Best 4K Ultra HD TV Reviews: 7 Things to Know Today About 4K Ultra HD TV

All You Need to Know About the Brand New 4k Ultra HD TV

All You Need to Know About the Brand New 4k Ultra HD TV

4K Ultra HD TV is not only the future of television, but is also the hottest buzzword in the tech world. When a new tech terminology starts to gain a lot of buzz.

It’s normal for consumers to speculate what the hype is all about. To understand what this tech offers and who supports it needs a little extra digging.

And because we want you to experience a richer, bigger and better privacy while playing your best video game, watching your favorite sports game or TV show with your friends and family, we’ve put together a detailed blog post for you about “7 Interesting things you need to know about 4K Ultra HD TV” right now.

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Now, before we dive in to the blog post, I’ve got a quick question for you…How would you like to watch your favorite TV show, movies or play your video game on a brand new 4k Ultra HD TV?

Do you want to experience Cinema like sensation, while at the same time, preserve your privacy and have fun watching your favorite movie, sports game or TV show?

If you answered yes,

Then you are going to love this post because, Ultra HD TV is the most fantastic picture you’ve ever seen to date.

My friend, if you turn on your brand new Ultra HD TV and flip to a channel where someone is cooking food, you will not only be hungry but also be drooling, longing to eat something. Watching a 3D movie or playing your favorite video game will take you to a level of visual detail you once never knew existed.

The fact that Ultra HD TV are now becoming more readily available in large number and at an affordable price makes them not only the best choice for many families but also a favorite in the movie theatres.

7 Interesting Things Everybody Ought To Know About The New 4K Ultra HD TV

4K Ultra HD TV is considered to be the next big thing by both consumers and manufacturers;

However, because this is a new technology, there is a lot of confusion about it.

This is understandable whenever there is a switch from an old technology to new one. There are a lot of viewpoints and questions about how it all works, and how it differs from standard HD TV.

The following are seven interesting things to know about 4K Ultra HD TV.

1.) 4K and Ultra HD TV Are the Same Type of Television

This actually perplexes a lot of people who are interesting in changing out their standard HD television set for one that has this new technology.  Ultra HD TV and 4K are basically two terms that are interchangeable.

UHD stands for Ultra-high-definition, which means that the television has a 4K resolution or higher.

4K basically means that there are more pixels, and that it has 4000 horizontal resolution lines. It has about eight million more pixels, which is four times more than the standard 1080p.

The images are about four thousand pixels wide, and 4K resolution is based upon the width of the image.

On the other hand, 1080 HD resolution is based upon the height of the image. This is probably something else that will confuse a lot of potential new buyers.

There is just always something pretty amazing about Samsung.

Samsung seem to have this ability to produce the best electronics out there and right now this certainly does apply to the Samsung Ultra HD TV.

Samsung 4k  TV has to be seen to be believed.

You are going to have the best visual experience of your life. It's curved. It's the ultimate SMART TV experience. It has four times the resolution of normal HD, The colors are vibrant.

The sound makes you feel as if you are there yourself!

The 4K Ultra HD TV by Samsung has raised the bar and you will fall in love in an instant and wonder how you ever coped with just plain old HD.

It is absolutely worth the money.

Learn more about Samsung 4k TV here.

2.) Prices Are Declining, But 4K Ultra HD Television Sets Are Still Expensive

4K Ultra HD TV sets are not as expensive as the first sets that were introduced on the market.

Still, they sell at a higher price than what the average consumer is willing to pay.

Even if the price of a 4K television were to be discounted by more than half, it is still more expensive than the average 1080p television set and as such consumers can expect to pay considerably more.

Remember that prices do not come down until there is a large demand for the product, and this type of television set is not in the mainstream at this time.

When opting for 4K technology…

Be willing to pay more money for the television and also for 4K content in general.

Netflix is already saying that it will increase its 4K content by as much as fifty percent.

Other features such as 4K-Blu-Ray isn’t available at this time, but it will also command a high price when it does becomes available. This is what happens when there is an extreme transition in technology.

If you thought that your TV viewing experience could not get any better,

Hold your breath; wait until you experienced Sony 4K Ultra HD TV.

You’ll not only realize how much you’ve been missing, but I’m also afraid that you’re going to fall in love with this new Ultra HD TV so much so that you may hate you old TV.

The new Sony’s 4K Ultra HD TV attention to detail and sharpness of the image is by far way more superior to anything you have ever experienced before. This TV is going to give you full movie theater like experience.

Images stay crystal clear no matter how close to the screen you sit.

You can view your favorite movies, stream content from your Smartphone or listen to music with a clear and sharp tone. If you are intrigued as to what this stunning Sony 4K Ultra HD TV has to offer, then. . .

Click here to read Sony 4K Ultra HD TV review

3.) The First 4K Ultra HD TV Was Put On the Market In 2012

On October 25, 2012, LG Electronics put on the market the first flat panel Ultra HD television set.

When it was first offered in the United States, the set had a staggering price tag of $16,999.

It was a LED 84 inch flat panel with a LCD display. It had a resolution of 3840 x 2160. Sony launched a 4K television in December of 2013. The selling price was $24,999 and it was also an 84 inch television.

However, in the same year, the first 50-inch UHD television was produced by a Chinese company called Seiki. Amazingly, the selling price was just $965. This television set is currently selling on Amazon

4k Ultra HD TV provides four times the resolution provided by the full HD picture

4.) Most People Won’t Be Able To See the Difference Between HD and 4K Technology

When sitting in the average living room, most television watchers do not have the visual acuity that is needed to detect a crystal clear picture on a 4K television.

Sitting close to a 4K screen provides a better picture.

Sitting close to a 4K screen provides a better picture.

This alludes to retina display technology, which means that the screen has enough resolution so that the viewer is not able to see the separate pixels when sitting at a regular distance away from the television set.

A 40 to 60 inch television with a 1920 x 1080 resolution has a retina display whenever the viewer is a distance of about 5 to 8 feet away.

Changing the size of the picture screen is usually more noticeable than changing the resolution of the picture. There really won’t be a noticeable change unless the viewer is actually watching movies that are mastered with 4K technology or sitting extremely close to the television set.

Sitting close to a 4K screen is one of the best benefits of this technology. Sitting closer provides a better picture. The picture is wonderful when the viewer is just one to two feet away from the television.

Modern televisions have better resolution so people don’t have to sit far away from the screen in order to see a clear picture. Decades ago people sat far away from televisions because the resolution was horrible.

That has now changed.

With the advent of the new 4K technology,  viewers should sit closer to their television .

Is paying for the extra pixels really worth the money?

It is worth (beneficial) only for the person who is going to sit really close to a television set that has a 70 inch screen or higher. Someone who continues to sit about 5 to 8 feet away from the television, he will not be able to tell the difference between HD and 4K resolution.

5.) There is a Limited Amount of Content Available For 4K Ultra HD TV

The first batch of preloaded 4K content was put on the market by Sony in November, 2012. It included the following 10 movies

  1. The Amazing Spider Man.
  2. Total Recall.
  3. The Karate Kid.
  4. Salt.
  5. Battle: Los Angeles.
  6. The Other Guys.
  7. Bad Teacher.
  8. That’s My Boy.
  9. Taxi Driver.
  10. The Bridge on River Kwai.

Currently, there isn’t that much 4K Ultra HD TV content. This is a Catch-22 situation because 4K content is expensive to make.

Most people are not going to buy the television set…

If 4K content is limited.

4K Ultra HD TV sets are available,

Right now, there is not a large amount of 4K content available

This is just another example of history repeating itself. The same thing happened when the first set of HDTVs came to the market.

Microsoft made the announcement in May 2013 that, Xbox One would support 4K videos with surround sound. Sony had announced in February 2013 that it would be able to support 4K resolution for photos and videos, but games would not be able to support 4K technology.

6.) Transitioning Is Still In the Works For the 4K Ultra HD TV

Most electronic brands such as LG Electronics, Samsung, Sony, Sharp, Vizio and Panasonic have 4K Ultra HD televisions in the works. Their televisions have the increased pixels that provide sharpness and tons of picture detail.

They provide images that feel real and touchable. However, 4K technology is still a work in progress for many brands. Only Netflix and Amazon offer stream services, and they are limited.

Sony has one option to get content, but it is very expensive. Most formats such as Blu-Rays and regular television channels are not currently set up to handle 4K technology.

Most television broadcasting networks have to gradually change over their HD equipment to 4K equipment. Amazingly, there are some top networks that are still using 720p.

They never updated to 1080p. So, it will take a long time before 4K technology becomes mainstream, and everyone transitions to it. The best 4K Ultra HD TV is yet to become a reality.

Panasonic 4K Ultra HD TV is one of the best 4K TVs in the market.

What I like about this TV is its realistic, detailed and brilliant picture quality. You get to experience Cinema sensation in your house!

Panasonic Ultra HD TV is just a TV in its own class.

You can switch to Active 3D to experience the highest resolution and clarity in 3D. The TV can convert any program from 2D-3D.

The sound output is friendly to the ears.

The VR-Audio True Surround provides a crispy clear sound which accompanies its superior image processing capabilities. Freetime come built-in which enables you to catch-up with your favorite shows.

The TV is easy to use and comes with a touch pad remote.

Enjoy all favorite shows and videos through a Panasonic 4K Ultra HD TV

7.) 4K Ultra HD TV Works Best For Big Screen Televisions

A viewer’s vision cannot be any better than 20/20, and this should always be remembered.

What this means is that the picture may seem exceptionally clear for your level of vision, but not everyone has the same sense of sight.

4K technology is ideal for the person who wants a high end television set that is 70 inches or better. The picture quality is even better whenever the person sits less than two feet from the television.

The 4K Ultra HD TV has resolution quality that does not work as well on a small screen television set.

It is reported that it’s cheaper for television manufacturers to make bigger televisions than smaller ones, and this is why 4K technology is being pushed as the next big thing.

Mother glass is the material that is used for these televisions. It starts out as a big sheet of material. However, it is cheaper to keep the larger size than having to chop up the mother glass into smaller sheets to make smaller sized televisions.

This is a new technology that focuses on the big screen.

This technology also favors manufacturers as well when it comes to its production.

Best 4K Ultra HD TV Reviews

What is better than a TV that will stream all of your favorite movies and TV shows in top notch high quality?

The Sharp 4K Ultra HD TV makes this a reality. The TV is 70” and 2160p resolution.

When I first saw this TV, I thought that what I was seeing was not a movie; rather, I thought it was reality. It looked as if the people in the move were alive.

The clearness and quality of the videos and pictures amazed me.

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Families have a reason to show their excitement, LG 4k Ultra HD TV.

Transform the way you see movies and TV shows. Learn more about LG Ultra HD TV here

Couple watching TV, Vizio 4K Ultra HD TV is truly smart and thoughtfully designed.

Vizio 4K Ultra HD TV offers excellent value for money.  Get access to all apps, connect any video source, satellite receivers, bluray players and more. Read about Vizio 4K TV