This Speech Will Make You Value The Little More Effort You Always Put

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Al Pacino is one of the greatest actors, and he reminds us of the importance of leadership when he delivered his iconic “Any Given Sunday Speech.”

It’s no wonder why the Patriots, Cowboys, 49ers, Steelers and Packers all have multiple rings while others have none. All these franchises realize the importance of leadership.

They seem to have all the top players because they develop the players they draft. Other franchises squander one high draft pick after another because they don’t have a coach like Tony D’Amato to maximize their potential.

Coach Tony was such a polarizing character since he embodied the essence of a modern NFL coach. He embodied the essence of a great leader, and he personified this quality when he gave his inspirational “Inches” speech.

We lose sight of our priorities from time to time, but this amazing speech reminds us that leadership is the larger part of greatness and motivation is the larger part of leadership. Read full article all about motivational speeches for teams

This Speech Will Make You Value The Little More Effort You Always Put

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