted Glee with the dark, dastardly American Horror Story?

Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk co-created Glee, as well as creating American Horror Story!

Did we fool you?

Further, the shows ran simultaneously on FX Network for 3-plus years. The president and general manager of FX, John Landgraf mused, “Ryan and Brad Falchuk, who created (Glee) together are evil geniuses…”

4.) Neil Patrick Harris And David Burtka Slated To Portray Gay Couple In Murder House, What Happened?

When Ryan Murphy asked Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka to portray a gay couple in the American Horror Story season 1(Murder House), Harris rejected the offer.

They had recently played a similar role in A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas. Harris said it seemed “weird” to play another gay couple, who weren’t getting along.

Harris later appeared in episodes 11-12 as a “Chameleon Salesman.” Hubby, David Burtka also guest starred in the 13th episode in “A sexy storyline with Jessica Lange’s Elsa Mars.”

5.) Emma Roberts And Evan Peters Are A Real Life Couple

Evan Peters has been on every season of American Horror Story. In 2012 he began dating Hollywood actress Emma Roberts who was becoming an A list film star and enticed her to join Coven as a main actress.

Emma Roberts had so much fun, she decided to come back for American Horror Story: Freak Show. During each season, the off screen couple also play a romantic duo.

6.) Murder House Was Filmed In A Real Home

In 1908, Alfred Rosenheim, Architect built Rosenheim Mansion, as his private home. The premises at 1120 Westchester Pl, Los Angeles, CA is now on the market for $5 million.

The mansion is listed as Los Angeles Historical Cultural Monument #660.

By the way, in real life the house is not haunted. However, it does contain a hidden room somewhere within its enormous basement. The 7588 square foot, three-story home has six bedrooms and five bathrooms.

Rosenheim Mansion does boast quite the colorful history. In addition to its role as the Murder House in American Horror Story season 1, the Gothic home has appeared in: Grey’s Anatomy, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Law & Order, Californication, Spider Man, The Mentalist, CSI Miami, Criminal Minds and many more.

When the Catholic Church owned the mansion in the 1950s, it housed nuns that were called “The Grey Sisters.” Subsequent to the 1994 Northridge earthquake, the nuns moved, as the house was considered unsafe. During their tenure, a chapel was erected on the grounds, which now serves as a recording studio.

Incidentally, what do you make of this? In an interview, Brad Falchuk related “strange goings on” in the house. On the first day of filming, a flag fell and barely missed Connie Britton’s head! The crew had secured the flag with tape. Weird, huh?

Brad Falchuk also reported that their cell phones wouldn’t work inside the Murder House!

7.) American Horror Story Season Two Caused A Controversy

While the show had always been edgy, it wasn’t until the second season Asylum that people went up in arms. The first promo teaser for the season featured a nun carrying buckets of body parts and emptying them.

As the American Horror Story season two progressed, the nun would be possessed by the devil and put religious groups up at arms with the franchise.

8.) When Is An Asylum Not An Asylum?

When it’s a courthouse! The circa 1901, Old Orange County Courthouse served as the exterior location for American Horror Story Asylum episodes (season 2).

The building is a State of California Historic Landmark. It is also included in the National Register of Historic Places. It’s distinctive as Southern California’s most elderly court building.

Due to careful restoration, the exterior currently appears a great deal like the original building, which was named the Santa Ana County Courthouse.

The Old Orange County Courthouse building consists of 30,000-square feet. Although several government offices remain in the building, a great deal of space is devoted to the Orange County History Center. To name a few, County archives, museum and Archaeological Society library of the Pacific Coast.

The storyline of Briarcliff Asylum was rooted in true occurrences, which took place at Willowbrook State School, formerly of Staten Island. The state institution treated children appallingly and conditions were horrendous.

Dubbed a “snake pit” by Senator Robert Kennedy, Willowbrook eventually closed in 1987.

9.) Ryan Murphy Drops Hints For The Upcoming Seasons

Each season of the American Horror Story show always includes information about the forthcoming season. In Murder House there were references to Asylum before it aired.

Asylum in turn referenced the witchcraft for Coven and during the third season numerous references to Freak Show was included.

10.) Seasons Of American Horror Story From Murder House To Freak Show Are All Connected

Just in case you didn’t know, the American Horror Story full episodes are all connected. The first reveal surfaced with season four, Freak Show, which linked it to American Horror Story season two (Asylum).

In an earlier interview, Ryan Murphy made it known publicly that all the seasons (American Horror Story full episodes) would be connected.

At the same time, every season tells a story in its own right. Beginning in season four, clues will be dropped each season that makes the viewing audience privy to ways the various worlds are entangled.

Lily Rabe’s return to deal with Pepper is the first connectedness. Here we have the first occurrences of characters turning up in two different seasons of American Horror Story. In the final episode, Freak Show, two worlds collide, as Pepper is returned to the Asylum.

In the Winter Finale, the big reveal shows how Sister Mary Eunice (before she was possessed) hands Pepper over to Briarcliff.

Another connection to Freak Show materializes when the doctor who originally fit Elsa’s and later, Jimmy’s prosthetics, divulges the name of a soldier who was guilty of maiming Elsa. The soldier was Dr. Hans Gruper, who turns out to be Dr. Arden in Asylum.

O.K. we admit we were either naughty or nice, depending upon your perspective. We gave you just enough to whet your appetite, but more clues are revealed in the stories.

11.) Filming Bette & Dot Takes 12-15 Hours

Sarah Paulson’s “talking heads” role on American Horror Story is incredibly intricate. Paulson plays conjoined twins, Bette & Dot Tattler.

Siamese twins Bette and Dot.

Siamese twins Bette and Dot. LambChop

It can take up to 15 hours to film a single scene where both heads talk, as opposed to about five hours for the other actors.

It is necessary to do separate takes including, master recording, close-ups, medium shots and those needed for the green screen.

Two prosthetic heads must be created. When Paulson portrays Bette, she wears the animatronic (right) head of Dot and vice versa.

Both faux heads move electronically. A rod that was adapted to fit inside a special corset is used to affix the heads to Paulson’s shoulder and body. Traditionally, the role of conjoined twins involves two actors who are attached at the chest.

Creator, Ryan Murphy thought it more of a challenge if Paulson played both roles. Each twin has her own distinct personality. Paulson studied how to be ambidextrous and learned to walk a particular way. When one head is talking, Paulson can’t look into the eyes of her other head.

Two heads are heavier than one. Also, Paulson is forced to bend her neck one way or the other, depending upon which head she wears. Pretty painful!

12.) Several Actors Are Staples Of The Series

Despite revolving storylines, the cast has an impressive set of actors that keep coming back for blood. Jessica Lange, Lily Rabe, Evan Peters, Frances Conroy, Sarah Paulson and Denis O’Hare have all done at least three seasons of the series.

Newcomers from Season Three of the American Horror Story that have returned include Angela Basset, Kathy Bates and Emma Roberts.

13.) The Axeman Inspired By New Orleans Serial Killer

The Axeman Cometh kicked-off with a flashback to New Orleans in the year 1919. It was driven by a letter to the press from the “real” axe man. In it, he warned that he would only spare people who were playing jazz in their home.

The spirit of the long-deceased serial killer was conjured up by Nan, Zoe and Queenie when they queried a found Ouija board about Madison’s disappearance. Danny Huston plays the serial killer character who was inspired by the real life Axeman of New Orleans.

During a killing spree that spanned from May 1918 until October 1919, the serial murderer’s identity was never uncovered. He was dubbed Axeman of New Orleans merely because his weapon of choice was an axe. Real life Axeman committed at least eight murders, which remain unsolved.

Another component that remains a mystery is whether or not the real Axeman penned the letter. It was written by a person purporting to be Axeman, but it was signed “Axman”, without an “e.”

14.) Evan Peters Got Into Show Biz To Meet The Olsen Twins

Evan Peters, who plays multiple roles on the American Horror Story episodes, started out in show biz, specifically to meet the Olsen twins. He admits to not being artistically inclined.

He thought that becoming a “fellow thespian” would help him “score” opportunities to meet the objects of his obsession.

An ironic thing happened during his quest! He has become quite an actor in his own right. Evan Peters, who is getting in touch with his inner-artist, has taken-up classical piano. It soothes him.

15.) Jessica Lange Wasn’t Intended To Be A Long Term Show Staple

Despite being the heart and soul of the franchise, Jessica Lange was only supposed to have a small part in American Horror Story: Murder House.

However, she and Ryan Murphy bonded quickly and her role was expanded in the first season. The duo became so close, that she has gone on to be the main star of the American Horror Story show.

Murphy is so fascinated with the actress, he runs scripts by her and adds in elements for the characters she plays so she continues to enjoy her run on the American Horror Story: Freak Show.

16.) Eric Stonestreet Was Supposed To Be A Regular

In the first season, Eric Stonestreet played a character that thought he could conjure up a killer with a pig’s head. For American Horror Story: Asylum he was offered the role of a serial killer who would have a prominent role in the show.

However, he declined. A revised version of the character would be added in later and would become Bloody Face.

17.) Max Adler Was Supposed To Be On The Show

Ryan Murphy keeps his tropes of actors from other shows in work as often as he can. When Max Adler was looking for work, Murphy offered him a part as the character Mr. Capshaw.

However, Max ended up getting cast on Switched at Birth and the role was removed from the script.

18.) American Horror Story Season Four Soundtrack All About Freaks

Considering the time period in season four was 1952, it didn’t seem logical for the characters to sing songs that weren’t in existence then. However, there was a method to this particular madness.

Ryan Murphy explained that he had selected songs based on the freakiness of the original artists who sang them, such as David Bowie, Nirvana and Lana Del Rey.

19.) The Score Is Pieces Of Classic Horror Film Soundtracks

Elements from Psycho, Insidious, What Lies Beneath, Dracula and others are featured in the score of the show.

This gives some familiarity and adds to the underlying sense of dread that the show offers.

20.) True Stories Inspired American Horror Story Season 5 Titled Hotel

It was revealed on 25 February 2015 that the American Horror Story new Season would be titled “Hotel.” It was launched in October, 2015 on FX Network.

It has been months, but we still can feel the thrill and horror in our pours, imparted by the 5th season of the American Horror Story.

Creators Brad Falchuk and Ryan Murphy have done a marvelous job in creating American Horror Story season five “Hotel” by exactly mingling true stories with their excellent work of fiction.

The plot was circled around the mysterious Hotel Cortez, LA, California, which grabbed the attention of Bentley (who is an intrepid homicide detective).

The Cortez where very strange and unusual things happen spearheaded by its owner, The Blood Countess (Lady Gaga) is based on Elizabeth Báthory, who holds the Guinness World Record as most prolific female serial killer in the history.

American Horror Story: Hotel features the two dangerous killers i.e. one who chooses his victims according to the biblical teachings, and “The Addiction Demon.”

When American Horror Story season five was announced, the speculation of what true life event could have possibly inspired it began immediately.

It was, as claimed by some people that real incidents were even scarier than the show. Hence, there was an actual story about this strange and obscure location, the story of the Cecil Hotel as replaced by the Hotel Cortez in the show, which was the original inspiration behind this horror thriller (American Horror Story: Hotel).

If we look into the facts then, the Hotel Cecil has 700 rooms originally and was opened in 1924. Since then, its image took a turn from a hotel, which was a tourist spot and residence for the bourgeois people of LA to a hotel which served as low-cost hotel for the traveling salespersons and other transients.

Also, the prime source of inspiration for this season of American Horror Story was Hotel Cecil as stated by the co-creator of the series, Ryan Murphy. He confirmed this by mentioning the hotel in conferences and on various TV shows.

The case of Elisa Lam’s suspicious death in January, 2013, added to the long record of hotel’s odd happenings, serial-killings and crimes.

A 21-years old student named Elisa Lam from Canada was staying at the hotel when there was a missing report of her on January 31, 2013.

After a week or two, when Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) couldn’t resolve the case, they released a video of the Elisa, recorded by the security camera of elevator; a scared woman was behaving fitfully as if something or someone was scrutinizing her off camera, as also stated by Ryan Murphy.

Much later, on February 19, one of The Cecil hotel’s maintenance workers was trying to clean the water tanks after many complaints by the guests at hotel about the water pressure, strange odor, taste of the water and color of the water coming out of taps.

In one of the tanks, the worker found the floating body of Elisa.

Drowning was the official cause of her death but mystery surrounds her death has added to the tally of hotel’s recent unsolved death mysteries.

A numerous cases of suicides were also noticed in the Hotel Cecil in the year 1930 to 1931 including a case where a 46 year old man, W.K. Norton from Manhattan overdosed on pills on purpose just after the hotel check-in.

Again, in 1962 a 27-year old woman after an argument with her estranged husband jumped out of the her room’s window on 9th floor and fell on a 65 year old pedestrian, who was passing by the hotel and this lead to the death of both of them.

Later, from 1984 to 1985, the hotel witnessed a serial killer named Richard Ramirez who was popularly known as “Night Stalker.”

During his killing streak, Ramirez followed a routine where he would exit the hotel at night for hunting his victims. After killing his victims, he would then come to the alley around the hotel and dump his clothes covered in the blood of his victims.

Ramirez then used to go straight to his room in just underwear. Surprisingly, no one ever complained and reported of him being half-naked.

There are many more countless incidents gone untraced associated with the Hotel Cecil.

So, needless to say, the hotel has some gruesome history.

The show has made its mark by doing “justice” to the cruelty, mystery and the enigma related to the Hotel Cecil.

American Horror Story Season Six

The thrill and the ultimate horror brought by American Horror Story season five will surely keep us wondering about the concept of season six.

So far, teasers of the American Horror Story Season 6 have been released via Snapchat.

As you already know, each of the American Horror Story full episodes brings forth a new theme and a new storyline that is confusing and terrifying.

Why Not Watch American Horror Story Full Episodes Online?

For sure, the premise of an anthology series is to introduce a new story with new characters each season. That is what you should always expect with each of the American Horror Story new season.

Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk take American Horror Story to new heights by interconnecting the seasons. They also withheld this big WOW factor until the fourth year into the series!

If you didn’t get all the connectedness “clues” the first time around, why not watch all of the American Horror Story episodes again?

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